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Mary Janes shoes are back! – This is the best way to style the shoe trend!

With spring just around the corner, now would be the perfect time to catch up on the latest fashion trends and get ready for the upcoming season. With all the cool jeans looks and outfits that are everywhere at the moment, it’s easy to forget to pay attention to the latest footwear. That being said, 2021 shoe trends are more diverse than ever and are guaranteed to offer something for everyone. Due to the fact that we’ve all been wearing mostly just sneakers for the past few months, it’s no surprise that spring shoes stand out especially for their comfort. If the thought of having to wear high heels right now makes you cringe, then you’ll be happy to know that there is a shoe trend that has quickly become the style of choice among fashionistas. Classic, elegant and incredibly feminine, Mary Janes shoes are back and now making a fashion comeback. Ready to update your shoe wardrobe? Then read on to learn the best way to style these trendy shoes!

Mary Janes Schuhe kombinieren Modetrends Frühjahr 2021

Although you were off the radar for a short while, Mary Janes shoes are a timeless classic that is firmly rooted in fashion history. Initially, the shoes were more for little girls, but thankfully that’s no longer the case! Back in the early 19th century, fashion legends Gabrielle Chanell and Mary Quant recognized the shoes’ potential and adorned their feet with them. With Chanel’s Cruise Collection 2019, fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has dedicated an entire collection to the shoes, bringing the trend back to life. Prada and Miu Miu have also presented their versions with small heels on the catwalks. Meanwhile, the looks vary from simple and classic to playful and in bolder colors.

Mary Janes shoes are among the biggest shoe trends of 2021

Mary Janes Schuhe kombinieren Frühjahr 2021 Modetrends

With their doll-like and rather playful, cute charm, Mary Janes were first known only from the children’s department. But fortunately, this has changed and since the early 60s, they are also an absolute classic for fashion-conscious ladies. They were named after a cartoon character published in “New York Herals” in 1902, and that was Mary Jane Brown, the sister of the legendary cartoon character Buster Brown. While the models of yesteryear were distinguished by a rounded toe cap and a flat sole, fashion designers have given the classic Mary Janes a bit of an upgrade and interpreted them in an incredibly multifaceted way.

Skinny Jeans Trend 2021 Mary Janes Schuhe Outfits

From comfortable ballerinas to elegant pumps, there’s guaranteed to be a shoe to suit every taste and style. Something that must not be missing in any case? The classic clasp on the instep, of course! No matter which model you choose – Mary Janes shoes always perfectly round off any outfit and provide an elegant touch. Depending on the occasion, they can be worn in a style break with jeans, as well as with a chic pantsuit for the office or an elegant dress.

The trendy shoes can be wonderfully combined with pants

Karohosen kombinieren Modetrends 2021 Mary Janes Schuhe Trend

To avoid looking like a 10-year-old girl and to counteract the cute look of the shoes, you can wear your Mary jeans great with jeans or cloth pants. The shoe trend is an easy and super stylish way to add some style to your everyday look. So for the upcoming season, we’d rather leave our sneakers in the shoe closet! In order to really show off your new shoes, your pants should not be too long, nor set up. You like it a little more formal and elegant? Mary Janes with a small heel are the perfect combination of elegance and comfort, adding a touch of chic and romance to your outfit.

Mary Janes shoes are ideal for an elegant business outfit

Frühjahr Outfit Ideen Mary Janes Schuhe kombinieren

Are you tired of wearing pumps and high heels to the office? Then swap them for a pair of comfortable yet super elegant Mary Janes shoes. It should come as no surprise that these trendy shoes go wonderfully with skirts and dresses. But whether you prefer a classic pantsuit, a dress or a pencil skirt and blazer combination, Mary Janes work perfectly with absolutely any business outfit! For this, choose garments with clean lines and avoid anything that looks too girly. It’s best to stick to a single shade and finish off the outfit with accessories like a classy handbag or statement earrings. Worn with a slim, knee-length skirt or dress, the shoes will make your legs appear visually longer.

Bright colors are ideal for spring

Jeans Trend 2021 Mary Janes Schuhe kombinieren

Whether pink, purple, green or blue: bright colors are very much in vogue this year and are among the most beautiful shoe trends in 2021. Thus, the classic black Mary Jeans shoes are replaced by bright shades and really make our feet shine.

Mary Janes Schuhe Outfit Modetrends 2021

Pretty white socks and Mary Janes shoes make a surprisingly good combination! They are best worn with dresses and skirts and can be styled in an incredible number of ways. Whether it’s transparent socks, ruffled or even crocheted versions, shoe trends this year are all about having fun with our looks.

Mary Janes shoes can be combined in such a stylish way

Schwarze Jeans Outfit Mary Janes Schuhtrends 2021

Models with a fine heel exude a special elegance and romance

Schuhtrends 2021 Mary Janes Schuhe mit Socken tragen

The retro shoe trend works especially well with mini skirts and dresses

Schuhtrends 2021 Damen Minirock Outfits Mary Jeans Schuhe kombinieren

Even the celebrities can not get enough of the pretty shoes

Schuhtrends 2021 Mary Janes Schuhe kombinieren

Mary Janes shoes in vibrant colors are a real eye-catcher

Modetrend 2021 Mary Janes Schuhtrend Frühjahr

The shoes add a sophisticated touch to a formal skirt-and-blazer outfit

Minirock kombinieren Mary Janes Schuhe Outfits

Chic yet super comfortable, we’re happy to report that Mary Janes shoes are back!

Mary Janes Schuhe kombinieren Schuhtrends 2021

The shoe trend can be worn with absolutely anything

Mary Janes Schuhe mit Plattform Frühjahr Outfits Ideen

Who knew white socks and black shoes could look so chic?

Mary Janes Schuhe kombinieren Frühjahr 2021 Modetrends

Mary Janes made of shiny patent leather look especially feminine and elegant

Leomuster Modetrend 2021 Mary Janes Schuhe Trend

With a small heel, the otherwise girly shoes look incredibly grown-up and stylish

Hemdblusenkleid kombinieren Mary Janes Schuhe Trend 2021