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Look slimmer through clothes: With these styling tips and clothes you look slimmer instantly!

For us women, looking slimmer and younger is something that lifts our mood. Who doesn’t want to look slim and attractive, no matter what age, especially if there are no diets or sports involved? For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best outfits and styling tips that will make you look slimmer instantly. You probably already own most of these clothes, so you just need to change the way you put your outfits together. We’ll reveal how clothes can make you look slimmer below!

Clothes that will instantly make you look slimmer – good shapewear

Clothes that make you look slimmer instantly - good shapewear

Looking good always starts with what you wear under your clothes that gives you structure and shape. If your underwear is the wrong size, maybe too tight or doesn’t fit well enough, your overall figure will look a bit shapeless. The best advice is to invest in excellent shapewear. So, depending on what your problems are, you can definitely find something that fits you and conceals the areas that you don’t like so much.

You can opt for high-waisted briefs if you’re worried about your midsection, or a shaping bodysuit if you want all-around support. They provide a harmonious shape and conceal love handles or a small tummy by hugging your body in just the right places and pulling it inward. A well-fitting bra is also a great advantage. Having a bra that fits your size and figure is the best feeling in the world, as it gives you more confidence and better posture.

Look slimmer through clothes: wear monochromatic outfits and dresses.

Look slimmer through clothes - Wear solid color outfits and dresses

Monochromatic doesn’t mean that the outfit has to be completely black, and especially it doesn’t have to be banal or stale. When we say monochromatic, we mean that you choose a single bold color and combine it only with neutral colors (like white, black, beige or taupe).

Try to choose a solid, fully saturated color for this kind of outfit, because a pastel shade would blend with the other neutral pieces and the effect would be lost. If you want to add an accent, we recommend a red dress, which is eye-catching and goes with everyone. The shape is also crucial: the A-line dress (i.e. it tapers out at the waist and gets wider towards the bottom) will instantly make you look slimmer. The proportions create the illusion of a slimmer waist.

Look slim with this clever styling trick

Look slim with this clever styling trick

Avoid anything with horizontal patterns, big or small. Dresses with vertical prints and plunging necklines are the best choice if you want to look slimmer and taller.

High-waist jeans and high-waist pants slim down 5 kilos

High-waist jeans and pants will slim you down 5 kilos

High-waist jeans and pants should be on your hit list because they conceal most of the love handles and make you look tall, slim and slender. They should be black, stretchy and end near the ankle. Be sure to get straight leg high-waist jeans.

The best slimming tops: choose V-neck tops

The best slimming pieces - Choose v-neck tops

Other elements of the outfit also promote the idea of a slim body: the long V-neckline draws the eyes vertically and makes the silhouette look longer (rather than wider). The long sleeves give the illusion of a slimmer figure.

Look slimmer with this styling tip: get a black pencil skirt

Look slimmer with this styling tip - Get a black pencil skirt

Speaking of closet staples, a great pencil skirt is one of the best investments. Like black pants, pencil skirt is so versatile that you can pair it with anything, especially black color and plain clothes. The black pencil skirt can be spiced up with a nice blouse, or it can be worn more casually. In any case, you will have a lot of fun with it and it will become a permanent part of your wardrobe.

Wear clothes in the right size

Contrary to popular belief, wearing clothes that are a size too big or too small for your figure does not always make you look slimmer. Loose clothing tends to make you look bigger than you actually are, and a smaller size draws attention to problem areas like back fat and cellulite.

Dress slimmer – don’t forget a belt

Dress slimmer - don't forget the belt

You should wear a slim belt with loose-fitting blouses, cardigans and tunics. Avoid a thick belt – a thick belt cuts your body in half and makes you look smaller.

Pay attention to the proportions of your bag

Pay attention to the proportions of your bag

Oversized bags are unflattering for most bodies. If you’re going out for the evening, pack your essentials in a medium-sized bag or clutch.

Look thinner: wear heels with skinny jeans

Look thinner - Wear heels with skinny jeans

If you’re a fan of skinny jeans but feel uncomfortable about the width of your legs, be sure to avoid flat shoes. You can make your legs look longer by wearing your jeans ankle-length (or slightly longer) and pairing them with an attractive pair of pointed heels.