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Jeans to jeans – styling tips for the double denim trend

The denim all-in-one look is back – and easier to style than ever. Tikbow explains the returning retro trend and shows how to wear it in spring.

Jeans to jeans – can a trend be more relaxed and grateful? We simply würfeln several denim pieces together or schlüpfen in a jumpsuit – ready is the trend look. So the whole thing is not only super stylish, but also extremely time-saving. Nevertheless, there are some things to consider when styling, so that the whole thing does not mutate into a fashion fail.

Styling tips for the jeans look

Pay attention to the right wash and color

When combining several denim pieces, the wash is crucial. Two extremes work best here. Variant 1: You decide on two pieces in the same color and wash:

Styling becomes even easier when the look consists of one piece and one wash accordingly. You can’t go wrong at all with a stylish denim overall.

Variant 2: Combine two very different washes or colors, for example, a very light and a very dark denim piece. The deliberately chosen contrast ensures that the look does not become monotonous.

Woman in denim jacket and trousers
With different jeans tönen the look does not look like from a single mold, but no less stylishPhoto: Getty Images

Find the right balance

With the double denim look, balance is everything! So the style with two denim pieces – such as a pair of jeans and a matching shirt – is cool and casual. The outfit with jeans, denim shirt and denim top or jacket, on the other hand, looks simply üoverloaded. For this reason, additional denim accessories should be avoided. Remember: Two pieces of clothing made of the robust cotton material are definitely enough; otherwise the outfit quickly degenerates into a Britney-and-Justin memorial look:

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in jeans
Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake flaunted the denim all-over look back in 2001. Now the trend is back – and (luckily) quite different after all Photo: Getty Images

The right styling partners for the jeans look

Just as from even more denim should be refrained from even more blue Pieces in the look – at least insofar as you have decided für jeans blue Pieces. It is better to bring in some color variance. Besides bright colors, basics like black and white always work well with pieces in classic denim blue. Also with patterns such as stripes or animal print denim can be mixed super. If you choose a white or black denim look, you can also choose monochrome styling partners. The muted colors have the advantage that they do not look too much so quickly.