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Jeans guide: How to properly style slim fit jeans

It is impossible to imagine fashion without the slim fit jeans for years now, and they are especially popular with young girls. But what is a slim fit jeans at all and how can it be styled correctly? These questions will be answered in the following article.

What exactly is a slim fit jeans?

Was genau ist eine Slim Fit Jeans

A slim fit jeans, which is also called modern jeans, is a particularly narrow or tightly cut jeans. A focus here is on the tight-fitting leg and waist cut, which is skin-tight to the body. Therefore, these jeans pants, which particularly emphasize the figure, are more suitable for slimmer people. Slim fit jeans are not quite as tightly cut as skinny jeans and often have a high spandex content. Therefore, they “nestle” perfectly to the respective figure. Various models can be conveniently purchased, for example, in stores such as Jeans-Meile or similar stores.

Schlanke Jeans stylen mit Lederjacke und Sneaker

By the way, the slim fit model is available for both men and women. By the way, first of all such jeans were worn by rock stars, before they found their way into the closets of the masses. They are also available in almost all colors, from black, to gray, white, as well as bolder colors and shades.

How to style the slim fit jeans optimally

Schwarze Slim Fit Jeans mit High Heels und weißem Blazer

As noted above, slim fit jeans sit “looser” than skinny jeans, but still fit close to the body. Thus, ladies who have some hip gold should rather refrain from wearing these jeans, as they can also emphasize small rolls unflattering and the pants sometimes sit too low. Slim women who have both long and short legs can safely go for slim jeans, because they fit nicely, but do not emphasize the figure too much. For small ladies, a high waist model is also recommended to visually stretch the figure, for slim tall ladies it does not matter whether they wear high waist models or lower cut jeans pants.

Helle Slim Fit Jeans im Sommer stylen mit weißem T-Shirt

Especially in spring or summer, bright colors of jeans are optimal to combine a fresh and cheerful outfit, and automatically put you in a good mood. Actually, sneakers, high heels, chucks, Vans or Ballеrina shoes always go well with them, making the outfit even more summery. In autumn or winter, the slim fit jeans can then be worn in the variant black, gray or blue and still does not look too drab with the right top. Shirts or blouses, which are casually tucked into the waistband, look especially casual and cool in your free time.

Choose the right jeans

Slim Fit Jeans stylen Tipps für Oberteil und Schuhe

Especially younger girls have a hard time choosing the right slim fit jeans. Here it is advantageous not to go shopping alone, but for example to take the mother, sister or a good friend. These can help with the honest decision, because they know exactly how to advise with the decision. An honest look in the mirror always helps: the jeans should not be too short or too long, not too tight or “squeeze” anything. “Quillt” hip fat over, the pants are rather unsuitable and the wearer will not feel comfortable with the pants sooner or later. If instead they fit like a glove and the wearer feels comfortable, the choice should be slim fit pants.

Die passende Jeans auswählen Tipps Slim Modell