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How to wear a sweater dress in autumn and winter? Learn how to combine knit dresses here!

Girls, although we hate to disappoint you, winter will soon be here. When it gets cold and stormy outside and the sky is gray, we want to be as comfortable and warm as possible. Far too often, we just grab the first pair of jeans we can find, throw a sweater over it, and the outfit is done. Don’t get us wrong – we love knits and can’t get enough of them during the cold season. Roof sometimes we want to dress up and a knit dress is probably made for that. Whether for the office or a weekend trip – with it we are always and without much effort top styled. How to wear a sweater dress in fall and winter to look fashionable and stay warm at the same time? To brave the cold weather in style, we looked around for you and tell you how to combine knit dresses this year. So read on and have fun re-styling!

What is a sweater dress?

Trend colors 2022 how to wear a sweater dress in autumn and winter

The combination of consecutive rainy days and low temperatures requires looks that are comfortable, warm and fashionable at the same time, right? But sometimes, unfortunately, this is said than done we are already getting tired of our jeans. We have already shown you some of the coolest sweater trends for 2022, but today it’s all about the sweater dress. As the name suggests, it’s basically a longer and dressier version of our favorite sweaters.

Sweater dress combine for the office dresses trends autumn winter 2022

Sometimes short, long, tightly cut or in an oversized look – the trendy pieces are available in all imaginable variations, so there is certainly something for every taste and style. Sweater dresses are essentially an outfit in themselves and that’s exactly why we love them so much. A great piece of clothing that can be worn as is, or jazzed up with a few small additions to create an extremely modern look with minimal effort.

What to wear a sweater dress with in fall and winter?

knit dresses are in trend how to wear a sweater dress in autumn and winter

What to wear a sweater dress with in fall and winter to look stylish and stay warm at the same time? The answer is actually super simple – with absolutely anything you want. Knit dresses are not only wonderfully comfortable, but when it comes to styling, they are true multi-talents and always a great eye-catcher. Sometimes with sneakers or rough boots for everyday life or with heels for an elegant business outfit or a classy dinner – with a sweater dress you are always right this year!

Knit dresses and boots for a comfortable everyday outfit

Winter jackets trends autumn winter 2022 what shoes to combine with knit dress

And here perhaps the easiest way to wear the sweater dress in autumn and winter. Just like knits, booties are an important staple for the cold season and can be combined with any garment from our wardrobe. Knit dresses and booties are a classic winter look that never lets us down. Add a pair of statement tights and you have the perfect chic outfit to keep you warm. To jazz up the knit dress, get creative with the outerwear. Experiment with what you have in your closet and complete the look with seasonal accessories. And don’t forget your new trendy jacket.

Sweater dress and overknee boots

Mini knit dresses combine with overknee boots how to wear a sweater dress in autumn

Throw on a sweater dress and you have an elegant outfit, but if you want to take it to the next level, over-the-knee boots are just what you need. The extravagant shoes will probably never go out of style and are the perfect styling partners to a short sweater dress. However, styling them requires a bit of flair.

sweater dress and overknee boots combine shoe trends fall winter 2022

In order to keep the outfit serious and grown-up despite the eye-catching boots, it’s best to go for loosely cut knit dresses in oversized look and make sure that they are not too short. The outfit combination is always a winner and looks equally chic in everyday life and for the office. Add an elegant coat and a classy handbag and you are perfectly dressed.

Combine sneakers and sweater dress in autumn and winter

sweater dress with sneakers in autumn combine what shoes with dress

Sneakers have been one of the most important basics that should not be missing in any closet for years, and we want to wear them with every look and on every occasion. If you like it a little more sporty and comfortable, you can also wear sneakers with sweater dress in fall and winter – provided it’s not raining. In order to still see some leg between the sneaker and the hem, the dress should not be too long. When combining sneakers and knit dresses, the following applies: anything you like is allowed.

Combine sneakers and dress how to wear a sweater dress in autumn and winter

For example, chunky sneakers can be perfectly combined with midi dresses and the style break gives the look a cool and exciting touch. If the dress is monochrome, you can make a colorful statement with brightly colored sneakers. You can also wear tights with it without hesitation and make the outfit absolutely winter-proof. With dark shoes you prefer to reach for black tights and with light or white sneakers you are best off with light tights.

Wear jeans and sweater dress in fall and winter

knit dresses combine with jeans what shoes with sweater dress in autumn and winter

And here’s a great idea on how you could spice up the classic jeans outfit in no time. Wear jeans and sweater dress in the fall? Why not? Fashion trends this year are all about experimentation and just about anything goes. Bold combinations like these are even encouraged and a great way to make us stand out from the crowd.

Ribbed knit dresses are back in style

rib knit dresses fashion trend 2022 how to wear sweater dress in autumn and winter

Sweater dresses come in all sorts of colors, patterns, lengths and styles and we just can’t get enough of them. The ribbed fabric is making a big comeback this year and ribbed knit dresses are the new must-have for fall and winter 2022. Thanks to wool and elastane, these chic pieces are not only super comfortable but also look very elegant and classy. Wear them with your favorite heeled boots and a matching coat and you’ll be perfectly dressed for the office. For everyday wear, the ribbed knit dress also cuts a great figure with chunky booties or sneakers.

How to wear a sweater dress in autumn and winter

short knit dresses combine for the office which shoes to the dress in autumn

Combine knit dresses with pants for a chic fall outfit

how to wear a sweater dress in autumn and winter combine knit dress with pants

Sweater dresses with cut-outs are very trendy this year

knit dresses with cut-outs fashion trend how to wear sweater dress in autumn and winter

Sweater dress with boots is perfect for an elegant business outfit in winter

knit dresses and boots combine how to wear a sweater dress in autumn and winter

Colorful knit dresses create a good mood and are a great eye-catcher

Knit dresses with overknee boots what shoes to wear with sweater dress in autumn and winter