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How sustainable is the trendy fashion label Les Lunes?

Les Lunes launched its first collection made of bamboo viscose almost ten years ago, but recently the fashion label has been breaking new ground. Tikbow on background, company philosophy and sustainability.

Les Lunes was founded in 2012 by Anna Lecat in the USA, and the fashion label is now also available in Berlin. Production takes place in China – the garments are made from the raw material bamboo, which is indigenous there. A fact that should change in the future.

Corporate philosophy and top sellers

"Our motto is ‚Look Like Friday, Feel Like Sunday‘", explains Stefan Worthmann in an interview with Tikbow. He has been managing director of the fashion label since 2020. What is behind it? "With our jumpsuit, you can move around the house on Fridays, but also chill comfortably on the couch on Sundays", says Worthmann. The top seller from Les Lunes, the "Paul Jumpsuit" (139.98 euros), has been in the range since day one. Currently, however, leggings are also very much in demand. "This certainly has to do with the fact that many female customers are working from home due to the pandemic", believes the CEO. Les Lunes launches a maximum of three new products every month. "We are the opposite of fast fashion and value quality and longevity", Worthmann justifies the approach. Like many other labels, he also works with numerous influencers to develop and promote new styles.

How sustainable is Les Lunes?

Even if the term "sustainable" appears on the website of Les Lunes, Stefan Worthmann emphasizes to Tikbow that "Les Lunes (.) is not a sustainable fashion label." In his view, this does not exist at all. Most recently, Swiss influencer Anina Gepp critically questioned on her blog how Les Lunes makes its clothes and what potentially toxic chemicals are used in the transformation of bamboo into bamboo viscose. She did not receive a clear answer to this, and Stefan Worthmann also answers Tikbow only vaguely: "Whether made from bamboo or denim – I know of no clothing that is made without chemicals. No chemical is completely harmless, it’s how it’s handled that makes the difference."

EcoVero is the new bamboo

In May 2020, all of Les Lunes’ clothing was still made of bamboo viscose; now it is only 75 percent. Ecovero fibers make up the other 25 percent. This is a viscose developed by the Austrian company Lenzing,” explains Stefan Worthmann. "It is currently the most sustainable viscose fiber in the world, and we want to further expand this share." Ecovero yarns are obtained from various tree species, such as beech, spruce, birch, maple, acacia, poplar or black alder.

And the CEO reveals yet another innovation: "We have so far only produced clothing from viscose, but from next fall we will also be producing warm things from knitwear, for example."