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Hoodies and sweatshirts – the coolest trends for women

Hoodies and sweatshirts have long been regarded as “rotten clothes” that have no place outside the four walls. These times are over at the latest since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, a casual and cozy outfit and a stylish look are no longer mutually exclusive – on the contrary! Tikbow knows which sweaters are in now and how to style them to a fashion statement.

Short explanation: Sweatshirts are long, collarless sweaters made of particularly thick jersey. The outside of the fabric is smooth, while the inside is cozy thanks to a special lining thread. Originally, these comfortable tops were intended as sports sweaters, but now they are much more than that. The same goes for hoodies, which are basically just sweatshirts with a hood (and optional belly pocket and raglan sleeves). Meanwhile, sweatshirts and hoodies are much more than just sports sweaters. Which models are even real trend pieces, you can find out here!

Bright colors

Sweatshirts and hoodies have officially become a trend piece in the past year and are therefore now allowed to turn out flashy and become the key piece of a look. So just grab a sweater in a bright color or pastel shade, so you are currently right on the money and can get in the mood for spring! Even fashion pros like Leonie Hanne or Sonia Lyson go for the colorful look with a hoodie.

Woman in hoodie
We no longer wear pastels only in spring and summer, in hoodie form the ice colors are also suitable for winter.Photo: Getty Images

Before 2020, the rule was that hoodies should generally not be styled too sporty, because otherwise the thought of the jogging suit look would quickly come up again, but now that is exactly what we want. Due to the Corona pandemic, the monochrome jogging suit look has become extremely stylish.

Oversized hoodies and sweatshirts

Gemütlichkeit rules! In 2021 we love sweatshirts and hoodies in the XXL version. So just help yourself to your boyfriend’s closet or go straight for the dress version! The trend pieces are usually not only extra wide, but also long enough to be worn only with tights underneath.

Woman with hoodie
Hoodies and sweaters are now so big that they could almost pass for a dress.Photo: Getty Images

If the look without the bottom is too daring for you, combine a pleated skirt in maxi length and optional chunky boots or sneakers with the oversized sweater. Particularly nice are monochrome combinations, which stretch even more. Because: The XXL hoodie skirt look is stylish, but rather something for taller people, because it is quite nicely compressed.

Woman in hoodie
Oversize and bright color: When two trends meet in a hoodie, it’s doubly stylishPhoto: Getty Images

Lots of print

If the plain-colored variants are too plain for you, you can also reach for the print sweater. Models with lettering or brand names on the chest are especially popular. Cool is also everything that has a slight vintage touch.

Woman with sweatshirt
Nicht nur unifarbene Bright colors-Modelle sind Trend, mit Print darf es gerne noch eine Nummer auffälliger werdenPhoto: Getty Images

It’s also worth taking a look at the men’s departments of online stores. There are plenty of print hoodies, but the cut is usually a size larger and more casual for men. What is new now: The print does not necessarily have to be printed on the front, the Rück side does’s also!

Knitted hoodies

Sporty and colorful styles are not your thing? Then you’d best get yourself a knitted hoodie. This combines the elegant look of a fine knit sweater with the casual fit of a hoodie. Here, the focus is primarily on high-quality materials and muted colors like beige or cream.

Woman in knitted hoodie
Probably the most elegant form of hoodie: the knitted hoodie.Photo: Getty Images

The chic hoodies are best styled in monochrome style, i.e. with pieces of the same color. This makes the look particularly elegant.

Half zip sweatshirts

These trendy sweaters are the closest you’ll get to seeing their sports origins: Wide sweatshirts with small bubbles at the hem and sleeves, stand-up collars and zippers could easily pass for retro sports jackets, but have now become fashionable again in the wake of Y2K fashion.

Unicolored models can be worn in a style break with elegant pieces like a midi length pencil skirt, but the zipper models really look best in an athleisure style. That means: sneakers, tennis socks, mom jeans combined with a zip-up sweater and you have a casual trend look! Multicolor versions go best with baggy jeans, platform sneakers and fanny pack – for a stylish Y2K style!