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Here Cardi B wears $2.5 million worth of jewelry

What most people don’t earn in their entire lives, Cardi B wore on her body in just one night: $2.5 million worth of jewelry, with diamonds even stuck to her fingernails. Tikbow took a closer look at the rapper’s crazy bling-bling look.

No question: At "Sunday’s Hot 97 Summer Jam" at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, Cardi B couldnüt be missed. The US rapper arrived heavily pregnant in a white mini-dress, with fiery red long hair, red-tinted sunglasses, XXL fingers and diamonds around her neck, arms, fingers and ears. Jewelry worth several million (!) Dollars, and Cardi B’s husband, rapper Offset, was also in no way inferior to her in this respect.

Cardi B’s jewelry in check

From her beloved, the mother of a daughter wore about an 8-carat pear-shaped engagement ring on her finger – worth $ 500,000. Her heart-shaped wedding ring with 20 carats: twice as expensive. Besides the 1-million-dollar piece of jewelry, another eye-catcher was an XXL necklace with the Playboy bunny, as big as a bar of chocolate. The 14-carat gold designer piece weighs 750 grams and is set with 160 carat diamonds. Cost: around 400,000 dollars.

Cardi B’s neck had more to wear that night, though. For her neck circumference were specially made fünf chokers with diamonds, also 14-carat gold, cost: circa $ 200,000. The overload look continued on her arms, where the hip-hop star wore 14 different diamond bracelets, the cheapest for 10,000 dollars, the most expensive for almost 20,000.

Who now thinks that was’s, is mistaken. Her 250,000-dollar wristwatch from Audemars Piguet found just as much a place in the sparkle look as XXL creoles, with the name of her daughter Kulture – all custom-made and über and über set with diamonds. Cardi’s bling-bling look makes a total of 2.5 million dollars. Whether a lot and expensive always means beautiful and stylish, however, is another matter.