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Grunge Style: So easy you can pick up the fashion trend 2021!

Oversized sweaters, plaid pants and bootcut jeans – when it comes to the latest fashion trends in 2021, one thing is clear – sooner or later looks from the past will return. For this season, we can calmly say that the 90s are making a big comeback and have taken both the streets and the runways by storm. So it’s really no surprise that grunge style is on the rise. From chunky combat boots to ripped jeans and oversized plaid shirts, the rebellious look is back, but with a subtle modern upgrade. Fashion designers and fashion influencers have completely reinterpreted grunge style and made the otherwise rough outfits absolutely suitable for everyday wear. Not convinced yet? Then read on to find out how you can recreate the trendy looks at any estate!

Grunge Style Outfit Ideen Mom Jeans kombinieren

A little heavy metal, a little rock, a little punk and grunge style is born. When we hear grunge, we immediately think of dark, somewhat dirty outfits that look like you just grabbed the next best thing and put it on. The looks are mainly characterized by dark colors, band shirts, chunky boots as well as leather outfits and plaid patterns. Although in the past this has seemed rather still, more and more fashion professionals are currently showing up in grungy outfits and showing us how versatile the fashion trend can actually be.

Where does the grunge style come from?

Grunge Style Modetrend 2021 Lederjacke mit Minirock kombinieren

Grunge style originated back in the 60s and 70s, when rock and punk bands wanted to set themselves apart from the mainstream rock that prevailed at the time. But it wasn’t until the 80s and 90s that bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden turned the style from an outsider genre more and more into the symbol of a new generation that turned away from perfectionism. Although the style began more as an anti-fashion movement, it found its way onto the catwalks rather quickly and was proudly presented by supermodels like Kate Moss. When Nirvana released the album “Nevermind” in September 1991, major fashion designers like Versace, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs took inspiration from the grunge scene and featured plaid flannel shirts, chunky combat boots, leather looks and scuffed jeans in their collections. Since then, it’s hard to imagine the fashion world without the rebellious trend, and just about all women have at least one typical grunge piece in their closet.

Frühjahr Outfits Modetrend 2021 Grunge Style

In contrast to the early 90s, the grunge style of today is less grungy and therefore absolutely suitable for everyday wear. Destroyed denim and rough boots are combined with elegant pieces like satin dresses, shirt blouses or even floral patterns and make for a cool, unique style break.

Rocking band shirts are an absolute must for the grunge look

Grunge Style Modetrend 2021 Combat Boots kombinieren mit Shorts

Band shirts, which are inspired by the 80s and 90s music scene, are probably the most important key pieces for grunge style. To achieve the desired effortless and oversized look, feel free to shop one size bigger or even choose men’s t-shirts. Actually, you don’t have to put much effort in styling. All you need to do is channel your inner rebellious spirit and embrace the allure of imperfect outfits. Look back to the past for inspiration from the grunge fashion of the time. Ripped jeans, leather jacket, rough boots and you’re done with the perfect grunge look. A tousled hairstyle and darkly made-up eyes complete the ensemble perfectly.

Loose jeans for the ultimate grunge look

Grunge Style Outfit Modetrend 2021 Trenchcoat kombinieren

Wide loose fit jeans are the first choice for grunge style and create the typical rebellious atmosphere. How good that they are currently a real perennial favorite in the fashion world and one of the hottest trends of the year! Although it’s not a must-have, the outfit will be especially faithful if you reach for the trendy ripped jeans.

Jeans Trends 2021 Grunge Style Outfits

With the return of 90s fashion, a new look was born and that is the grunge aesthetic. The style references the typical grunge touch, but combines it with modern pieces for a more subtle look. Therefore, this is the perfect choice for those who want to try the grunge style but don’t want to change their entire wardrobe for it right away. For this, combine classic grunge pieces with feminine garments like shirt blouses or high heels to create a stylish outfit with a touch of rebellion.

The 2021 fashion trend can even be styled subtly and elegantly

Weste kombinieren Modetrend 2021 Grunge Style Outfit

While grunge style was once associated with a messy and unkempt look, today the look can actually be very charming and styled for any occasion. In fact, it’s surprisingly easy to create a cute and elegant outfit. To match the cute but edgy style, it’s best to opt for a dress and pair it with a vest and chunky boots.

The right make-up for the perfect grunge look

Grunge Style Make-up Tipps Modetrend 2021

Only with the right makeup the grunge style looks really complete. For this, you have two options to choose from. You can either opt for a no-makeup look to achieve a bold appearance, or go all out with dark smokey eyes and make a statement. A dark lipstick and a slightly smudged eyeliner complete the look perfectly and add a subtle rocky touch.

Grunge style: the coolest street style looks for re-styling at a glance

Grunge Style Modetrend 2021 schwarzes Kleid kombinieren

Jeans overalls are on trend and perfect to slowly approach the 2021 fashion trend

Jeans Overall kombinieren Grunge Style Outfits Modetrend 2021

Combine the rough boots with a plaid mini skirt for a great style break

kariertes Rock kombinieren Grunge Style Outfit Modetrend 2021

For a successful grunge style band shirts are an absolute must-have

Minirock kombinieren Modetrend 2021 Grunge Style Outfits

The grunge trend has been completely reinterpreted and can even work as a business outfit

Lederrock kombinieren Grunge Style Outfit Ideen

A grunge style without rough boots? Does not work at all

Modetrend 2021 Frühjahr Minirock kombinieren Grunge Style Outfit

Oversized pieces are comfortable and give the outfit a rebellious touch.

Mom Jeans kombinieren Frühjahr Modetrend 2021 Grunge Style Outfit

Just wear the t-shirt as a dress, combine matching shoes and accessories and you have the perfect grunge look!

T-Shirt als Kleid tragen Grunge Style Outfit Modetrend 2021