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Gray hair, what clothes? What to wear so as not to look boring?

Gray hair is a popular choice these days, whether you’ve never colored your hair before or you’ve decided to accept your gray after many years of coloring. And knowing what clothes are optimal for gray hair will make you feel even more confident in your look.

Gray hair: what clothes go best with it?

What clothes to choose if you have gray hair

When you get gray hair, you may wonder which clothing colors are best to wear. The colors you wear next to and on your face are most important, as they will enhance or detract from your skin’s undertones, making you look your best. Fortunately, the color theory for clothing also applies to gray hair, so many colors you wore before your hair went gray will still look good on you.

Add color to your look with bright red

Red clothes go great with gray hair

If you’re not afraid of a pop of color, opt for a bright red! Red is very powerful and not only makes you feel like you can conquer the world when you wear it, but it also evens out gray hair in a really nice way. Not only does it make slate gray hair look more vibrant, but it also works wonders on white or silver hair. Complete the look with a bright red lipstick to really bring out the gorgeous contrasts.

Blue clothing pieces make gray hair tones shine

Bright blue makes the gray hair tones shine

Sapphire blue looks particularly striking with white or gray hair, but navy, light and bright blue are also lovely. You can’t go wrong with jewel tones if you have gray hair, and all the royal blues will make it shine. If you prefer lighter tones, nice denim jackets or perhaps a more subtle pastel blue will work.

What kind of clothes will accentuate gray hair? Elegant outfit in white

With an outfit in white you are always right

If you don’t like experimenting with too many colors, then you’re in luck. It’s always a good idea to stick to black and white. These neutral colors will make your gray hair stand out, no matter what shade it is. For white clothing, you should lean towards pure white rather than ivory or creamy tones. This is because the warm, yellowish tones in ivory and cream can make silvery hair appear more yellow than it is.

Blue-green and gray-green go great with gray hair.

What clothes for gray hair - gray green makes you look fresh

These colors go well with pure silver tones as well as salt and pepper tones . The cool tones will definitely steal the show from your hair and make you look fresh and radiant.

It’s also a choice that goes with a wide range of skin tones, brightening the complexion and combating any dullness. To add some drama, wear a berry lipstick or blush in the same tone for an exceptional look. And if you tend to have a more neutral wardrobe, these cool hues won’t be too overbearing to put you off.

What clothes to choose if you have gray hair: Purple

Clothes in purple and lavender makes silver haired ladies look beautiful

It is well known that silver ladies should avoid pastel shades, as they tend to make the gray complexion look dull and tasteless.

But. If you love pastel colors, you don’t have to banish them from your closet completely. You just need to choose the right shades that match your skin tone. Purple and lavender look gorgeous on silver haired ladies. It’s just so feminine, so soft and really beautiful as its pink undertones warm the complexion.

Think of the color violet blue! Isn’t it stunning in the form of a dress or a light cardigan?

Pink accentuates the undertones of gray hair

Gray hair and what dressand you can combine - bright pink is perfect for it

If you love pink, you’ll be happy to hear that you don’t have to banish it from your closet once you’ve started your hair color change. It just depends on what kind of pink you choose. It’s better to opt for an electric, bright tone or a cooler, more muted one. It all depends on your complexion and taste.

Rose gold is also considered a flattering choice for gray-haired ladies. Its warm undertone helps to add color to the complexion and also enrich the skin tone. Since the shade is still metallic, it won’t wash you out like other warm tones do.

With black you are always right

Classic and elegant outfit - clothes in black and gray hair

In every woman’s wardrobe you can find something black and not without reason!

This classic color contrasts nicely with natural or dyed gray looks. It acts as a bold backdrop for gray hair, making silver hair look more vibrant and gray hair look more saturated. If you’re worried that black will fade your complexion, you can highlight your cheeks with blush to add more color.

What clothing color should you avoid?

Jewel colors enhance gray hair

Avoid mustard, olive green, camel and rust. These colors tend to make you look like you have jaundice, and no one wants that! Instead, wear mint, lavender, rose red and taupe, especially around your face and when choosing your makeup. When choosing fashion colors for your clothes, the easiest thing to remember is that gray hair is enhanced and highlighted by jewel tones.