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From Wide Leg to Baggy: Loose Fit is the most comfortable jeans trend 2021

The long time at home had a negative effect on your figure? Then we have good news for you, which has nothing to do with losing weight. Do not worry if the skinny jeans no longer fit so well, because this year will wear our denim pants loose. Whether as a whole oversized outfit or in combination with a tight-fitting top, wide loose fit jeans are all the rage in 2021! From subtle wide leg styles to super wide baggy jeans, a pair of loose fit pants can’t be missing from any closet this spring.

Comfort is key: This is how loose fit jeans fit

wie Loose fit Jeans im Alltag tragen Styling

What all jeans trends 2021 have in common is the comfortable cut. We’re saying goodbye to tight jeans this year to make room in our closet for looser pants like straight leg and bootcut jeans. Another cut that is gaining popularity right now is the loose fit jean. Their undeniable comfort and multiple styling options are turning them into one of the most popular trends for 2021.

Skater-Girl Look nachstylen Baggy Jeans Trenchcoat Sneakers

Loose fit jeans (still known as boyfriend jeans) have a loose silhouette towards the hips and thighs, while the leg narrows towards the ankle. The only exception is the wide leg cut, which ends with a flare at the pant leg. Waistband variations vary from waist-high to high waist, with the high waistband being in right now. For a stylish look, the pant legs can be rolled over to accent shoes.

Wide leg jeans are a must have this year

Wide Leg Jeans Trend 2021 Lederblazer rote Handtasche

Loose fit jeans are the perfect trend to transition from your loungewear, as they are just as comfortable as your favorite sweatpants. Among the most popular loose fit styles is the wide leg jean. It is also called comfort fit for a reason. The pant leg is already looser on the thigh and can thus conceal various problem areas.

The Wide Leg Jeans is a real figure flatterer! Regardless of your body type and size, you are right with this jeans trend 2021. The wide leg jeans should not be worn too short, but should reach down to the floor. Flat sandals and sneakers go well with them, as well as ankle boots and pumps with a slightly higher heel.

Baggy jeans are on the rise right now

blaue Wide Leg Jeans mit schwarzer Bluse und Pumps kombinieren

Baggy jeans were already hot in 2020, but admittedly, jeans we wore rather rarely in the Corona year. And that’s why we want to make up for it now. For a long time, tight-fitting jeans have dominated, but that’s bound to change in 2021. Comfortable, casual clothing is now on the rise and what can be more comfortable than baggy jeans? It appears in many different variants and is suitable for almost any figure. Only for very small, somewhat chubby ladies, this jeans trend should be avoided, because the cut in this case can rather emphasize the excessive pounds, instead of hiding them.

And how is the baggy jeans trend 2021 best styled? Unlike the 90s look, we now tend to wear this jeans model with a high waistband. So the waistband should not sit too low. The styling options for this trend are really diverse. It may be both casual and casual, as well as a little more elegant. For example, you can combine the wide jeans pants with a long-cut blazer and pumps, or rely on T-shirt and sneakers. Browse through our image gallery to get some inspiration.

How to wear the loose fit jeans trend in 2021

An all-black outfit with baggy jeans rolled up can look dapper and elegant with a blouse and loafers

Loose fit Jeans komplett schwarzes Outfit mit Loafer kombinieren

With pretty sandals and tight fitting top you can create a stylish outfit with baggy jeans

Baggy Jeans Loose fit richtig stylen kariertes Hemd

Wide leg jeans can’t look elegant? No way!

Jeans Trend 2021 Wide Leg Jeans stylisch kombinieren

An elegant blouse, oversize blazer and heels make the perfect smart casual with wide leg jeans

Baggy Loose fit Jeans richtig kombinieren Pumps Oversize Blazer

Classic pieces like a sweater, plaid coat, pointed boots and matching bag make wide leg jeans look elegant too

Wide leg Jeans mit Pullover kariertem Mantel und spitzen Stiefel kombinieren

In the style of the 90s: baggy jeans in light blue with a crop top and a long transparent coat

90er Stil Baggy Jeans mit Cropped Top und transparenter Jacke

Another all-denim look from the 90s: loose fit jeans, corset top and denim jacket

90er Style Inspiration Jeans Trend 2021

Stylish outfit inspiration: rolled up boyfriend jeans, shirt and pumps with polka dot pattern and basket bag

Baggy Jeans hochgekrempelt tragen Hemd Punktemuster stecken

Combine wide leg jeans with slit with striped top for an everyday look

hellblaue Loose fit Jeans mit Rissen Trend 2021

Bring baggy jeans to life with chunky boots and colorful tops

Stiefel und bunter Pullover mit Wide Leg Jeans kombinieren

On your most relaxed days, there’s no better combination than wide leg jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers

Wide Leg Jeans Trend 2021 mit weißem T-Shirt und Sneakers kombinieren

This is how actress Katie Holms wears the casual outfit

Katie Holms Look Baggy Jeans weißes T-Shirt

A white top tucked into the pants also brings the wide leg jeans into the spotlight

dunkle Wide Leg Jeans mit weißem Top Katie Holms

Hailey Bieber wears the high waist wide leg jeans with crop top and long blazer

Hailey Bieber hellblaue Wide Leg Jeans mit weißem Top und gelbem Blazer

In winter, the cropped wide leg jeans can be wonderfully combined with boots

Jeans Trend 2021 Cropped Wide Leg Jeans mit Stiefeln

A coat with leopard print brings out the baggy jeans in light blue even better

hellblaue Wide Leg Jeans Trend 2021 Leopardenmuster Mantel kombinieren