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Festive fashion for chubby wedding guests: these outfits for ladies are elegant and flattering at the same time

Who does not love a wedding? Love, flowers, friends, free drinks… This year weddings are back on the rise and if you are invited as a guest between July and September, then you should already start thinking about your outfit. Today we give ideas and tips for festive fashion for chubby wedding guests. Find a chic outfit that flatters your figure!

What to look for in a wedding guest outfit in large sizes

What dress for wedding guest idea for chubby people

When shopping for an outfit for chubby wedding guests, it can be helpful to narrow down your choices by selecting silhouettes that best fit the season, dress code, and your body type. Certain silhouettes like A-line, empire-waist, and wrap dresses are some of the most flattering cuts available, regardless of your figure or size. For formal occasions, you can opt for floor-length maxi dresses with dazzling details like beaded embellishments and trendy puff sleeves. Going to a casual celebration? Opt for mini dresses or wrap dresses with playful floral prints and delicate pastel shades. And don’t forget about the necklines! From off-the-shoulder to angular to deep V, there are a variety of pretty necklines that perfectly accentuate shoulders and cleavage.

Summer wedding: Be sure to watch the weather

Tips and rules for festive fashion for plus size wedding guests

In most cases, a sudden rain shower is not a big problem for guests in the summer, but the heat is. Especially chubby ladies should consider the summer heat when choosing their outfit for the event.

Sweating is not a popular issue, but can spoil both the look and the mood. The following tips should help you choose a festive outfit as a wedding guest.

  • Be sure to pay attention to the fabric of the dress. Will it show sweat stains during the event? Be sure to avoid silk as a fabric, as it will show every drop of sweat and repel water. And polyester-based fabrics are a sweaty girl’s worst nightmare. Instead, choose fabrics made from natural fibers. The rule is always cotton instead of polyester and linen instead of viscose.
  • Wear darker shades because light colors all show sweat stains. Light blue as well as any shade of gray will cheat you. Instead, opt for colors like dark blue that won’t betray sweat as easily. But: if your light dress is decorated with patterns and motifs, the sweat stains will probably be concealed by it.

Why dresses aren’t always the best choice for chubby wedding guests

Festive fashion for chubby wedding guests jumpsuit outfit

Women with thick thighs know how uncomfortable thigh chafing is when you wear a dress in the summer. While there are plenty of products that prevent thigh chafing, the easiest way to prevent it is to wear something that prevents them from rubbing together in the first place. Both an elegant pantsuit and a chic jumpsuit can save the day.

Festive fashion: the best outfits for chubby wedding guests

Festive dresses for curvy women sequin glitter

You may already have an idea of what you want to look like as a wedding guest – a dreamy floral dress for the garden, an elegant little black dress, or a breezy maxi dress for a beach wedding. From waist-hugging wrap dresses with sleeves to tiered midi dresses and body-hugging silhouettes, there are plenty of flattering styles for plus-size curves. Summer trends like one-shoulder necklines, puffed sleeves and ruffles can also be found in special occasion dresses.

The classic: dress for wedding as a guest

Cheerful dress for wedding guest chubby garden wedding

Summer weddings call for colorful and cheerful dresses for wedding guests. Think bright or light pink, cheerful yellow and blue-green dresses. Maxi dresses with floral motifs are also perfect for a summer wedding.

Maxi dress floral motifs festive fashion for chubby wedding guests

Complete your outfit with a pair of comfortable sandals or wedges to avoid foot pain on the dance floor or during cocktail hour in the sunset.

Dark dresses with pattern and strap ties for chubby wedding guests

Off-the-shoulder dresses, wrap dresses, midi or maxi length – choose a model that you feel comfortable in and would love to wear all day.

Jumpsuit as wedding outfit for chubby ladies

jumpsuit for chubby wedding guests summer wedding

Jumpsuits for wedding guests have been trending for some time now , which means that the choices are endless for plus-size girls who don’t want to wear a dress.

A plus size jumpsuit is absolutely not too casual for a wedding, and you will find that it is a really elegant and understated way to dress as a wedding guest. Just think about the fabrics and how they will flow, and consider how you will style the rest of the outfit. High heels sandals go best with an elegant jumpsuit , but for a garden wedding you can also go for flats.

The pantsuit for chubby wedding guests.

Pantsuit for chubby wedding guests color mint green

While floor-length dresses, midi dresses, and modern jumpsuits are all stylish options for a wedding, a timeless pantsuit is also a great choice for both guests and the mother of the bride. Easy to wear and unfussy in design, pantsuits are a perfect ensemble for any type of wedding. For plump wedding guests, wide leg versions in light, flowing fabrics are best.

Casual wedding outfit guests chubby white pantsuit sheer coat floral motifs

At weddings, white is usually reserved for the bride. But if you combine a white pantsuit with colored shoes and accessories and a chic semi-transparent summer coat with floral print, you will create a really chic look as a wedding guest.

Wedding outfit for guest with skirt

Wedding outfit for chubby ladies two piece long asymmetrical skirt and lace blouse

Skirts are also a great choice for chubby wedding guests. You can combine a pleated or pleated skirt in a bright color with a pretty lace blouse and pumps, for example, and your simple yet stylish outfit for the wedding is ready.