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Festival Outfit 2022: Cut-Outs, Bright Colors & Animal Prints are the Hottest Trends in Festival Fashion

Festival season is back in full swing this year, bringing us energetic crowds, star-studded performances, and a strong urge to sing along loudly to our favorite songs. Depending on each venue’s policies, wearing a mask to these events may be optional, but pulling out your best festival outfit 2022 to celebrate this momentous occasion is a must (at least from our perspective), so spread the word.

How do you put together a festival outfit 2022?

How to put together a festival outfit 2022

If you’re a little rusty when it comes to festival attire or this is your first time attending such festivities, don’t panic. Dressing up is part of the fun, and you don’t have to be on the cutting edge of haute couture to fit into the festival spirit. Sure, it can be helpful to read up on the hottest styles of the season, but your personal taste should take precedence. At the end of the day, the best festival outfits 2022 are the ones that you feel most comfortable and happy in, and that won’t hold you back in any way from having the time of your life.

Festival season is back in full swing this year

That’s why it’s also important to match your festival outfits 2022 to the location of the event and the weather forecast. The goal is to dress accordingly in the name of comfort and practicality. Stick to breathable materials like cotton, linen and crochet or mesh styles for hot weather. A fringe jacket will be a perfect festival outfit for the rain.

A fringe jacket will be a perfect festival outfit 2022 for the rain

Of course, if you clicked on this article for inspiration, you’re in luck. Below, we reveal the best festival outfit ideas for 2022 – whether you’re heading to Coachella, Stagecoach, Lollapalooza, Burning Man or beyond – as well as their predictions for some of this year’s biggest fashion trends.

Less boho, more mini

Taking a cue from Y2K, a mini skirt and bikini top combination will be a popular festival look

Bohemian style (e.g., flowing maxi skirts and dresses, bouffant kimonos and floral wreaths) used to reign supreme at music festivals, but this year hemlines are getting shorter and waists are getting lower. Taking a cue from Y2K, the combination of a mini skirt and bikini top in bright, bold colors will be a popular festival look this season. On the other hand, wide jeans and bold prints are also a must. We will see again the soft and flowing bohemian looks of previous years, but also expect more psychedelic prints, fringes and western wear in this year’s style palette.

Choose a simple festival outfit 2022 and add accessories to it

Fashionable cowboy boots will make sure you step out in style . Plus, crochet tops and dresses will be all over the festival scene.

Festival outfit 2022: animal prints are in.

Zebra print is the new black for music festivals

Save the earth tones and neutral colors for your work uniform. Music festivals are all about breaking out of your everyday routine and experimenting with colors. This year, that sentiment is even stronger, as it’s the first time in a long time that we can come together and celebrate our favorite hits in large groups. The more colorful the better, and bonus points for mismatched patterns and necklines.

Animal patterns are in for 2022, but zebra in particular is the new black for music festivals. Her vision, she says, includes a zebra-patterned top, mini skirt and Euphoria-inspired makeup to top it all off. Think neon gradient eye shadow around the eye rim, too!

Think beyond blue denim

Baggy jeans get a colorful makeover for the festival season

Relaxed baggy jeans get a colorful makeover for the festival season. These include purple and mint green variants that are more exciting than the average blue pants. You can make these pants the highlight of your outfit by wearing them with a knotted white shirt, but also with a matching lace cami for an original take on the monochromatic look.

Keep it simple with a two-piece set

A pre-made two-piece outfit is perfect for festival season

If you’re partial to two-pieces for convenience and comfort, you’re not alone. And if you’re not ready to give up this minimalist ensemble, you don’t have to. A pre-made 2022 festival two-piece outfit is perfect for the season because it’s comfortable to wear for an extended period of time, easy to style, and easy to mix and match if you prefer a monochromatic look. Add lots of accessories, like big earrings and some cute sandals, and be ready to have fun.

Festival outfit 2022 for women - dramatic cut-out dresses make for a cool look

Cut-outs seem to get more dramatic with each season, but it’s not just the sexy shock factor that has festival-goers reaching for sheer styles. At most festivals, it’s going to be blisteringly hot outside, so it’s good to not only go nude, but also strategize to look good and stay cool.

Cut-outs as a fashion trend 2022 – Find more inspiration here !

Combine fashion trends for a unique festival outfit 2022

Combine different fashion trends for a unique festival style

Why choose one fashion trend from a particular era when you can combine a few (or more!) to achieve an even cooler, unique look? Try a pair of baggy jeans with a ’70s crochet top and cowboy boots. Add a shoulder bag with fringe and you’re hands-free and stylish.

Relax in sportswear

Festival outfit 2022 - relax in sportswear

Some designers make a compelling case for festival fashion that’s both on-trend and comfortable. Cycling shorts, flared leggings, baby tees, mixed textures – all of these need to be on your shopping list. For chilly nights, you’d throw on cowboy boots, sneakers, and a jacket. It makes sense: if you have to stand for hours, dance and run from one stage to another, practical clothes belong on your itinerary.

Experiment with anything sheer

Festival fashion 2022 - experiment with anything sheer

Transparent is the hottest new trend, and for good reason, as it provides maximum drama and lets you frolic and dance to your heart’s content.

Festival Outfit – Accessories: If you’re short on time, go for a simple look and focus on accessories instead. Wear dramatic long earrings to combine a free-spirited style with the elegance of a flower child. Even more daring and eye-catching is to wear only one earring and adorn the other earlobe with a plug.