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Fashion tricks to look taller and slimmer: These stylings can instantly cheat away up to 7 kilos!

The path to the dream figure begins with the right styling. Because the right clothes and shoes can not only conceal problem areas, but also make you look taller and slimmer. With these fashion tricks, the self-confident appearance is guaranteed – because they immediately cheat away a few kilos!

Look taller and slimmer: The right shoes

what shoes make taller useful tips (1)

Whether platform shoes, ankle boots with block heels or the classic pumps, the high heels can stretch not only the legs, but the whole silhouette. In addition, high shoes promote an upright posture, which of course additionally stretches the figure. And best of all, there are now many different models high heels that not only look good, but are also extremely comfortable and suitable for everyday wear. Our tip: Even 5 cm heels can achieve the desired effect.

Styling tip: No baggy clothes

how to dress slimmer useful styling tips

Many women try to conceal their problem zones with baggy clothing. However, oversized T-shirts and baggy pants with extra-wide legs are not a good idea. Such an outfit can even have the opposite effect and even make you look fatter and smaller. It’s best to combine a tight one with an airy garment. For example – combine a blouse that flatters the figure with a maxi skirt. Wrap dresses are your fashion secret weapon.

Pants with a high waistband conceal the belly

how to look slimmer in jeans fashion tricks

Pants, jeans and skirts with a high waistband (the so-called high-waist garments) visually stretch the legs. The right leg length can also achieve a similar effect. Optimally, the pants should just cover the shoes, but not reach the floor. Too long legs can have the opposite effect and look unflattering on small women.

Our tip: Capri pants or cropped jeans should be avoided at all costs. They make the legs look shorter and only look good on women with long and slim legs.

Monochrome outfits make you look taller and slimmer

If you wear only one color from head to toe, you are doing it right. Monochromatic outfits instantly make you look slimmer and taller. But also monochrome outfits or ombre clothes, where you wear a lighter shade on top and below – a darker shade, look great.

Our tip: do not wear accessories such as belts or belt bags, which draw attention to the waist. It’s also better to avoid clothes with contrast stitching or accents at the waist.

By the way, there are a few patterns that can also cheat away a few kilos. Such are, for example, the vertical stripes, vienna and princess seam can also make you look slimmer.

Small or large handbag: which is better?

handbag properly choose bigger and look slimmer

Many women try to “hide” behind a large handbag, so to speak.  In fact, however, a small to medium-sized handbag actually suits them better and can ensure a stylish appearance.

Our tip: The handbag should not be worn straight on the hips, because it can then draw additional attention to this problem zone.

These shoe colors conjure up long legs

Hard to believe, but true: even the shoe color plays an important role and can help to visually stretch the silhouette. Shoes with pointed toe caps look especially good. In autumn, the ankle boots and shoes should be color-coordinated with the pants or skirt (brown pants, brown or black shoes). In spring and summer, you can opt for a nude shade that matches the skin tone.

Blouses and dresses with V-neck make you slimmer

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V-neck visually stretches the torso and draws attention to the décolleté. High-necked blouses, models with shoulder pads and short sleeves, on the contrary, make the shoulders look even broader and bring out the belly and hips. This can quickly make the silhouette look bulky.

Our tip: Puffed sleeves emphasize the shoulder area and make the upper arms look thicker. Models with half-length sleeves look best.

A scarf or a shawl can stretch the silhouette

Not only the right clothes can make you look taller and slimmer. Accessories can also achieve a similar effect. The tying technique plays an important role in the final result. The classic loop and wrap technique Nobless are recommended for small women. The tying techniques “butterfly” and “stole” make the shoulders and neck look wider.

A long coat makes you look taller and slimmer

A long coat not only protects you better from the wind and cold in winter. It is also a real slimmer and can make you look taller. Of course, the cut plays a crucial role in styling . Try different models to find the one that suits you best. A belted trench coat or a coat with a straight cut look best on smaller women. Puffer coats, on the other hand, are rather unsuitable.

Have garments altered

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It is not always possible to find suitable garments. For example, if your pants are too long – have them shortened by a tailor. Sometimes even small changes can make a big difference.

Our tip: Always wear a matching bra and practice an upright posture. That way, the clothes will look even better on you.