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Fashion trends for spring 2015 – 12 ideas for re-styling

Modetrends für Frühjahr 2015 -laufsteg-mode-gelb

The fashion trends for spring 2015 play with army looks, cuts, colors and vichy check. Ideas that we can actually implement in our everyday life. Check out all the inspirations and think about what you already have in your closet.

1. fashion trends for spring 2015 – shirt blouse dress.

Modetrends für Frühjahr 2015 -hemdblusenkleider

Designers have preserved the classic cut, but added accents with emphasized waists and deep slits. The outfit is nicely rounded off with a belt.

Modetrends für Frühjahr 2015 hemdblusenkleid-taylor-swift

2. fashion trends for spring 2015 – trend color yellow.


Yellow does not suit you at all? Wrong. From amber to saffron to sunny yellow, there’s a yellow shade to suit everyone. The trick is to figure out what your skin undertone is and which shade would complement it best.


3. fashion trends for spring 2015 – Vichy patterns.


Fall gave us a lot of kilts and tartans, but spring is all about vichikaros.


4. black and white


This combination is not new and less groundbreaking, but black and white outfits will be everywhere. This season, the classic color combination plays with different patterns and cuts.


5. culottes


The hit of spring 2014 remains this year. The culottes skirt is paired with blazer, shirt and high heels.


6. blue and white


If black and white is too boring for you, try the white and blue duo. White shirt and cobalt blue skirt get along perfectly.


7. kimono style trench coats.

Modetrends für Frühjahr 2015 -trench-coat-kimono-style

Casual, lightweight trench coats were often seen on the runway. The new thing here is the cut inspired by the kimono. Comfortable and stylish, isn’t it?


8. all white


This is not about when to wear an all-white outfit, but how to put it together. New styling tricks include combining textures, wearing multiple garments on top of each other and complementing different shades.

9. comfortable shoes


We have to thank the fashion gods because comfortable shoes are still on trend. You can walk around the city all day with these cute strappy sandals.

10. one-shoulder dresses


Ladies’ shoulders have always been fascinating for men. Show more skin with these elegant one-shoulder dresses and tops that are perfect for a date night too.


11. wide leg jeans


Skinny jeans are passe! This time they come with an eye-catching wide cut. Pair them with a plain top to create a cool contrast.


12. military green


In the fashion world has long been talking about army looks. If it’s too much for your taste, then opt for an olive green shade.