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Fashion trends 2023 for women over 50: these are the fashion colors, cuts and patterns that will make us slimmer in the spring

The 2023 fashion trends are likely to please women over 50 in particular. Modern and yet suitable for everyday wear, style-conscious and at the same time versatile to combine are the key pieces for spring 2023. We explain which fashion colors and cuts can make us slimmer and conjure away a few years.

Fashion trends 2023 for women over 50: These jackets and blazers conceal the belly

Spring 2023 fashion trends for 50+

In 2023, especially older ladies can look forward to the fashion trends, because they cheat away a few kilos without much effort. Waisted jackets with a belt subtly emphasize the waist while concealing the belly. Short blazers can also achieve a similar effect. They visually stretch and conjure up a slim figure.

Fashion colors and patterns that make us look younger

Spring fashion trends for 2023 from 50 style denim shirt

When it comes to colors, pastel and neutral colors come to the fore. They are skillfully combined with saturated shades. The Panton colors that are on trend this year are:

Fiery Red 18-664 – a saturated dark red shade that looks especially good on women with gray and white hair.

Crystal Rose 12-1708 – a light pink delicate shade that is often combined with the eye-catching Blue Perennial 16-4036.

Fashion trends 2023 for older ladies in neutral colors

Neutral colors like Gray Lilac 13-3804 is a soft blend of light gray and lavender.  Leek Green 15-0628 is also great for everyday pants and skirts. The light green shade looks very subtle and fresh at the same time.  Macchiato 17-221 is a brown shade that can be perfectly combined with the powder pink and light blue.

Fashion trends 2023 for older ladies: Prints

patterned shirt dresses to wear over jeans from 50

As for prints, there is a wide choice in 2023. Nature motifs and abstract color combinations adorn scarves and shirt dresses. Together with matching accessories such as gold necklaces and earrings, they draw the eye to the upper body.

Scarf and accessories in spring fashion trends 2023

In order to really look slimmer in the end, the rest of the clothes should be kept as simple as possible. A white or black t-shirt and jeans with a high waistband can work wonders and make your legs look longer. However, jeans with a wide leg look just as stylish. To give them more femininity, you can wear a belt. Accessories like a long scarf and matching jewelry can complete the outfit effectively.

Fashion colors for tone-on-tone outfits that flatter the figure.

fashion trends 2023 50+ mum jeans style right

When it comes to tone-on-tone outfits, go for magenta or indigo. These two colors are true slimmers and can whisk away up to 5 kg on the belly and hips. In addition, they can also emphasize the face in a targeted manner. The complexion looks fresher and the eye is distracted from the wrinkles.

Long cardigans conjure up slim hips

Fashion trends 2023 for women 50+ combine vest and kargo pants

Long cardigans keep us warm on cold spring days and are therefore perfect for this season. They can be combined with both skinny jeans and pants with wide legs. Choose garments that come from one color scheme. You can wear light blue, pink or beige with muted neutral shades. Pants and skirts with prints are great to combine with a cardigan that picks up an accent color of the pattern.

Pants with high waist and wide leg

Fashion trends 2023 for ladies 50+ fashion colors and patterns for spring

Culottes, palazzo pants or Marlene pants: all three cuts are still known as wide-leg pants and are very trendy this spring. They are practical and flatter every figure. The classic A-silhouette makes you slim and can conjure away a few kilos from the thighs and waist. The pants offer another key advantage: they keep you pleasantly cool on surprisingly hot spring days.

Fashion trends 2023: Tunic and shirt dresses

Fashion trends 2023 for spring and summer for ladies over 50

Plain shirt dresses and tunics will continue to be trendy in spring and summer. Oversized models, which for many have already been closet essentials for several years, are particularly popular. Together with balerinas and skinny jeans or pants, they make the perfect ensemble for the warm spring days.

Slightly flared shirt dresses flatter the figure. To make the silhouette look more feminine, you can waist it with a belt. Thus, the body looks more harmonious. Long shirt dresses make small women look taller.

Fashion trends 2023 red in spring wear and style

Tunic also experience a real comeback and are worn this spring with both narrow and wide pants. Airy cuts that cover the hips can also conceal the belly and make us look slimmer. Models with shoulder pads make the shoulder look wider. Wide shoulders also conjure up a slim body.

Combinations of light pants and a tunic in accent color look especially attractive. For example, red is perfect for women with gray hair. The color makes the face glow and emphasizes the complexion.

Fashion trends for spring and summer 2023 are more versatile than ever. At the same time, comfort is writ large. Airy cuts, soft fabrics and muted colors characterize everyday outfits. For special occasions, you can go for accent colors for blazers, scarves or blouses. And the most important thing for the capsule wardrobe: invest in garments that can be combined with each other. That way, you’ll always have something chic to wear.