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Fashion trends 2022: These colors have dominated the catwalk and can not be missing in your summer wardrobe

After months of winter outfits in darker colors, 2022 fashion trends have just exploded for this summer. Get ready to go big, bright and bold with a new color confidence.

What color trends are there in 2022?

Fashion trends 2022 - These colors dominated the catwalk

Gone are the days of drab grays and hard black. It’s time to re-evaluate your wardrobe and bring some life into your outfits. One of the biggest fashion trends in 2022 are bold, attention-grabbing columns of color. The so-called “dopamine dressing” trend, which was seen on the runway at Valentino and Christian Dior, encourages you to dress in bright colors with mood-boosting clothes and put the fun back into style.

But there are not only bright colors, but also quite delicate pastel shades. Purple is on its way to the top of the fashion ladder, and other soft hues can be seen on the runways as well. Finally, there are the classic, neutral colors. For the minimalists among you, white is still trending and should not be missing from your closet this summer.

What you should think about before choosing a color

Fashion Trends 2022 - What are the models wearing on the catwalk

When choosing 2022 fashion trends in color, you should consider which shades suit you best before making any big investments. The first thing to consider is your natural hue – your skin tone and the contrast between your eyes, hair and skin depth. Try out which shades give you the most confidence.

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Fashion trends 2022: What are the models wearing on the catwalk?

What color trends are there in 2022 - shades of green deserve your attention

Kermit the Frog Green: Fashion is known for having unlikely style icons, but it’s been a while since the Muppets were part of the fashion world. When it comes to shades of green, it’s the vibrant Kermit color that deserves your attention, which is especially striking for redheads. Green is the color of nature and therefore creates a sense of calm, serenity and helps to reduce anxiety. It looks great when combined with fuchsia pink or toned down with other shades of green.

Purple tone is very fashionable in summer

Soft purple: This shade of purple is very trendy right now. Oscar winner Jessica Chastain wore a stunning purple dress by Gucci at the Oscars, which put her on the 2022 best dressed Oscar winners list this year. A great option if you want to add some sophistication to your look. Lilac belongs to the purple family and gives the impression of sophistication and quality. It also shows that you are understanding, helpful and maybe a little spiritual. Your goal is to immerse yourself in a peaceful and tranquil environment. Therefore, this is a great shade to wear when you are feeling stressed or are the mediator in a business meeting.

Buttermilk yellow is a mix of neutrals and color

Buttermilk Yellow: Warmer than cream but paler than a sun tone, buttermilk yellow is a blend of neutrals and color. For those who dress more minimalist, this is a great shade that brings them a little closer to bright colors. It’s also an optimistic tone. Yellow represents hope and happiness. It is known as the most creative shade. Gold jewelry goes well with this hue, of course, to maintain the warm feeling, but avoid pairing it with black as the contrast can be too harsh.

Opt for warmer, darker tones like brown this season

Chocolate Brown: Even if you keep reaching for black out of habit, it’s worth considering a softer chocolate brown. While black is a safe option, it can be extremely tiring on many skin tones, especially as your skin ages. Instead, reach for warmer, darker shades like brown. Brown is usually associated with resilience, likely due to its earthy tones. It is considered a color that conveys safety and security.

Summer Fashion 2022 – More Pictures

Summer fashion 2022 - Lime color exudes vitality

Lime: This color exudes vitality, although it can be difficult to match. It is more synonymous with summer and is sometimes perceived as garish neon, but there are also more subtle versions with pale yellow undertones. A lime colored suit is a great option for weddings, while a lime colored sandal is a must-have in the sun. If you have a light skin tone, consider incorporating the color into an outfit with other hues to create contrast.

Summer fashion 2022 - Orange is bolder than ever

Hot Orange: Forget smoky, burnt tones or pale peach colors – this year orange is bolder than ever. It’s not always the easiest color to wear, but it makes you stand out for all the right reasons. Orange is cozy, warm, frivolous and cheerful. It’s a great shade for summer or an evening out. Keep the color warm by pairing it with turquoise or bronze and gold jewelry. Cool it down by pairing it with crisp white or purple.

Fashion Trends 2022 - White is the ultimate color for summer

Crisp White: White rarely goes out of style and is the ultimate color for summer. Think of it as a blank canvas. You can use a white t-shirt as a neutral color to keep your outfit low-key. You can also use it as a base to complement your look with bright colors. White represents purity and freshness. It looks clean, hygienic and sterile. Everyone needs “their” white in their wardrobe, but if you want to soften it, wear it in a textured fabric, such as linen. It reflects light, making it an ideal shade for hot weather.

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