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Fashion trends 2022: These are the hot summer dresses that will make any lady chic and elegant!

Every time it gets warmer, ladies feel a sudden urge to find the best summer dresses on the market. No one wants to wear pants in the summer. So put away the blouses and save them for spring. Summer is the time for dresses that are easy to throw on, allow plenty of air circulation, and most importantly, don’t show sweat stains. As the weather gets warmer, the dresses get shorter. Cut-outs and Y2K nostalgia continue their reign over the trends this season. Slim dresses with cut-outs follow the nostalgia trend we saw on the runways. We’ll tell you which are the hottest summer dresses in 2022: Get ready for the hot season!

What colors are fashionable for the summer of 2022?

A yellow dress you should have in your closet

Besides the energy of the early eighties and the inspiration of raunchy necklines, there are also a few colors that are everywhere lately. Bold colors have their place in hot season trends. Whether it’s daytime or nighttime, you can put on a colorful dress, which perfectly fits the mood of summer 2022. Especially, colors like bright red and yellow will be seen everywhere on the street.

Fashion trends 2022: pleated will make a comeback

Trendy summer dresses 2022 - pleated must be

Pleated will always have a special place in the hearts of many ladies, because it was an important part of their youthfulness. The luxurious fabric is a great upgrade for striking shapes and looks very timeless.

Fashion trends 2022 - the hot summer dresses - pleated is making a comeback

Pleated dresses are perfect for special events and weddings! If you want to put on a head-turner, then you’re in the right place!

The trendy and hot summer dresses 2022 – tube dress without straps.

Fashionable summer dresses 2022 - short or long tube dress

We want to be completely honest and admit that many of us have followed this dress trend in the past. This fashionable dress can be found in many stores this summer. You can put it on to meet with friends or go out to party – different short and long models are available.

Fashion trends summer 2022 - beautiful dresses

If you want to look like a supermodel from the 90s, you should put this dress in your shopping cart right now.

Dress trends for summer: stylish cut-out dresses

Cut out dress as one of the new summer fashion trends 2022

There’s no denying how popular cut-out dresses are lately. This summer, follow the advice of fashion experts and opt for a slightly longer dress with cut-outs above the waist for a look that is both classy and attractive. Or play with cut-outs on the back or chest to try the trend for yourself.

Cut out dresses for summer 2022 - the latest fashion

This stylish take on cut-out dresses breathes new life into your look, thanks to stunning, colorful hues and a casual design with knots in the front.

The attractive cut-out dresses are fully in - fashion trends 2022

Cut-out dresses that look very elegant come mainly in black for special parties, but a softer tone is much more summery. For example, try the green color and be the fashion queen of the evening!

Y2K-inspired dresses: fashion trends summer 2022.

Y2K dresses as a cool trend in summer 2022

Travel back in time this summer with some vintage-inspired dresses. Think oversized hibiscus prints you may have worn on family vacations, slinky colorful dresses, swirled designs and pieces with sparkles that will shine in the summer sun.

Beautiful Y2K dresses are in trend - the best summer dresses 2022

We’re almost certain you’ve had a dress with this exact pattern in years past. We’re also happy to report that the fun floral print is back in style for the summer of 2022.

Fashion trends 2022 - these are the most beautiful summer dresses

Millennial-inspired dresses often feature a butterfly print. The romantic shape is balanced by the eye-catching pattern and mini hemline. An attractive leopard dress also fits perfectly with the retro theme.

Crochet: the popular crochet summer dresses.

Crochet dress as one of the fashion trends summer 2022

How officially call this season the summer of crochet. Although the textured fabric has gotten a lot of love over the years, we’ve never seen so much enthusiasm for it. It’s really peaked and we all need to be on board.

Dress trends summer 2022 - crochet fabric

The hot summer dresses in red

Red dress as a fashion trend in summer 2022

Gone are the days of wearing only neutral colors during the summer months. Be elegant in a bright red dress. Choose a solid color dress or a printed version made of silk to add a special touch.

What are the trendy summer dresses? The yellows

Fashion trends summer 2022 - the yellow color is fully in

Just like red, bright yellow shades are also in trend. The sunny hue was recently worn by various celebrities and can be seen everywhere this season. Buy yourself beautiful casual models – they are available at many fashion designers.

The linen dresses are fully in

Casual and elegant linen maxi dress - summer dresses 2022

The best linen dresses are always a favorite when the weather gets warmer. The famous lightweight fabric is made to be worn in high temperatures. But it doesn’t always have to be white dresses.

This voluminous linen maxi dress can be worn from work to weekend to (casual) wedding with a few accessories.