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Fashion trends 2022: stylish and lightweight linen clothes for summer, which will make any lady chic!

Has anyone else noticed that you can’t go shopping online or in stores right now without coming across a few pieces made of linen? Blazers, dresses, pants, skirts, shorts, jumpsuits – the list goes on. Linen clothing for summer is everywhere right now, and to say we’re excited about it would be an understatement. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect summer trend than linen. Sometime in the 90’s the fabric became very popular, but then it quickly disappeared until it hit the runway in a big way a few years ago.

Why is linen so popular and fashionable?

Linen jumpsuit - chic and casual for summer

Linen is perfect for combining style and comfort, and is a real head-turner in summer 2022. What feels more like pajamas than a pair of linen shorts? It’s light, airy, and just screams to be worn on a hot summer day. Whether you’re going to the office, working from home, or going out on the weekend, there’s something in linen fabric that can take you there.

Ladies linen shorts - cool summer fashion trends

Whether you’re wearing a gorgeous vintage linen dress or picked up a new jumpsuit at your favorite store, we’ll explain what all is in linen and why we’re filling our closets with it in 2022.

Linen clothing for summer is durable

Fashion trends summer 2022 - the linen fabric is very popular

Linen is naturally thicker and up to 30% stronger than cotton. That’s because linen fibers are longer than cotton’s, and fiber length directly contributes to fabric strength and ensures less breakage. Linen fabric also becomes softer after each wash.

The linen fabric is breathable

Modern linen clothes for summer - chic, beautiful suits

Linen fibers are hollow and look really cool under the microscope, but more importantly, they let more air through so your body breathes and sweats less.

Moisture wicking property

Linen blouse and skirt - fine fabric for summer

Linen absorbs and releases moisture quickly, making it the perfect choice for pants , summer dresses, shirts and even beach towels.

Linen clothing for summer is lightweight and versatile.

Beautiful linen tops for summer - cool trends

Because of the fibers and the way they were woven, garments made of linen are very light and do not take up much space when folded.

Fashion trends summer 2022: chic linen clothes for the ladies.

Linen clothes for summer - trendy dresses for any occasion

Linen can look both casual and elegant, depending on the accessories. You can wear a linen dress on the beach with simple espadrilles and combine the same dress with high heels and jewelry for a more elegant look.

Top trends for linen dresses in summer 2022

Stylish linen dresses for summer 2022 - trends and ideas

Linen is a summer classic, but it also taps into the season’s biggest trends. Color, prints and bohemian flair are still in. The great thing about the best linen dresses is that there are beautiful styles for every occasion, from casual everyday wear to professional, office-ready styles. Even some of the best wedding dresses for this summer are made of linen or a blended fabric.

From vibrant pinks to bright colors, now is the time to show your colors. With its breezy, textured look, linen is a great fabric to experiment with colors – from neon green to colorful prints to beach-inspired stripes.

Cut-out dresses for hot days - linen fabric is light and comfortable

The trend for cut-outs is still unbroken. The sophisticated look woven into a fabric is already known for its breathability. Waist cut-outs were all the rage on the Spring/Summer 2022 runways. In a relaxed fabric like linen, the look is the perfect blend of subtle and attractive.

Trendy linen clothes for summer - dress with floral pattern

From colorful florals to South American-inspired jungle patterns, there are plenty of prints to choose from this season. If you’re looking for an eye-catching vacation or party dress, a printed linen dress is an instant head-turner that makes a statement all on its own.

Linen fabric maxi dress - fashion trends 2022

Mini dresses and skirts, as well as flowing maxi dresses, are on the rise for a chic and casual look. Think loose, airy styles that graze the ankle and capture that summer lightness. All you need is a pair of flat sandals and a straw hat to feel like you’re on vacation all summer long.

The most beautiful outfits for warm days - shirt blouse dress made of linen fabric

Linen shirtdresses are a timeless piece of clothing and this season they come in a variety of colors and styles from mini to maxi. A shirtdress made of linen fabric is even more versatile, as it can also serve as a perfect cover-up for your swimsuit. Two dresses in one? A win-win for both.

Fine linen clothes for summer – jumpsuits.

Fashion trends for summer - linen clothing is light and comfortable - jumpsuit

If you don’t like dresses, we have another trendy option for you: the jumpsuit made of linen fabric is perfect for many occasions. Of course, the most important thing is that it is a real eye-catcher and very comfortable.

Stylish linen shorts for ladies

Linen shorts for the ladies - summer trends 2022

You can wear linen shorts everywhere, no matter where you are – in the city, or by the sea. Beautiful sandals or sneakers will go perfectly with the shorts.

The modern linen suit

Linen clothes for summer - fine ladies suits

A chic women’s pantsuit made of the breathable fabric you can put on for work or for a meeting with friends.

Elegant ladies sets

Linen set - pants with blouse - fashion trends 2022

Linen sets also look wonderful and are very elegant.