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Fashion trend 2022: Jumpsuits for wedding guests as a chic alternative to the dress provide a glamorous wedding guest outfit!

Wedding season has officially begun and if you are in your thirties, chances are you have received at least one wedding invitation. When it comes to dress code, we as guests already have a few things to keep in mind. We all know that the bride is the center of attention and we should not steal the show with our look. But finding a wedding guest outfit that is appropriate for the occasion and makes us feel like ourselves can sometimes be a real challenge. Of course, we can always put on a pretty dress, but somehow that’s also a bit boring. Elegant jumpsuits for wedding guests, on the other hand, are a super great and comfortable alternative and make for a wedding guest outfit with WOW factor. So, if you want to wear something new and unexpected, you’ve come to the right place. How you combine the trendy one-piece best and what you should pay attention to when styling, we explain to you in a moment in our article!

Can you wear a jumpsuit to a wedding?

can wear jumpsuit on wedding wedding guest outfits women

Short, long, monochrome or in bright colors – jumpsuits can now be found in every conceivable design and it’s hard to imagine our closets without them. The chic one-piece suits can be easily adapted to any occasion and you can combine them by a few styling tricks for the most diverse occasions.

elegant jumpsuits for wedding guests summer wedding outfits for guests

Okay, can you wear a jumpsuit to a wedding? The answer is a resounding yes! Especially if you are rather uncomfortable in dresses and prefer to wear pants, jumpsuits for wedding guests are the perfect solution for you. Moreover, jumpsuits are ideal for concealing one or the other problem zone and the loose cut ensures maximum freedom of movement.

Styling jumpsuits for wedding guests: Here’s what you should look out for

elegant jumpsuits wedding guests summer wedding guest outfit women

Overalls are no longer just for everyday wear, and elegant jumpsuits for wedding guests are extremely trendy this year. But in order to create a successful wedding guest outfit, there are some points to consider when styling. In the first place, you should think about the given dress code and the season.

trend colors summer 2022 outfits with jumpsuits for wedding guests

Also, keep in mind the location and the weather. For summer weddings that take place outdoors, it is best to choose models made of lighter and breathable fabrics. Jumpsuits made of viscose or linen feel wonderfully light and won’t make you sweat in the heat. For fall or winter weddings, on the other hand, you’re best off with long-sleeved jumpsuits made of cotton.

what outfit wedding guest summer wedding elegant jumpsuits for wedding guests

If the dress code is more casual and you’re invited to a smart-casual wedding, feel free to opt for colorful jumpsuits for wedding guests. One-piece suits in soft pastel shades, blue or romantic floral patterns are very high in short this summer and give the look a cheerful and refreshing touch.

how to combine overalls elegant outfit jumpsuit for wedding guests

If a more classic dress code is called for, it’s best to wear elegant jumpsuits in simple colors, such as dark blue, delicate pink or olive green. And as with any outfit, it is also important for wedding guest jumpsuits to choose a cut that best suits your body type and shows off your feminine shapes to their best advantage.

Short jumpsuits as wedding guest outfit in summer

short jumpsuits for wedding guests alternative to dress wedding guest outfit

Casual, feminine and yet very elegant – jumpsuits for wedding guests are a chic and more comfortable alternative to a dress. The airy one-piece suits exude a special coolness and are the perfect choice for those who are going for an unexpected and eye-catching look. Especially short jumpsuits are ideal for summer weddings and offer us maximum freedom of movement, so we can dance the whole evening away.

Fashion trend summer 2022 short jumpsuits for wedding guests combine

Short jumpsuits for wedding guests are an especially good choice for weddings that take place in summer or spring. If it gets a little chilly in the evening, combine with a summer blazer or cover your shoulder with an elegant scarf. Depending on the dress code, you can either go for plain models or those in bold colors. Also, pay attention to whether the theme of the wedding specifies a certain color and choose a shade that best flatters your skin tone and color. In order to skillfully style jumpsuits for wedding guests, matching footwear also plays a crucial role. The very biggest advantage of one-piece suits is that they can be wonderfully combined with both chic pumps and platform sandals.

Colored jumpsuits for wedding guests for summer weddings

Outfits with jumpsuits for wedding guests pants trends summer 2022

As we all know, summer is wedding season. To create outfits with jumpsuits for wedding guests, you should consider the location, venue and dress code when styling. If the celebration will take place on the beach, then it is best to choose loose-fitting jumpsuits in light shades and made of breathable fabrics.

what colors to wear for wedding outfits with jumpsuits for wedding guests summer

Add to that chic sandals, matching accessories and a casual hairstyle for wedding guest and you have the perfect look with wow factor. However, the more playful and colorful the jumpsuit, the more restrained the jewelry should be and vice versa.

Jumpsuit combine for wedding jumpsuits for wedding guests outfits

Cut-outs and necklines are very trendy this year and a great way to add a playful touch to your wedding guest outfit. However, you shouldn’t show too much too skin – after all, you are at a wedding and need to be dressed for the occasion.

elegant jumpsuits for wedding guests can wear black on a wedding

A special occasion like a wedding also calls for an equally special look. As wedding guests, we too naturally want to dress up a bit and look chic. And sometimes it’s the smallest details that have the biggest impact. Elegant jumpsuits for wedding guests with playful elements, such as rhinestones or feather trim like in the photo above, are ideal for a unique outfit that grabs attention in all the right ways. Since the one-piece is a real eye-catcher in itself, refrain from wearing too flashy accessories. A bracelet and small earrings are perfectly sufficient in this case.

Can you wear black at a wedding as a wedding guest?

black jumpsuit for wedding guests can you wear black on a wedding

What colors are suitable for weddings and can you wear black as a wedding guest at a wedding? These are probably two of the most discussed questions when it comes to suitable outfit for wedding guests. Black is a classic in the fashion world, looks chic and also makes us look slimmer.

combine floral patterns elegant jumpsuits for wedding guests

Combined correctly, black jumpsuits for wedding guests look really classy and exude a timeless elegance. Black from head to toe looks like mourning and is therefore an absolute no-go for such a festive occasion. To freshen up the look, add colorful accents with colorful accessories and shoes.

elegant jumpsuits for wedding guests outfit alternatives to dress wedding