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Fashion tips for tall women: With these outfits and styling tricks you bring out your long legs perfectly

They say that being a tall woman is a blessing. Whoever says it is obviously not tall and knows nothing about the daily struggle of finding the right clothes as a tall woman. If you also have problems with choosing the right outfits for your height, then we come to the rescue! In the article, you will find some valuable fashion tips for tall women that will help you properly combine different clothes so that you feel beautiful and confident.

When is a woman considered “tall”?

Fall outfit for women from 1.80 m with flare jeans

If you are 1.75 m or taller, you clearly fall into this category. By now, you’ve probably noticed that it’s difficult to find clothes in the regular department. Everything seems to be too short – pants, dresses, even sleeves of jackets. That’s because most clothes are designed for women who are up to 6 feet tall. And although the height in women is usually something advantageous, which all smaller women dream of, only the ladies who are tall can understand the struggle.

However, when choosing the clothes that best fit your figure, you should not only consider your height, because you may have little in common with other tall women except long legs. Most styling tips that relate to your body shape , in fact , apply exactly the same.

So do you need to buy special clothes as a tall woman? Not necessarily. Some simple tricks and fashion tips for tall women can help to adapt ordinary clothes to your tall figure. We explain how to do it and what you should keep in mind.

What to wear? Fashion tips for tall women

Autumn outfit with skirt for women it long legs

This is an age-old question that women over 1.80 ask themselves far too often. It’s about balancing and structuring your silhouette to achieve a harmonious figure and emphasize the assets of your body. In principle, outfits for tall women should emphasize the legs and highlight the waist.

Fashion tips for tall women: Define the waist

While it is good to choose longer garments to emphasize your impressive body size. However, longer garments run the risk of making your body appear overly long. For this reason, high-waisted garments are best for tall women. Skirts and pants with a high waistband will elongate your legs even further, while at the same time cinching in your waist to shape and accentuate it. This creates the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Tips for choosing tops that fit

White midi skirt with polka dots pattern and black top for tall women

If you’re tall, opt for tops that don’t reach your hips, as this will make you look longer than necessary. Blouses or shirts that end right at your hips will fit your proportions best. This is much more flattering than extra-long tops.

Play with colors and prints: This is in perfect trick to draw attention to your upper body when you feel self-conscious with your legs.

A high neckline like high cut blouses, turtlenecks and halter styles are great if you are slim because it accentuates the neck! A plus for straight body shapes: Halternecks also emphasize the curves of the body.

Fashion tips for tall women: The right pants for women over 1.80 m

Cropped jeans are must-have for women from 1.80

Whether you like it or not, cropped jeans are an essential part of a tall woman’s wardrobe. Because with long legs, most jeans models look like shortened. Nevertheless, there are other models and pants that look elegant and stylish on tall ladies.

Outfit ideas for tall women


Skinny jeans are the best friends of tall women. With this classic model, you don’t have to worry so much about the length, but about the fit. Skinny jeans look longer compared to wide leg jeans and it doesn’t matter if they are a bit too short, because ankle high pants are in fashion. Since they are tight around the ankles, you won’t notice that they are not as long as they should be. Skinny jeans or slim leg jeans are a classic that flatter most body shapes, and high waisted styles are made for tall women! The high waistband accentuates curves in all the right places.

Pants with high waist are perfect for tall figure

Flare & Wide Leg Pants

You can accentuate your long legs with a top tucked into a pair of chic wide leg pants! Flared pants in a floor-sweeping length are also a great choice and will surely conjure up endless legs. Finding long pants, however, isn’t always as easy as you might think. Look for specific stores and brands that offer jeans and pants for tall women.

What dresses for tall women?

Best dresses for tall women maxi dress with sneakers

Wearing a mini dress at 1.80 is usually not possible, even if you are slim and in good shape. Why? Because the length of the dresses adheres to a standard and can not always cover the buttocks in a tall woman. Instead, go for midi dresses or maxi dresses. These models are made for tall girls and the longer cut emphasizes your long legs that all other women are so envious of.

  • Midi dress: this cut flatters almost everyone, but for tall women it helps to emphasize the length of their legs and highlight their height. Pair it with a pair of trendy sneakers for a chic daytime outfit or with your favorite shoes for a night out on the town.
  • Maxi dress: it is an essential part of your wardrobe. You can effortlessly transition from day to night with a long dress. Maxi dresses can beautifully accentuate your figure and also slim you down – so it’s a real win-win situation.

Fashion tips for tall women from 1.80 m which tops and dresses

One trick: if you still want to wear mini dresses, you can have a midi or maxi dress shortened by a tailor. This way, you’ll make sure that the dress length fits your figure exactly.

10 valuable fashion and styling tips for tall women.

Fashion for tall women - styling tips and tricks

Follow our useful tips and tricks to always be well dressed as a tall woman.

  1. Use a waist band or belt to create curves.
  2. Use a V-neck to accentuate your cleavage.
  3. Wear strappy shoes if you have long legs and want to wear a shorter skirt.
  4. If your torso is longer than your legs, you should wear a high-waisted skirt above the knee and a crop top to balance your figure.
  5. And if your legs are longer than your torso, try wearing a long-sleeved top over pants.
  6. A loose-fitting top tucked into high-waisted jeans is another great way to create a curvier silhouette.
  7. Wear a jacket that cinches in at the waist over longer t-shirts if you’re slimmer around the top.
  8. Use long statement necklaces to elongate your torso and draw the eye to your waist.
  9. If you’re tall and curvy, accentuate your assets with some clever tailoring. For example, emphasize your narrow waist with a fitted top and high-waisted skirt, and choose a skirt length that ends at the most flattering part of your leg.
  10. Wearing prints or bold colors on one side of your body can make you look smaller (if that’s what you’re trying to achieve).