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Fashion mistakes that make you fatter and that you should avoid to flatter your figure

Many women find one or two flaws in themselves, with which you are not at all satisfied. Fortunately, however, you can conceal most of it with the right stylings or outfits. And this is by no means to say that you are not beautiful the way you are. But it reduces the insecurity immensely and makes accordingly more self-confident if you can present your chocolate side. Especially the one or other fat pads wears on the nerves of us women and wants to be well hidden. But in desperation, some achieve exactly the opposite with the wrong stylings. What fashion mistakes that make fatter, you should avoid?

Oversize is not a good fashion for fat women!

Fashion mistakes that make fatter - Balance out wide clothes with a belt part

That you look visually slimmer with wide clothes, because they hide everything unwanted, is a misconception. Although this does not mean that you should immediately choose the opposite, that is, very tight-fitting pieces. However, you should remember that oversize fashion has the effect of making you look wider. An exception to this is a wide jacket, provided you wear it with a tighter top and open. In this case, the jacket creates a certain balance, which you with a sweater, for example, do not achieve. However, in this case, you can wrap a belt around your waist to emphasize a slim midriff.

So the rule is: you always balance loose clothing with something tight!

By the way, the layering trend has the same effect as oversize.

Fashion mistakes that make you fatter – It must not be too tight either.

Fashion mistakes that make fatter - compensate for wide clothes with tighter ones

Apart from the fact that for most of us the size fluctuates times, it can also vary from brand to brand. Just because you wear 36 in this one store, it doesn’t mean that it will match the sizes in the other. So it can happen that you should actually choose one size larger. Out of defiance and not to feel fuller than you are, you then mistakenly choose the small size and this can have a fatal effect. Buying the wrong number out of pride is one of the biggest fashion mistakes that make you fatter! Therefore, do not orient yourself to any numbers, but try on the garment. Does it look good? That’s the most important thing!

Avoid colorful patterns

Not too tight clothes, but with slightly loose instead of wide

Plaid, stripes, animal prints, florals – patterns of all kinds are undoubtedly trendy and make our outfits so much more versatile, colorful and interesting! But not if it doesn’t fit the figure! Wrong patterns are one of the fashion mistakes that make fatter and are often made by ladies. Straight checks, animal prints and stripes have this characteristic about them and should not be worn if you are already chubbier anyway. Also large motifs that go over the chest and stomach are taboo. If it then comes to the fact that the garment is wider (see Oversized), you strengthen the effect even more.

Instead, opt for less flashy patterns (or none at all) and also create a balance with a plainer top or pants. The balancing piece should also be a bit straighter cut to reduce the widening effect of the pattern.

What to look for in jeans

Choosing the right jeans - No contrasts with the wash.

Whether a pair of jeans is bulky or slimming depends not only on the cut, but also on the wash – something that most people do not pay attention to. Namely, one of the fashion mistakes that make fatter is to choose a model with a wash that has a strong contrast. So, the light part, which is also in the middle area of the thigh, is particularly noticeable and makes them look wider. Dark denim colors are therefore the better choice, preferably without or with discreet washing.

Fashion mistakes that make you fatter – choose blouses correctly

Oversized and layering make visually wider and fuller

Blouses are often cut rather wide and airy. This is also not a problem, as long as pants or skirt are tighter for it. However, what you should also know is that a blouse without buttons tends to have the property of making us visually wider. With a button placket, in turn, an optical illusion is created. The vertical line, so to speak, pulls the body in length, which automatically makes it look slimmer.

Emphasize the naturally slim body parts

Fashion mistakes that make you fatter - Turtlenecks are counterproductive

There are parts of the body that just naturally always look slim. Such are the wrists, ankles and neck, for example. If you put the accent on them instead of covering them up, you can cheat away a few kilos. So instead of wearing long pants with a long-sleeved blouse, opt for shorter sleeves/pant legs on one of them or roll them up a bit. The same goes for the turtleneck .

Fashion mistakes that make you fatter – There are rules when it comes to shoes too!

Pointed shoes with or without a small heel

Flat shoes, as comfortable as they are, make us look smaller, but this does not refer to the width at the same time. Instead, this has the effect of making us look fatter than we actually are. This is especially true for those that are rounded on top of that, instead of pointed. Therefore, models that visually stretch the legs are the better option. But this does not mean that they necessarily have to be high heels. Just make sure that the shoes are pointed or have a small heel. Platform sandals also stretch, but at the same time they are comfortable to wear compared to high heels.