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Fashion mistakes that Curvy women often make: The most common no-goes and how to avoid them

Regardless of your height and weight, there will always be some clothes that look good on you and flatter your body, while others will make you look rather trashy or washed out – and it can all depend on your body type. Check out the worst fashion mistakes made by curvy women and make sure you don’t make any of them if you want to look stylish and well-dressed.

Fashion mistakes that Curvy women make and how to avoid them

What fashion mistakes should curvy women avoid

There is no doubt that Curvy women deserve to dress well to feel confident and comfortable. Therefore, it is important to keep some points in mind to make your outfit look comfortable and flattering.

Hide your body completely

Avoid oversize clothes if you want to look elegant

Super loose tops and dresses are comfortable and help conceal curves you don’t want to show, but they aren’t flattering for curvy women. One of the worst fashion mistakes is hiding your body through clothing. Oversized clothing tends to look shapeless on the body, especially if you have a figure that tends to have a rounder silhouette.

If you want to look elegant, try to embrace your curves and find clothes that hug the body instead of trying to hide everything under oversized, baggy clothes.

Focus on the latest trends

Curvy women can also look fashionable and trendy

Most trends only flatter a small group of people, whether they are a certain size or not. Just because something is in fashion doesn’t mean you have to wear it. Focus more on the trendy accessories and only wear clothes that fit your figure.

Choosing the wrong patterns

Be careful which clothing patterns you choose

If you are not really aware of your body shape or you think that it is perfectly okay to ignore it, you may end up wearing the wrong outfits.

Horizontal patterns like wide stripes make you look bigger than you are. Instead, opt for thin, vertical stripes for a streamlined look.

Refrain from wearing large prints that make you look bulkier. Opt for smaller prints or patterns that look great on women with curvy shapes.

Fashion mistakes of curvy women: Wearing only black

Curvy women should not wear only black

Another common mistake is wearing dark colors all the time. They can be slimming, but you should experiment with different shades to avoid looking boring. Don’t be afraid to add a little color to your outfits, and not just in your accessories. Colors like white, pastels and jewel tones can make you look slimmer.

Choosing outfits without structure

Choose outfits that flatter your look

Structure is crucial if you want to look good. This is almost the same as wearing plus size clothing. Shape and structure are factors you need to aim for if you want to look good. If you opt for clothes that don’t have structure, you’ll end up looking exactly the opposite of what you actually want.

Instead, opt for cuts that don’t accentuate your curves but visually highlight them or create straight lines, and buy clothes made of fabrics that hug your body rather than embrace it. Some cuts that fit curvy women well are shift tops and A-line or flared dresses.

Choosing the wrong fabrics

Solid fabrics are crucial when choosing clothes for curvy women

Soft fabrics like knit and jersey are certainly great and comfortable, but they have no structure. So make sure that you only buy t-shirts and sweaters made of knit and jersey. If you really want a dress made of these fabrics, make sure it’s thick, textured, and a dark color to give you a defined and somewhat sharp look.

It’s best to opt for garments made from firmer fabrics like cotton and blends, which won’t sag and stick as much as jersey while holding the structure better.

Underestimate good shapewear underwear

Shapewear underwear is a must for Curvy women

What’s underneath your outfit is the foundation of your look. It makes your outfit look flattering and makes you feel comfortable. Be realistic when buying shapewear and don’t underestimate the good quality of this garment.

Don’t wear pants and jeans

Straight leg pants for a fashionable look

The cut of your pants can be crucial to your appearance. You need to give it as much attention as the rest of your wardrobe.

Boot cuts or straight cuts give your lower body the flattering look you want by magically balancing the hip to thigh ratio. Remember that structure is the key to a well-groomed look, and that’s what matters.

Wearing pointe shoes is a fashion mistake that curvy women make

Fashion mistakes made by Curvy women - wearing pointe shoes instead of round toe shoes

This is one of the hottest trends that is the most popular shoe style for many women, regardless of age and body type. However, pointe shoes make your legs look shorter and chubbier. This is the look that you actually want to conceal.

Instead, opt for round toe shoe styles. These are some of the best shoes for curvy women, as they blend in much better with their bodies than the sharp edge of a pointed toe.