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Fashion from 60: These are the must-haves in your closet that will make you look younger

What looks particularly good on me at 60? That’s what many women ask themselves. Because even in old age you can dress chic and stylish and do not need to hide in shapeless dresses and floppy pants. No, we’re going for classic clothing with a modern twist! This is how versatile and advantageous 60+ fashion can be with these must-haves.

Fashion from 60: These must-haves cheat away a few years

Fashion from 60 what to wear to look younger 1

Women over 60 have a decisive advantage: they know their bodies and know exactly what suits them. They also know which color and which cuts they particularly like and have high standards of comfort. The clothes should correspond to the self-confident appearance. Simple, but super elegant. Modern, with a touch of extravagance perhaps. With beautiful accessories and above all – comfortable. The perfect outfit from 60 should be able to do a lot. And, of course, should also be comfortable. Fortunately, there are some clothes that meet these requirements. They can be combined in a variety of ways and look just great in an accent color, as well as in a plain shade.

White blouse with a modern touch

look younger with white blouse with lace

A white blouse is one of the classic pieces that each of us has in our closet. From 60 may the classic gets a romantic touch – with accents on the shoulders and sleeves. Lace looks super feminine and delicate and can break the strict office look of suit pants and loafers. Subtle puffed sleeves can also achieve a similar effect and catch the eye. Such a key-peace can be styled in many ways and is always on trend.

A-line midi skirt

midi skirt with A-silhouette for women over 60

Midi skirts were forgotten for a long time. In recent years, however, the garment is celebrating a real comeback. The length and elegant A-silhouette flatter the figure of every woman. In addition, the midi skirt is a true all-rounder and can be combined with sweaters, as well as with elegant blouses. In the end, effective ensembles are created. As for the colors and patterns, there is a wide range to choose from.

Fashion from 60: trousers with wide leg

Trousers with wide leg fashion from 60

Trousers with wide legs are one of the garments that look good on both tall and short women – regardless of age. The high waistband additionally conceals the tree, and the cut makes the legs look longer and the hips – thinner. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the pants lies in the fact that they can be worn with blouses, as well as with sweaters. To make the outfit look really young and fresh, the blouse should be short.

Sweater in accent color

Midi skirt with straight cut

With the right it-piece, you can not only appear fashion-conscious, but also look younger. Not only the model, but also the color plays a decisive role. For example, the classic crew-neck sweater gets a fashion update when it is in an accent color. Berry nuances and various shades of red look particularly good on women over 60. Paired with a midi skirt and tone-on-tone boots for fashion-conscious ladies, or perhaps with jeans and sneakers for an everyday look, the sweater in an accent color is an absolute must-have.

Fashion from 60: Short jacket for autumn

Buffer jacket in accent color as a must-have from 60

A short jacket for autumn and spring can effectively round off any outfit. The patterned down jacket is great to combine with an outfit in solid color. But also plain jackets draw attention to the upper part of the body and face. The bottom line is that a short jacket can do a lot of positive things: it stretches the silhouette, makes small women look taller and conjures up long legs.

The best jeans from 60

Sweater with accent colors red and blue

Even at 60, you do not have to give up jeans. If the model looks good on you and is comfortable – then there is actually no reason why you should not wear jeans even in old age. Go for dark jeans without distressed – details. Models with a straight leg cheat away a few kilos and look great on both small and large ladies.

Fashion from 60: Trench coat or blazer in a light color

Trench coat for autumn from 60 must haves

A trench coat or blazer in white or in cream can perfectly round off the autumn outfit. Elegant, feminine and chic at the same time: these tops go well with black jeans, as well as with leather pants. After all, even in old age, you can experiment with different fabrics and materials.

white blazer or white vest wear from 60

Of course, the color scheme in this case should be kept as simple as possible. Monochrome outfits let the materials play the main role and also look super stylish. In principle, you can’t go wrong with black and gray. Who is too boring, the outfit can still spice up with accessories.

Which accessories also look good in old age?

Fall colors from 60 which make younger

A chic scarf, a cool handbag or sunglasses – even in old age you can spice up your outfit with accessories. A scarf is one of the absolute must-haves from the age of 60. It can set accents, subtly emphasize the shoulders and conceal one or two wrinkles on the neck. In addition: the scarf keeps you warm in the cold season and can be easily combined with virtually any jacket and coat. A scarf in accent color or with patterns that pick up certain colors in the outfit , so is the final touch to the ensemble of every woman from 60.