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Fashion from 50: These outfit combinations and good styling tips will make you look younger instantly!

A woman over 50 is a force to be reckoned with. She has enough life experience to know what she wants. Women over 50 care about how they look: They want to look stylish and beautiful. That’s why it’s time to take a moment and review your closet. If you’re still wearing tried-and-true clothes, you should part them out and swap them for some new ones to instantly look younger. This chic 50+ fashion is what you need. We show you cool outfit combinations and reveal good styling tips that will make you look younger instantly.

Fancy fashion for women over 50 – beautiful colors make you look younger

Fashion a from 50 - bright, colorful clothes

A bold, bright garment never hurt anyone – don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise. Find beautiful colors that flatter your skin tone and limit bright colors to achieve a classic style.

Fancy fashion for women over 50 - beautiful colors make you look younger

Bring in bold colors through accessories and select clothing items, but try to avoid a head-to-toe neon look.

Chic 50+ fashion – animal prints.

Chic fashion from 50 - Animal prints

One of the best ways to spice up your look and look younger is especially animal prints. And this is even more true if you’re over 50 and can’t wear the same things you used to. Animal prints always fit and they look chic and stylish on a mature woman. It adds sass to your overall look. Just choose 1 – 2 places where you want to use animal prints, be it a top, pants, scarf or handbag. Keep it minimal, subtle and stylish.

Whisk away a few years: show off your ankles.

Conjure away a few years - show off your ankles

Another trick to rejuvenate your outfit is to show off your ankles and wrists. Especially for those of us lucky enough to have naturally slim ankles. These are the slimmest parts of our body that stay slim even if we gain a few pounds. So give up the culotte pants, especially if you already find it hard to wear them because you think they don’t look good on you.

Create contrasts in your style

Create contrasts in your style

This is one of the so-called French Chic style principles of French elegance, especially Parisian elegance, which is particularly praised for its playfulness. It’s all about combining edgy, modern garments with classic pieces. These contrasts always work and take many years off our outfits and, by extension, us.

One contrast you can try is this strong combination – namely, wearing sneakers with traditional outfits, such as a classic women’s suit or elegant pants . The modern sneakers can completely change a look.

Cool fashion from 50: define your waist

Cool fashion from 50 - Define your waistline

If you want to rejuvenate your look, everything has to look effortless and very, very casual. For tops like blouses and shirts, for example, this effect can be achieved by rolling or half rolling the top in. That is, you tuck your blouses into your pants very casually – maybe even just in the front or the side or the middle, and you let the rest of the fabric come out. This is an example of how you can accentuate your waist in an effortless way. Wearing a belt, for example in a contrasting color, can also have the same effect without being too pinching.

Casual fashion for older ladies – striped sweaters and ankle-length pants.

Casual fashion for older women - striped sweaters and ankle-length pants

Swap your unsightly, oversized sweaters for striped knit ones. There is no reason for you to say that stripes are not age appropriate. Wear ankle-length pants that look younger. They are neither too loose nor too tight and hit just the right spot to create a casual yet stylish outfit.

Sporty and elegant fashion for older women

Sporty elegant fashion for older women

A cardigan deserves a place in your closet because it is not only a sophisticated garment, but also more practical than a blazer when it comes to wearing it in everyday life. It is a great garment that can easily spice up your outfit. Pair your cardigan with a pair of dark jeans , low block heels and a white shirt for a dressy look. Also combine it with jeans, loafers and a simple top for casual chic.

Denim for the women over 50

Denim for the women over 50

Jeans are an essential piece of clothing and your best friend. Don’t be afraid to buy a new pair of jeans, even if you think you’re too old for them or still have a few pounds to lose. For casual outfits, pair your jeans with a plain white t-shirt.

Fashion a 50+ - These outfit combinations and good styling tips will make you look younger instantly!

Make sure you buy a simple top in many different colors, because with it you can create many outfit ideas.

Outfit combination: wrap dress with sneakers for a youthful look

Outfit combination - wrap dresses with sneakers for a youthful look.

Perhaps one of the most classic pieces of clothing there is: It flatters all body types, makes you look younger and definitely deserves a place in your closet. Combine a wrap dress with white sneakers to look a few years younger .

Fashion from 50 – stylish boots

Boots with a slight heel are the perfect accessory for a woman over 50

Boots with a slight heel are the perfect accessory for a woman over 50 to enhance her youthful look.

Fashion from 50 - stylish boots

Look for a pair of boots that you can easily walk in and that have just enough oomph to enhance everything from a long skirt to your favorite pair of jeans.

Styling trick: don’t forget a leather jacket

Styling trick - don't forget a leather jacket

Wear a leather jacket with everything you own: jeans (very cool with white jeans), skirts and dresses.