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Fashion for women with thick thighs from 50: follow these tips to achieve a stylish look

In this article we take a closer look at fashion for women with thick thighs over 50. The tips you get in this article apply to choosing clothes in general, even those you may be afraid of, like skirts and dresses. There is no reason for a lady with thick thighs not to look chic and stylish, so read on.

Fashion tips for thick thighs – What ladies over 50 should consider

Fashion for women with thick thighs from 50 - What clothes suit you better

Strong thighs can be a challenge when you are looking for pants. The key is to find the pant styles that will slim your thighs and draw attention to other areas to balance out your curvy figure.

Fashion for women with thick thighs from 50 – What pants?

Full length pants have the ability to slim everything and make legs look longer

Full length pants, preferably with a high waist, have the ability to slim everything and make your legs look longer.

What pants for thick thighs and calves: In terms of style, straight pants and bootcut pants are the best choice, because they conceal any flaw and make the thighs look slimmer.

If you have strong thighs, opt for vertical stripes

If you are a fan of stripes, then you should avoid horizontal stripes altogether. Opt for vertical stripes as they will draw attention to the length rather than the width of your hips and thighs.

Flared pants are a great option not only for that particular body shape, but also for style. They go well with any top and make you look chic and sophisticated.

Pants with wide legs will give a nice silhouette to your strong hips

More fashion tips for strong thighs:

  • Wide leg pants: wide leg pants are very comfortable and do not restrict your strong thighs in any way.
  • Hipster pants are a must: they are fashionable and fit virtually any figure, even women with thick legs. High waist pants (jeans) cinch the waist and accentuate the entire silhouette when paired with the right top.
  • Make sure they fit well: if you have thick thighs, you should either have your pants made by a tailor or pay attention to your measurements when buying them. A well-cut pair of pants is neither too big nor too small and will definitely fit your thick thighs well.

Fashion tips for women with thick thighs over 50 - Make sure they fit well

Fashion for women with thick thighs from 50 – Why not brightly colored pants? You don’t need pants in bright colors because they don’t flatter your figure and give the eye the illusion that your strong thighs are too wide.

Suitable skirt models & dresses for curvy women.

A-line skirts are ideal for plus size ladies

Skirts are always in fashion and they come in all shapes and patterns. With so many options, it’s a shame that women over 50 who have thick thighs tend not to wear them. With the right skirt shape, you will look stunning and finally be able to get out of your pants.

If you want to wear a skirt that draws attention away from your thighs while accentuating your waist, an A-line skirt is the way to go. They come in a variety of designs, lengths and colors and are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Even better, they are also suitable for plus size ladies as they make everything look very proportional.

If you love your curves, show them off with a pencil skirt

But if you love your curves and work hard in the gym to show them off even better, opt for a pencil skirt. Preferably one with high elasticity, as it will smooth everything out and attract attention in all the right places.

Fashion for women with thick thighs from 50 – dresses are also a great option. These models are the best for your figure.

A-line dresses are best for women with thick thighs

  • A-line dresses are best suited for women with thick thighs. They tighten at the waist and then instantly widen, hiding any bulges.
  • Maxi dresses are another perfect choice. They are wide, long and flowy, not to mention comfortable to wear. Add a thin belt at the waist and you’re good to go.

Fashion for women with thick thighs from 50 - dresses are a great option

Fashion tip: As for length, opt for knee-length or longer. Shorter dresses make your thighs stand out significantly, defeating the purpose of choosing the right dress. The same goes for skirts.

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Fashion for women with thick thighs from 50 – flattering tops.

Fashion tips for women with thick thighs from 50 - tops that are complementary

  • Choose a length slightly longer than the hip, as this is the most flattering and complementary solution for thicker thighs.
  • Choose bright and vibrant colors to draw attention to the torso, especially when wearing light colored pants.
  • Fashion for women with thick thighs 50+ – Wear ruffle sleeves or deep V-necks to put emphasis on the upper body as well.

Wear eye-catching jewelry and accessories that distract the eye from the hips

Fashion tip: Also useful is wearing eye-catching jewelry such as necklaces and earrings that draw the eye upward rather than to the hips and thighs.

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