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Fashion for women over 70: elegant outfits and helpful styling tips for the older ladies

We believe that age is just a number. The older women can still look stunning even at 70. With the right outfits, it’s easy to become a style icon as a woman in her seventies. As ladies mature, their style naturally evolves. But that doesn’t mean they have less fun with fashion, they just become more picky. Below you will find elegant clothes and good styling tips – this is the chic fashion for women over 70! Never forget: “A woman should be two things – elegant and fabulous.” (Coco Chanel)

Clothes for older ladies – the right colors and patterns

Clothing for older ladies - the right colors and patterns

Some women in old age, especially those with light, peachy complexions, can still wear many multicolored patterns. But for many women over 70, especially those with a more subtle or bold hue, a monochromatic or tonal outfit (two shades of the same color) is the most elegant, sophisticated and hip look.

Monochromatic clothes look great

Plain clothes look great - outfits for mature women

A combination like olive green pants with a lighter olive green (or similar yellow-green) blouse or sweater could be the perfect outfit. The truth is that older women, regardless of their skin color, look great in solid and tonal outfits. If you want to spice up a darker, monochromatic, tonal or completely neutral look with a lighter color, you should use another color as an accessory .

Fashion for women over 70 - elegant outfits and helpful styling tips for the older ladies

But preferably choose a color that also picks up one of the outfit’s colors. This can be a two-tone bag, shoes or a multi-colored scarf.

Chic clothes for older ladies

Lately we are seeing a lot of white and ivory in pants, jeans and tops for fall and winter 2022/2023. You can combine darker neutrals with other neutrals for a very elegant look. The darker neutrals can range from black to anthracite, eggplant to burgundy, forest green to dark olive green, brown to dark brown.

Fashion for women over 70 – striped blouses.

Fashion for women over 70 - striped blouses

If you have more weight, especially in the middle, you should avoid anything with horizontal stripes. They make you look fatter and smaller. Horizontally striped T-shirts and sweaters are again very popular, but they are most suitable for a more rectangular figure or for women with smaller bust. Vertical, narrow striped, classic shirts fit almost any style and almost any mature lady .

Women’s fashion from 70: patterns – what to wear and what to avoid.

Women's fashion from 70 - patterns - what to wear and what to avoid

When it comes to patterns, you need to consider your height, weight and the parameters of your style. Dramatic, extravagant or romantic ladies can wear smaller or larger patterns – floral patterns are best. However, be careful with fancy patterns.

Elegant fashion for mature women – animal prints.

Elegant fashion for mature women - Animal prints

Animal prints are a definite “yes” for ladies over 70 – shoes, bags, scarves, skirts, even dresses and coats.

Fashion for women over 70 – textiles

Fashion for women over 70 - textiles

If the idea of a monochromatic or tonal outfit seems a bit boring to you, you can make it really sophisticated by mixing textiles.

Chic outfits for mature women over 70

Chic outfits for mature women over 70

Check out these outfits and get inspired!

Spice up flat shoes

Styling tips for older ladies - spice up flat shoes

Just because a shoe is flat doesn’t mean it can’t be chic. Gone are the days of boring, “sensible” flat shoes. Today, there are endless options, from ornate and rhinestone-studded to colorful styles. Build a collection of flat shoes that will spice up classic looks and make them interesting.

Try out new collar styles

Try new collar shapes - women's fashion from 70

Blazers and structured jackets will never go out of style. But one way to keep them current is to play with different collar shapes. Add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe with a mandarin collar, a stand-up collar, or not wearing a collar at all.

Good style for older ladies

Good style for older ladies

Personal style takes time and requires the kind of quiet confidence that women in their 70s are famous for. Impeccable style shouldn’t necessarily be flashy or fancy. Sometimes the simplest looks are also the chicest.

Find a beautiful bag

Find a nice bag - accessories for older ladies

Handbags are one of the easiest and most fun ways to spice up your wardrobe each season without having to replace half of what you own. Look for structured styles with trendy details like wooden handles, woven sides, bright colors or oversized hardware.

Go for eclecticism

Festive outfits for older ladies

In the ’70s, it’s a good rule of thumb not to look too prim, too girly, or too old-fashioned. However, it’s the perfect time to experiment with artsy styles like tailored Мcoats, wide-leg pants, unusual clutches and colorful patterns.

Festive fashion for women over 70

Festive fashion for ladies over 70

Scarves are perfect for adding an accent, draping over a wedding guest’s dress and adding a touch of class when paired with a crisp dress. Classy details like metal buttons and brooches quickly enhance this versatile garment.

Waist accentuating clothing

Waist accentuating clothes - what should older ladies wear?

A lightweight trench coat or a warmer wool coat is a must for any woman in her 70s. The belt adds structure and style, accentuating the waist and creating a long, slim silhouette.

Combine modern jeans

Fashion for women over 70 - combine modern jeans

A slightly loose fit is both classic and comfortable. Pair your jeans with a blazer or with a sweater and a chic scarf. Choose a medium to dark wash for maximum versatility.