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Fashion for women over 50 with belly: These clothes conceal the problem zone and make visually slim

At 50, the body changes and suddenly you get one or the other flab on the belly. Every woman knows the feeling when the favorite pants suddenly no longer fit or show off the problem zone. No need to panic. With the right styling, a few kilos can be cheated away. We explain which fashion for women over 50 with a belly quickly conjures up a slimmer middle.

Fashion for women over 50 with belly: jeans and pants with high waistband

Conceal belly with jeans and blazer outfits from 50

You can wear jeans at any age, as long as the model is comfortable and flatters the body. Women with a belly should choose jeans with a high waistband. Together with a matching belt, they conjure up a slim waist and hide the love handles at the same time. It looks best when the top is cut a little loose and tucked into the jeans.

But you can also wear tighter blouses, shirts or sweaters and then combine them with a blazer or long coat. The outfit stretches visually and makes slimmer . What looks awkward, however: Models with pleats, because they bring out the abdominal zone, as well as short blazers or jackets that reach just below the waist.

Trench coat or classic coat: What suits women with a belly better?

Pants with high waistband and belt conceal small belly

A trench coat flatters the figure, accentuates the waist and makes small women appear taller. The right model can also conceal the belly. However, if you want a comfortable cut, go for the classic coat. Models that reach to the knee are particularly advantageous. The rule of thumb is to combine tight pants with an oversized coat. Designs made of textured fabrics also look great.

Fashion from 50 for women with belly: Which dresses conjure up a slim figure?

Denim dress with A-line wear from 50 and large bag

A flattering cut can work wonders. The fabric also plays a role. It is best to choose fabrics that are not too soft. Casual denim dresses with A-line are perfect, because they can hide the belly and hips, while subtly emphasizing the figure. In this case, it is best to choose a midi dress, because it visually stretches and draws attention to the legs.

Dresses with A-line

Belly conceal with 50 dress with poncho or sweater wear

Dresses with an A silhouette look especially good on women with a belly. Our tip: opt for a dark dress. On the one hand, because dark colors make visually slimmer. But on the other hand, because a basic garment can be combined with everything. Together with a sleeveless sweater that just covers the hips or with a poncho, the dress forms a charming ensemble and ensures a stylish appearance.

Combine sweaters correctly

Fashion for ladies with belly from 50

A sweater that goes over the belly and hips can conceal the problem areas. The best way to combine this with tight pants. A scarf additionally draws attention to itself and subtly emphasizes the shoulder. So that the classic outfit does not look too boring, you can experiment with colors and patterns.

Colorful turtlenecks can also distract from the belly area. The rule of thumb is: the stronger the patterns are, the bigger they should be. Sweaters with a V-neck can also take the focus off the hips.

The right accessories make all the difference

Wear scarf and conceal belly from 50 tips

If you want to hide the belly, a scarf can do wonders. Because it emphasizes the vertical body line, making the figure appear proportional. Combine blouses or shirts in solid color with a colorful scarf to achieve the maximum effect. Where, of course, the colors in the scarf should pick up the colors of the outfit. This way, the ensemble will look harmonious.

Which shirts look particularly advantageous?

long shirt conceal belly from 50 tips

Airy shirts made of flowing fabrics do not stick to the body and can conjure up a slim silhouette. They can also be styled with jeans or pants as desired. It also looks great when worn with a poncho.  Accessories like brooches or necklaces can compliment the outfit.

Also shirts, which one knots or wraps, can conceal the belly part. Of course, the whole outfit also plays a role. A white shirt, jeans with a high waistband and a vest in an accent color make a stylish outfit and conjure a few kilos away from the hips and belly.

What colors make you slim?

Black, dark blue and brown are well-known slimming colors. Go for an ensemble in solid colors that will stretch the figure. Accentuate with unusual material combinations, such as leather pants and cotton blend shirt, as well as shoes in metallic colors and statement necklaces. Colorful XXL bags also give the ensemble that certain something.

Fashion for women over 50 with a belly has become more versatile than ever in recent years. There are now numerous styling options that ensure a stylish and confident appearance. At the same time, comfort is the main focus when putting together an outfit. No matter which option you choose, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable.