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Fashion for small women over 50: the best tips and styling tricks that fit your figure.

Many women struggle with their wardrobe when they move to a different age group, especially 50+. Add to that the fact that you’re short, and the task can become even more difficult. That’s exactly why we’ve put together a guide with simple tips to help you better understand what makes fashion for small women 50+, and how to choose clothes that will keep you looking stylish in this next phase of your life.

Stylish outfits for women under 1.60 m

As we age, we have different needs and demands on our clothes. Women over 50 can no longer wear the things they wore in their 20s. Both their figure and style change and they need to adjust their wardrobe. But what has to go and what can stay as far as fashion for small women over 50 is concerned? That depends on a number of factors.

Fashion tips from celebrity ladies? Unfortunately, this does not always work

Celeb ladies over 50 with small figure

Take a look at the picture above. There are three famous faces there: Kylie Minogue, Sarah Jessica Parker and Salma Hayek. What do they have in common? Apart from being beautiful, they are all over 50 and short – under 1.60m.

If you’re also short, you may notice that the famous three are all very slim, while you may be curvy, with a large bust or pear-shaped. Don’t worry, we’ve put together some tips and know-how on how to shop and dress to fit your body shape and look stylish and elegant.

Fashion for small women over 50: tips according to body shape.

Women over 50 fashion tips outfits with patterns

Most women over 50 worry about a thick midsection or flabby arms. This is completely normal, because our body changes as we age. That’s exactly why you need to know how to draw attention to your assets and make your problem areas more inconspicuous.

Fashion tips for petite women over 50 by body shape

You still have to keep in mind that “petite” doesn’t necessarily mean small and slim. It simply means that you are 5’5″ or shorter. You can be any size. That makes it all the more important that your outfits have the right proportions .

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular body types.

Small with a large bust – the V type (inverted triangle).

Wide cropped pants for 50 year old petite ladies

This body shape means that your shoulders are wider than your hips and you have a large bust, so you look bigger on top than on the bottom. Your torso is longer than your legs.

With the V type, it is ideal to visually balance your narrow hips with the width of your broad shoulders to achieve horizontal balance. For vertical balance, you should reduce your top half and lengthen your bottom half.

What to wear as a small woman over 50 with V-type figure

Here are a few tips for choosing clothes:


  • Choosing a dress will always elongate the figure. Dresses with a flared fit balance narrow hips with broad shoulders.
  • Shoulders can be made to look smaller with dresses and tops with wide straps.
  • A scoop neck or V-neck draws the eye down and away from the shoulder line.

Jackets/ Tops:

  • Above the waist, details should be kept to a minimum and dark colors are best.
  • The small woman 5o and up with this body shape should avoid boat shaped necklines and shoulder details
  • Minimize broad shoulders and a large bust by wearing tops that flow and have little to no structure.

Pants and jeans:

  • Avoid tapered pants that shorten your legs and pants that cut the leg in half.
  • Pants should form a vertical line. Choose pants with straight or wide leg.
  • Create vertical lines with stripes or a crease on the front of the pants.

Fashion for small women over 50 with apple type figure.

Fashion for petite women over 50 with apple type figure

If you are apple shaped, you have shapely bust, slim hips and strong legs and carry extra weight around the waist.

As a small woman with an apple type figure, you can balance your proportions by making your legs look a little longer. You can achieve this with color, but also with high heels.

Outfit tips and tricks for petite ladies with pear body shape

Follow these tips:


  • They should fit well at the shoulders and bust area – a V-neck is flattering.
  • Define the narrowest part of your body, just below the bust.
  • Choose a fabric that hugs your curves and flows, no stiff fabrics.

Jackets/ Tops:

  • Choose eye-catching colors and details, including long necklaces to keep interest high.
  • A tunic that covers the belly is flattering, as is a blouse that covers the belly and sits on your slim hips.

Pants and jeans:

  • Keep detailing to a minimum on pants or skirts below the waist.
  • Wear deeper colors below the waist
  • Avoid tapered pants – they will shorten your legs.

Hourglass figure: fashion tips and styling tricks for women over 50.

Hourglass figure styling tricks for ladies over 50

If you are a small woman with an hourglass figure, you are lucky. This body shape is very feminine and can be perfectly emphasized with the right clothes.

What skirt for petite women over 50

Here are some tips for the ladies over 50:

  • Figure-hugging jackets or jackets that are tight at the waist and flared at the hips will look great on you. The flare should be balanced by a defined shoulder.
  • If you want a dramatic effect to accentuate your feminine figure, wear tops with more volume at the chest and shoulders and a tight empire waist. You can pair it with a proportionally voluminous bottom to balance the top.
  • Wrap style tops flatter almost all small women, and even more if you have an hourglass figure because they accentuate and highlight your waist.

For more tips and rejuvenating outfit combinations for women over 50, check out this article !