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Fashion for small women: Avoid these clothing and accessory mistakes (+ how to do it right)

Women with short legs already do not have it easy when it comes to fashion issues. There are so many cuts in clothing and accessories that small women should avoid in order not to visually compress themselves even more. Instead, it is a matter of seemingly lengthening the body length and this works easier than you think. We have summarized for you some typical fashion mistakes that make women shorter. If you follow our rules, you will find the perfect fashion for small women.

Wrong jeans and cloth pants

Fashion for small women - Choosing the right jeans and pants

The cut of the pants, which of all things covers the short legs, depending on the model can flatter the figure or not. Models that make you look wider are rather less suitable, because in this way you will also look smaller. So avoid wide cuts. Instead, go for ankle-grazing, high-waist and generally such models that emphasize the waist, matching best with a crop top . Straight and narrow cuts, gladly also with pleats, for example, are optimal. This applies both to fabric pants, so for jeans for small women.

Fashion for small women – the oversized trend is not a good idea

Fashion for small women - Short or Maxi instead of Midi with dresses and skirts

Due to the same characteristic as wide pants. Oversized fashion makes them look wider and shorter, because you just sink into the clothes. Especially if you are already chubby anyway , this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. An alternative would be just a wide blazer for example, but then the rest of your outfit must emphasize the figure and be more tight-fitting. You should also not make layering your habit when it comes to fashion for small women.

The top can stretch you visually if chosen correctly

Fashion for small women - The V-neck visually stretches the body

The right neckline can do a lot when it comes to concealing certain flaws. Plump, but also short ladies benefit, for example, from a V-neck. It visually elongates the upper body – and the lower the neckline, the better! Combine optionally with a matching jeans or but with a pretty wrap skirt . It is important that you choose the right proportions: If the top is more casual and wide, then choose a slightly tighter model for legwear and vice versa.

Correctly choose skirts and dresses for small women

Flat shoes under certain conditions

The trendy midi length for skirts and dresses is simply inappropriate for short ladies. These garments end at about calf height and this makes the legs look even shorter than they already are. Therefore, it is better to reach for shorter dresses that you can combine with heeled shoes, because they also visually stretch the legs, as you know. If you are not a fan of short dresses and skirts, you can also opt for maxi models . These are also part of the suitable fashion for small women.

What about the accessories? Choose the right shoes and bags!

Too large bags compress - dress models flatter

As practical as those huge handbags may be (after all, it seems that half the makeup cabinet fits in there) – if you are not one of the taller ladies, they will spoil your styling, because they will virtually slay you with their size. Mini bags, on the other hand, are ideal, but if that doesn’t provide you with enough storage space, you can also choose medium-sized models.

Choosing the right shoes and bags for short women

Regarding shoes, be careful with flat shoe models! Of course, you are not obliged to walk around in high heels all the time (even though high heels are just perfect for short legs!). But if you do opt for flat styles, choose ones that don’t add to your visual bulk. Ballerinas with round toe, for example, have this feature in themselves. In addition, they are cute shoes, which would only emphasize your small size. So, if, then pointed toe cap ( for example pumps ) and, if possible, with heel. Also, showing as much of the back of your foot as possible will visually lengthen your body and balance out flat shoes.

For boots, it is best to choose a model whose shaft ends below the knee. But you are welcome to experiment with other variants and even choose overknees, as long as the rest of the outfit is coordinated with it. The fact that small women can not wear overknees, in fact, is not true. It simply depends on the model.

Matching colors for fashion for small women

Monochrome fashion for short women as the optimal color choice

Now you know what tops, shoes, bags and pants are best for small women, but what about the colors? Anything monochromatic will visually stretch your body, making you appear taller than you actually are. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should never wear colored clothes again, but you should know that monochromatic models and combinations will flatter you the most.

So you can confidently equip yourself with a monochrome pantsuit for small women or choose a two-piece . If you find the monochrome too boring, you can achieve a little pizzazz with small, subtle patterns.