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Fashion fall winter 2021/22: These trends should know all fashionistas!

The summer goes and the autumn comes. The only consolation about the fact that the temperatures are slowly but surely dropping? All the new trends for fall winter 2021/22 that await us! While some love their breezy dresses and shorts, others can’t wait to slip into their cozy sweaters, coats and knit dresses. During the cold season, we just wear more clothes that invite layering and that makes putting our outfits together a lot more fun. After we all spent last fall mostly in our pajamas and sweatpants, the fashion for Fall Winter 2021/22 is more vibrant and exciting than ever! From cozy knit outfits to bright colors and opulent sequined looks, the fashion trends for the upcoming season are guaranteed to have something for everyone. What you should make room for in your closet now and which key-pieces you can already look forward to, we reveal to you in the following!

Fashion Autumn Winter 2021/22: Bright colors create a good mood

Wollmantel Outfit Ideen Trends Herbst Winter 2021 22

Usually, the transition from summer to fall means swapping bright colors and pastels for black, gray, burgundy and other darker and moodier shades. Well, not this year, as bright and saturated colors dominate fashion for Fall Winter 2021/22. Nudes and neutrals are always a safe bet, but this coming season we just want to grab attention. With another lockdown looming right now due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we could all use some light in our everyday lives and outfits, right? Think mustard yellow, magenta and green. We’re also taking neon pink, orange and green into the colder months. The best way to rock this trend? When you experiment with unexpected combinations to create a look that’s both super colorful and seasonally appropriate.

Cut-out dresses are on trend

Cut Out Kleider kombinieren Mode Herbst Winter 2021 22

Super chic, playful and elegant without being too overbearing, cut-out dresses were already a real hit in the summer and, fortunately, they’re here to stay for the upcoming season. As the name suggests, cut-outs are deliberately placed cut-outs that allow a clear view of bare skin. Models with cut-outs on the shoulder, on the belly or even on the back are especially trendy. Whether in midi or mini length, maxi dresses or as knit dresses for fall 2021: the cut always provides a special twist and makes a good impression. Depending on your taste, you can go for delicate pastel shades as well as darker nuances. Whether for the office, an elegant dinner or as a dress for wedding guests: the trendy pieces simply always go. Cut-outs dresses are real eye-catchers in themselves, so you should rather keep the rest of the look a little more discreet.

Floral pattern is one of the most popular trends autumn winter 2021/22

Mode Herbst Winter 2021 22 Blumenmuster kombinieren

We all know that florals and summer go hand in hand and are hardly groundbreaking. But in the cold season? We say yes! Fall Winter 2021/22 fashion is bright, colorful and vibrant. Romantic and playful floral patterns are indispensable from our closets and ensure a good mood even in the cold season! Fashion designers such as Prada and Gucci, simply love floral prints and have completely reinterpreted them. This year’s winter floral looks much more subtle and is a continuation of the cottagecore trend, which was already totally trendy last year. Held in soft pastel shades and decorated with playful details such as lace and ruffles, the dresses with floral prints exude a unique elegance.

Fashion fall winter 2021/22: sequin dresses

Glitzer Kleider Outfit Trends Herbst Winter 2021

We as women hope that in the coming season there will again be enough occasions to get really dressed up. At the latest on New Year’s Eve, our outfits are allowed to glitter a bit. Well, the trends for fall winter 2021/22 offer us guaranteed the right clothes for it! Sequined dresses and skirts are at the top of the must-have list this year and were seen everywhere on the runways. The sparkling looks in silver, gold as well as colorful metallic shades make up the Georgio Armani collection – and not just in the form of chic party dresses. Our blazers, coats and pants also get a radiant touch and thus provide glamorous outfits in everyday life as well. Such a sequined look would not be for you? Then adorn your ears and wrists with radiant and elegant pearl jewelry.

Chic pantsuits for women

Hosenanzuge Trends Frauen Mode Herbst Winter 2021 22

Really, who would have thought that we would be so happy to return to normal everyday life and our “work clothes”? The allure and appeal of a pantsuit is all too strong, and power suits are definitely one of the coolest trends for Fall Winter 2021/22. Max Mara, Gucci, Prada, Giada – there’s hardly a fashion label that didn’t show suits on the runway. However, the tried-and-true classic has been revamped for the new season. The atmosphere? Relaxed, casual and loosely cut. Instead of classic blazers, we now reach for models in oversized look or even longer coats. Trousers may also be cut a little wider this year and have a subtle flare. As for the colors, pretty much anything is possible. If you want a more subtle and harmonious look, pantsuits in muted and neutral tones would be your best bet. To make your business outfit the ultimate eye-catcher, go for high-contrast combinations and garments in bright colors.

Knitted dresses autumn 2021

Strickkleider Herbst 2021 Trendfarben Winter

What have we all learned from 2020? That when given the opportunity, people opt for comfort – every time. Enveloping and warm knitwear is simply a part of the cold season. And why not? Good and elegant knitwear fashion convinces on many levels and becomes a real fashion statement. Especially knitted dresses for fall 2021 are very much in vogue and win a safe place in our closets. From Bottega Veneta to Chloè to Valentino – knitwear is all the rage again and undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and at the same time most beautiful trends for fall winter 2021/22. Whether as a cozy all-over look, in the form of cool sweaters or as a sophisticated knit dress – there is the right knitwear piece for absolutely every taste and style.

Winter sports fashion autumn 2021

Trends Herbst Winter 2021 22 Daunenjacke kombinieren Damen

Winter and ski vacations belong together for you? Then we have good news! Winter sports fashion we wear only on the ski slopes? Far from it! The trend après-ski chic is actually indispensable from the fashion for autumn winter 2021/22! The look is the new obsession of all fashion designers and Miu Miu’s thick ski suits and Chanel’s comfortable dungarees are reaching our closets. Think warm knitted sweaters, parkas, lined boots and puffer jackets – the trends for fall winter 2021/22 bring a lot of chic, comfort and protection in the fashion world.

XXL down jackets

Oversize Daunenjacke kombinieren Mode Herbst Winter 2021 22

Cozy and warm, thickly lined and extremely cool – nothing is possible without down jackets in the cold season! Puffer jackets were already totally hip last year and are also now one of the most important trends for fall winter 2021/22. And of course that’s a good thing, because no other jacket keeps us so warm and can be styled so versatile. In bold, bright colors like pink at Marni or deep red at Dolce and Gabbana, these are not the classic black jackets you’ve been wearing. This season, the down jacket becomes a real fashion statement and is allowed to be one size bigger.

Loose fit jeans

Loose Fit Jeans kombinieren Mode Herbst Winter 2021 22

Without a doubt, jeans are the most worn piece of clothing. Skinny jeans will always have a special place in our hearts, but for fall winter 2021/22 fashion, loose styles are the way to go. Wide, casual, comfortable and yet super chic, loose fit jeans have made their mark for the upcoming season, making them a must-have in every closet. The loose and wide cut guarantees more freedom of movement and convinces especially with its comfort. The term “loose fit” is actually used to describe all jeans models that fit loosely on the hips and buttocks. So whether you opt for casual mom jeans, or rather for something more elegant straight leg jeans, is a question of personal style and taste. And the best part? Depending on the model, loose fit pants provide feminine curves and slim legs and can be styled absolutely effortlessly for any occasion.

Mini dresses and skirts are back

Trends Herbst Winter 2021 22 Minikleider kombinieren

Are you also looking forward to gradually going out and dressing up again? Fashion designers have shown us again that even in the cold season we could show a little more skin now and then. Mini dresses and skirts in bright colors literally made the collections of Versace, Tom Ford and Saint Laurent shine. The micro mini is back and hemlines are really, really short this year. So if you want to stay on trend, give your midi dresses and skirts a little break and show off your legs instead!

Statement tights

Bedruckte Strumpfhosen Trend Mode Herbst Winter 2021 22

And the best way to really show off your new mini? With the matching tights, of course! As already mentioned, it is allowed to pop a little bit in the fashion for fall winter 2021/22 – also in terms of tights! Admittedly – models in eye-catching prints and bright colors require a bit more courage than the usual black and beige tights. From blue to yellow to playful polka dots – it’s all there! But a little caution is required when styling! Since the tights are already eye-catching enough, the rest of your outfit should be more subtle and color-coordinated.

Preppy style fashion trend fall winter 2021/22

Preppy Style Modetrend Frauen Trends Herbst Winter 2021 22

Ever heard of preppy style? If not, then it’s time to change that! The word “preppy” comes from English and stands for “Preparatory School” – a kind of private school. In German, the style can be equated with “preppy” and “chic”. Anyone who has seen “Gossip Girl” or the Netflix series “Elite” knows what is meant by this in fashion terms. Polo shirts, cozy sweaters over shirts, pleated skirts and diamond patterns – all this makes up the preppy style. However, the college look has been completely reinterpreted for the fall winter 2021/22 fashion and looks much more modern, playful and cool. Good quality materials are crucial for a successful outfit. Corduroy, wool, tweed and cashmere are considered classics and are best suited for the cold season. Rough combat boots or lace-up boots with platform soles are ideal for breaking up the strict schoolgirl look a bit.

Fashion fall winter 2021/22: The most beautiful looks at a glance

Winter Outfits Frauen Bilder Mode Herbst Winter 2021 22

Green is one of the most popular and beautiful trend colors for fall winter 2021

Trends Herbst Winter 2021 22 Trendfarben Winter Frauen

XXL down jackets should not be missing in any closet also this year

Trends Herbst Winter 2021 22 Oversize Daunenjacke kombinieren

The fashion for autumn winter 2021/22 is colorful and always ensures a good mood

Trendfarben Winter Modetrends Herbst Winter 2021 22

We simply can not get around saturated colors this season

Trendfarben Herbst Winter 2021 Midikleider kombinieren

Knitted dresses fall 2021 for a warm and fashionable look

Strickkleider Herbst 2021 Winter Outfits Ideen

Statement tights are on trend and give your outfit that certain something

Statement Strumpfhosen Trend Mode Herbst Winter 2021 22

Pailette dresses are very much in vogue

Partykleider Outfits Bilder Trends Herbst Winter 2021 22

Wonderfully comfortable and very stylish: knitted dresses for fall 2021 are an absolute must-have

Modetrends Frauen Strickkleider Herbst 2021

The micro mini is also making a big comeback

Mode Herbst Winter 2021 22 Trendfarben Frauen

Winter sports fashion has been reinterpreted and looks cooler than ever before

Jackentrends 2021 Mode Herbst Winter 2021 22

Combine sparkling sequin dresses with rugged boots for a unique style break

20er Jahre Mode Kleider Trends Herbst Winter 2021 22

Derby style fashion trend looks much more grown up and elegant this year

Mode Herbst Winter 2021 22 Preppy Style Modetrend Frauen

Loose fit jeans are the new favorite of all fashionistas

Trends Herbst Winter 2021 22 Loose Fit Jeans kombinieren