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Fall fashion for chubby women: How to conceal a few pounds and dress for the season

The cuddle season is open and this applies not only to the cuddly blankets on the sofa and candlelight. Also our clothes are now getting thicker and warmer and added warm colors of the season. Looking for some inspiration for larger sizes that flatter your curves? We’ve got some tips on the right fall fashion for chubby women to keep in mind when you’re outfitting yourself with a new wardrobe soon.

New autumn fashion 2022 – pay attention when buying

Fall fashion for chubby women - tips for outfits that flatter the figure

Of course, you may wear what you like, but there are models that emphasize your curves and just the right parts of the body, while concealing small flaws. And this will automatically make you feel extra attractive and start the autumn and cold season with more self-confidence. What rules should you follow ?

The V-neck on the top

V-necks make the figure narrower and emphasize the décolleté

In terms of fall fashion for chubby women, it is the sweater that dominates our wardrobe again. And its loose cut also flatters ladies with a little belly wonderfully. In general, it is important that it is not too tight, because then quickly times the one or the other Röllchen highlighted and you want to avoid that, after all. A wonderful accent is also the V-neck. It has the property in itself to visually stretch the upper body.

The turtleneck as fall fashion for chubby women

Sweaters with turtlenecks visually stretch the body

To avoid the scarf, a turtleneck sweater is really convenient. But this is not its only advantage, because it also emphasizes curves in a flattering way. Here, in theory, it does not matter in what color you choose it. But in black he can develop this property particularly well.

Fall fashion for chubby women – Wear a cardigan properly

Fall fashion for chubby women - A cardigan is wide and goes with a tighter top

The cardigan with its loose cut is best suited as fall fashion for chubby women, but only on condition that you balance this width. For this, it is best to opt for a slightly tighter top. The jacket is also perfect for adding a bold color accent. Trust here especially on autumn colors of course. Very flattering are bordeaux and mustard yellow . Or how about a rich green in a dark shade like in the coniferous forest?

The poncho as an alternative to the cardigan

Fall fashion for chubby women - Poncho with tight pants

For many plus-size ladies, the poncho simply belongs in the fall . No wonder, he can hide so wonderfully one or the other fat pads. Depending on the length, it can cover both the belly, as well as the hips, where you can wear a tighter top or long-sleeved shirt under it.

Fall fashion for chubby women – dress season is far from over

Fall fashion for chubby women - dress in the fall with cardigan and tights

Your dresses for plump women with belly from the summer can quietly remain in the front areas of the closet for some time, because they can still be worn. Also, if you just see a bargain at the summer sale, you can take advantage of it. Because in combination with a few warming pieces like boots, tights and jacket (e.g. made of faux leather) you won’t get too cold even in the dress. Curvy women here it is best to opt for not too short models: midi to maxi dress are optimal !

Jeans pants are a perfect choice at any time

Jeans possible in any season - Tight or wide for fall 2022.

In principle, everything is allowed with the jeans pants. The important thing is that they are not too tight, so you can really feel comfortable in them. Skinny jeans are one of many variants. But who is too fogurbetont, which can instead also reach for the mom jeans or but the boyfriend jeans. These have a wider cut and thus sit a little looser, without losing elegance.

Culottes in combination with ankle boots

Fall fashion for chubby women - culottes have a wide cut for wide thighs

Culottes are also wide cut, although the exact width can vary. This makes it perfect if you want to conceal wider thighs. Boots and ankle boots also go wonderfully with it, because the shorter length shows them off wonderfully. If you then also opt for heels, you visually stretch the legs and flatter them even more – the perfect fashion for small chubby women!

Outfit ideas for fall fashion for chubby women – skirt instead of dress

Skirt in midi or maxi length for curvy women

A wide hip you conjure up narrower by opting for a pencil skirt. It is tight at the hips, but then creates a straight silhouette downwards, which conceals small pads. For example, you can wear a blouse with it, which you tuck into the skirt. Furthermore, but also midi skirts are very suitable or but long models. So that you do not get too cold with it even on fresher days, do not forget a pair of tights. They also make the legs look more delicate, if the right model is chosen.