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Fall fashion 2022: What pieces are coming into your closet now and what are the latest fall fashion trends?

Girls, we don’t want to disappoint you, but fall is fast approaching. Our only consolation about the fact that summer will soon be over? All the new fashion trends for fall and winter 2022 that will soon be making their way into our closets! The change of season is the perfect time for us to give our wardrobe a refreshing and modern update. As much as we love our summer dresses and sandals, fall fashion 2022 is anything but boring and has something for every style and taste. While jeans and a shirt blouse are always a safe choice, they get pretty boring in the long run, don’t they? Okey, what pieces are coming into the closet now and what clothes we can look forward to now? Whether it’s classics like knit sweaters and check patterns or exciting and bold color combinations – keep an eye out for the absolute must-haves for fall and get ready for a little shopping spree!

Fall fashion 2022: These jackets are an absolute must for autumn

Fall trend colors fall fashion 2022 women closet basics

It’s quite chilly in the morning and then it gets 25 degrees at noon – in the transitional season, choosing the right outfit can become a real challenge, we know. Luckily, fall fashion 2022 already has a lot to offer when it comes to jackets, and the trend pieces round out our look perfectly. So which pieces are going into the closet, we’ll tell you in a moment.

Trench coats in bright colors

Combine trench coat fall fashion 2022 women

In the colder season you tend to wear dark and muted colors? Far from it! Color, color and more color – that’s how we can best describe fall fashion 2022. A classic trench coat in bright shades will put you in a good mood during the gloomy autumn days and will upgrade even the plainest outfit in no time. Think neon picks, sunshine yellow, light blue or lilac – the sky is the limit! In terms of styling, the trench coat is also a real all-rounder and can be combined with jeans and sneakers, as well as with a chic dress or skirt.

Bomber jackets as a fashion trend in the fall of 2022.

bomber jackets fashion trend 2022 jackets trends autumn ladies

You put a lot of emphasis on comfort and like it rather casual and comfortable? Fall fashion 2022 has something to offer for you, too! Bomber jackets have been at the top in the fashion world for years and it is impossible to imagine our closets without them. Typical for the trendy jackets are the casual and voluminous blouson cut. For this season, the classic from the 90s has received a modern upgrade and comes in a variety of colors and lengths. Our absolute favorite, however, are shorter bomber jackets in XXL cut. For everyday wear, we prefer to combine the casual jacket with jeans and sneakers. But also in a style break with feminine dresses and elegant fabric pants bomber jackets make a great figure.

Cropped blasers are an absolute must-have

Cropped blazer fashion trend 2022 fall fashion women closet basics

If we were to name just one piece of clothing that no closet should be without, then it is guaranteed to be the blazer. Whether classic, in oversized look or made of leather – the classic is reinterpreted again and again every year and the fall fashion 2022 is no exception. The cropped blazer is THE fashion trend this season and brings a great change to our outfits. As the name suggests, the blazer ends approximately from the waist and the shorter cut provides a beautiful silhouette. The trendy jackets can be equally styled with jeans and shirt or chic dress and give our looks a classic, minimalist touch. And if you’re feeling particularly brave, feel free to try the bra+blazer combo.

Oversized shirt blouses as a fashion trend 2022

Oversized shirt blouse combine fall fashion 2022 what goes in the closet

Super comfortable, chic and very versatile – Oversized Hembdlusen belong to the absolute fashion basics for women , which should not be missing in any closet. The loose-cut shirts have been an important trend for years and remain with us for the coming season. The absolute favorite number 1 are models in bright colors and with stripes that remind us of summer. And the best part? The it-pieces are real multi-talents and can be easily combined with any occasion. With jeans and sneakers you create the perfect everyday look. With high heels, on the other hand, you are perfectly dressed for the office! Or why not just wear the shirt blouse as a mini dress in the fall? This is guaranteed to be an outfit that will definitely catch everyone’s eyes.

White tank tops and straight leg jeans

white tank top in autumn combine fall fashion 2022 closet basics

And here come two pieces that really every woman should have in her closet: white tank tops and classic straight leg jeans. The outfit impresses with its simplicity and still looks really cool and chic. Straight-leg jeans are making a huge comeback this season and are one of the most beautiful and comfortable jeans trends for fall 2022 . Our favorite way to round out the look is with other closet basics, such as a leather jacket or a lighter cardigan for the warmer September days.

Chunky knit sweaters as an integral part of fall fashion 2022

Closet basics women fall fashion 2022 trends

Knit sweaters for fall? Nothing special you might say, right? We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to snuggle up in our favorite pieces. And that’s where a warm and chic knit sweater is at the top of the list. This classic piece shows up in fall fashion 2022 as cool as never before and is one of the absolute must-haves for all fashion girls. You can leave the boring sweaters in black and gray in the basement, because this year knitted sweaters in bold shades are THE fashion trend par excellence. Also as for the selection of cuts, the fashion trends have a lot to offer and it is guaranteed for every taste. Times turtleneck sweaters, with a striking back neckline or with button details – the main thing is knitwear! And when it comes to styling, the sky is the limit. Whether classic with jeans and trousers or in a style break with elegant midi skirts – a knitted sweater simply always works.

XXL maxi dresses are on trend

XXL maxi dress combine fall fashion 2022 women

While dresses and skirts in midi length have dominated the summer months, the motto of fall fashion 2022 is “the longer, the better”. Super long maxi dresses are all the rage and have already taken the fashion world by storm. The hemline ends just above the floor in this case and although it takes a little getting used to at first glance, the chic pieces look really chic. So that we do not freeze, we could wear thick tights or even leggings underneath on colder days. Sounds like the perfect garment for the cooler season to us, right? However, this season maxi dresses not only come in extra long, but also oversized and feel wonderfully comfortable. Whether made of cotton, chiffon or knitted dresses does not matter – the main thing is long and airy!

Fall fashion 2022: rubber boots as a shoe trend

rubber boots fashion trend fall fashion 2022 women shoe trends autumn

When it rains outside, we don’t want to arrive at the office soaking wet, do we? The solution? Rubber boots! However, these have said goodbye to their ugly image and come across much cooler and chicer. In fact, rubber boots in gaudy shades or with different embellishments are hailed as the biggest footwear trend in fall 2022. Numerous fashion designers, such as Givenchy and Balenciaga, have shown their own variations of the rubber shoe on the catwalks, creating a real hype. And the best part? We can easily combine rubber boots with any piece of clothing from our wardrobes this year. Whether casually with jeans or in a style break to dresses – everything is allowed what one likes.

Check pattern fashion trend autumn 2022 fall fashion outfits women