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Fall 2022 trend colors: these shades and hues are among the most important fashion trends for the cooler season!

The days are gradually getting shorter, the temperatures are slowly dropping and that means only one thing – autumn is almost here. Sure, we love summer and the gorgeous weather. But there’s something magical about autumn and we can’t wait to slip into our cozy and warm sweaters. For us, the month of September is clearly about new beginnings – also in terms of fashion. In line with the new season, we can look forward to lots of new and exciting trends that will soon enter our closets. The cold season is all about dark and rich colors? You’d be wrong, because this year it’s going to be quite colorful and bright! Fall 2022 trend colors are fun and literally make our outfits pop! Just think of cool blazers, skirts, dresses and co. in bright red, radiant neon pink or bright green. Simply gorgeous, isn’t it? So stay with us and find out here which trend colors we are wearing especially often this year!

Trend colors fall 2022: Orange for a good mood

Orange combine leather outfit trend colors autumn 2022

As every half year, the color institute “Pantone” has summarized the most important trend colors of the season in its “Fashion Color Trend”. The fall 2022 fashion trends are more daring and diverse than ever and make a cool statement. Forget darker and rich hues – bright orange is definitely one of the coolest trend colors for fall 2022. The intense shades named “Dragon Fire”, “Orange Tiger” and “Peach Caramel” immediately catch the eye and are a great way to brave the low temperatures with our looks.

Fashion trends fall winter 2022 fall fashion trend colors women

Orange is cozy, warm and cheerful – so it’s perfect for a modern fall outfit. The statement shade works wonderfully as an all-over look, as well as in combination with other bright hues like money. Admittedly – wearing orange from head to toe does take some courage and is not for everyone. Soft cream tones or black also go well with it and are great styling partners for the fall months. If you want to approach the trend rather slowly, then opt for a classy handbag or chic shoes in the trend color.

Green as a fashion trend in autumn 2022

Fall fashion 2022 knit sweaters combine trend colors fall 2022

Green, green, green are all my clothes…. You know the song, right? Fresh and vibrant green is also celebrated as one of the most beautiful trend colors in fall 2022. While the shades “Abundant Green” and “Amason” remind us of grass green, “Cardamon Seed” and “Loden Frost” have a more calming and mysterious effect.

Combine shirt blouse dresses green trend color fall 2022

But no matter which shade you choose – you can’t go wrong with garments in green this season! The trend color is playful, bold and simply beautiful. Don’t you think? Shades of green go wonderfully with black and white, but also look really great in combination with other bright shades.

Neon pink makes a statement

Neon pink combine fashion trend trend colors fall 2022

If you’re into fashion, then you’ve probably heard the term “Barbiecore” before. Thanks to the new Barbie movie that will be released in 2023, neon pink has become the absolute trendy color for fall and winter. The cool shade of pink was seen everywhere on the runways and exudes a sense of joy and optimism. The Pantone Institute has described the trend color “Rose Violet” as “vibrant, lively and full of vibrancy”. The hue is a great eye-catcher and a great way to make us stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s business suits, playful midi skirts or chic ankle boots, it doesn’t matter – the main thing is pink and bright!

Trend colors fall 2022: Bright yellow for a good mood

Combine oversized blazer trend colors fall winter 2022

This year, we’d rather leave our black and gray sweaters in the basement. The gaudier, the better – that’s the easiest way to describe the trend colors for fall 2022. Soft yellow tones with the playful names “Spicy Mustard” and “Samoan Sun” will mimic the changing colors of autumn leaves in the coming months. Very romantic, isn’t it? Especially the bright trend color “Samoan Sun” literally makes our outfits shine. “Spicy Mustard”, on the other hand, has a more muted effect and is therefore the perfect choice for those who like things a little more subdued.

Pencil skirt fashion trend 2022 trend colors fall winter 22 23

And when it comes to styling, the sky is the limit. The trendy color can be combined with any shade and always looks chic. For example, yellow goes perfectly with gray, beige and black, but also cuts a great figure in a colorblocking look with other gaudy shades.

Delicate purple is on trend

Combine pastel colors in winter trend colors fall 2022

Neon pink, yellow, orange and co. are too bold for you and you like it a little more simple? The trend colors in fall 2022 have something to offer for you, too! Delicate purple is called the somewhat softer version of the Pantone of the color “Very Peri” and has already conquered the street style trends as well as our hearts. The color exudes a timeless elegance and adds a romantic touch to our outfits. Purple goes perfectly with neutral tones like beige and white, but also creates a great look when combined with brown or gray.

Bright red

combine red dress trend colors fall 2022 pantone colors of the year

Are you ready to turn up the heat this season? Along with orange, bright red is one of the most beautiful trend colors for fall 2022 and was seen everywhere on the runways during Fashion Weeks. While a softer Bordeaux red called “Lava Falls” had a strong presence in New York, a fiery “Molton Lava” ran through the fashion designers’ collections on the runways in London. No matter which shade you choose – red is always chic, bold and a real eye-catcher.

Red trend color autumn 2022 combine pleated skirt in autumn

For everyday wear, it’s best to combine individual items of clothing in the trendy hue with somewhat calmer nuances such as nude or creamy white. Red from head to toe, on the other hand, is perfect for those who like to experiment with their looks and draw attention to themselves. The combination of different shades of red is also totally in this fall and looks timelessly chic.

Brown as a trend color in autumn 2022

Autumn fashion 2022 women like brown as a trend color combine

Finally, the trend colors in fall 2022 offer us a great change from the black look. Chic, timeless and wonderfully elegant – brown simply belongs in the golden season and is an absolute must for all fashion girls. The warm brown shades “Caramel Cafè” and “Chicory Coffee” bring calmness to our fall wardrobe and could be found in almost all collections on the catwalks. From the all-over looks of Michael Kors to unexpected color combinations like at Jacquemus, brown is an incredibly versatile color that can be combined in every way imaginable. Whether it’s pants, sweaters, knit sweaters, or an elegant trench coat, this year brown is the new black!

Trend colors fall 2022 neon pink combine in winter