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Dresses Trends 2023: These models you will see this year on every fashionista

From cool prints to a sophisticated way of wearing florals, from stunning embellishments to new solutions for hemlines and necklines, read on to discover the 2023 dress trends that will conquer the fashion world.

Dress trends 2023 – Asymmetrical sleeves

Dress trends 2023 - Asymmetrical sleeves

A recurring dress trend in 2023 is asymmetry. There are a huge amount of tiered hems, but perhaps the chicest interpretation is asymmetrical sleeves. This mini trend with maximum impact is as simple as it sounds, and a look you can easily recreate. Get caught up in this no-frills aesthetic and wear your asymmetrical dress with high heels.

Embody your inner Grace Jones with a hooded dress.

Embody your inner Grace Jones with a hooded dress

We love this slinky and sultry hooded dress that adds some drama to the Spring/Summer 2023 fashion trends. The perfect way to embody your inner Grace Jones. This trend is the perfect blend of so many styles that have come to the forefront this year. Whether you love sporty luxury, like a touch of 90s grunge or 80s, the hooded dress trend is rooted in all of these aesthetics, making it a sure hit for the upcoming season.

What to look for:

  • Chic jersey dresses: if you want to make this trend work for evening wear, choose dresses made of smooth silk jersey that have a collared neckline and flowing, draped hoods. This elegant and eye-catching look is ideal for those looking for a new twist on evening wear. Keep the jewelry sculptural and statement rather than delicate.
  • Knitted dresses: for a more casual take on the trend, opt for sportier knit and jersey styles that you can wear with leggings and sneakers.

Dramatic drapery is very fashionable in 2023

Dramatic drape is very fashionable in 2023

Draping was a major dress trend in 2022, and designers are continuing their exploration of these dramatic silhouettes in dress form in 2023. Look for dresses with cascading trains or opt for statement sleeves in mini dresses.

Sophisticated slip dresses are complemented with delicate lace

Sophisticated slip dresses are complemented with delicate lace

Slip dresses have proven to be quite timeless in recent years. Of course, this look is more suitable for spring/summer 2023 fashion trends as it doesn’t add much warmth. For the 2023 dress trends, you can expect a more vintage-inspired version of the look. Look for thigh-hugging styles, silky fabrics. A subtle update will keep them looking fresh – additions of pretty, delicate lace.

Dress trends 2023 – bouquets of pretty corsages.

Dress trends 2023 - Bouquets of pretty corsages

Flowers are to spring what lambskin is to winter – an essential accessory. However, if you thought that they can be worn only in the form of prints, you are wrong. Fashion designers adorn everything from tops to necklaces to dresses with pretty corsages.

Bubble dress – 80s inspired fashion trends are back

A bubble dress is a fun addition to dress trends in 2023

The voluminous bubble dress makes a playful reappearance every few years, and while it’s unlikely to become a firm favorite, a bubble dress is still a fun addition to the 2023 dress trends.

On the runway, we saw the balloon dress in many variations. From floral maxi dresses to thigh-hugging mini dresses, this full silhouette was all about creating maximum drama. Whether the red carpet-ready styles of Bibhu Mohapatra and Naeem Khan or the more casual interpretations of Ulla Johnson and Proenza Schouler, this larger-than-life style was shown in a variety of colors.

It’s a difficult silhouette to wear, and as always, it comes down to balancing your proportions to make sure you’re wearing this look and not the other way around. If you opt for a bubble dress, choose between a leg-emphasizing silhouette or an armless style so that your figure isn’t completely lost. Pair it with chunky leggings or dressy shoes for a fresh look.

Sheer fabric is one of the biggest dress trends in 2023

Sheer fabric is one of the biggest fashion trends 2023

Sheer dresses are perhaps one of the biggest trends in 2023, as every fashion brand has introduced their own transparent dresses. We have a preference for the black and white models.

Blurred lines dominate fashion trends 2023

Blurred lines dominate fashion trends 2023

Ombré or tie-dye, call it what you will – the important thing is to invest in blurred, watercolored pieces that will undoubtedly dominate the market this year.

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Clothing trends 2023 – Bare shoulders.

Dress trends 2023 - Bare shoulders

Although they never really go out of fashion, it’s fair to say that off-the-shoulder necklines are not as prevalent as they were a few seasons ago. However, this is about to change, as one of the most elegant dress trends in 2023 is the look of cleavage.

Glittery dresses for spring

Glittery clothes for spring 2023

While glittery dresses make a comeback every party season, their shelf life has significantly extended as more designers than ever are showcasing embellished, sequined pieces for spring. The key to the freshness of this trend lies in the finish of the sequins – the more fluid the shine, the better.

Tube dresses channel the mood from the runway

Tube dresses channel the mood from the runway

The 90s aesthetic is still very popular, and tube dresses are something of a hero among 2023 dress trends. Look for styles that have almost no detailing to pick up the mood on the runway.