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Dresses for women with belly from 50: These models conceal excess kilos and conjure up slim figure

After menopause, the body changes. Yesterday you had a slim belly, today you can see alleged flab in the mirror. No need to panic – one or two extra kilos can easily be concealed with a few tricks. Instead of hiding in loose clothing, we appear confident and stylish – with these clothes for women with a belly over 50.

Dresses for women with a belly over 50: These cuts flatter the figure

wrap dresses from 50 wear belly conceal fashion

Whether festive, or yet suitable for everyday wear: every woman likes to wear dresses. They are versatile, can be spiced up at will with various accessories and can flatter the figure. We list several models that look particularly good. It is important that the dress also stretches and slims in general. The silhouette should also emphasize the shoulders and neckline. It is best to choose a model that has 3/4 or long sleeves, even if it is a festive occasion and it is celebrated in the restaurant.

What shoes go with what dress?

Matching shoes can flatter the figure and effectively complete the outfit. Boots and pumps go perfectly with midi and maxi dresses.

Shirt dresses with V-neck conceal the belly

Dresses belly conceal from 50 outfits

Shirt dresses are the key-peace of fall fashion. This is because they can be combined in different ways. Dresses with a V-neck draw attention away from the shoulder area. For maximum effect, you can wear a sweater with a stand-up collar in an accent color under the dress. It will also look elegant if you wear a scarf. Add to it a wide belt at the waist, which will emphasize it. At the bottom, the dress may fall loosely and gently hug the belly and hips. Tall women can opt for a midi length, small women are better to choose a knee-length model. Perfect with it – boots made of suede and a large handbag.

These maxi dresses for women over 50 make slim.

What to wear dress from 50 belly conceal scarf or leather jacket

Maxi dresses can also slim the figure, if they are styled correctly. The empire-line cut has ruffles or a waistband below the bust, which once again emphasize the shoulders and neckline.

Dresses belly conceal print patterns and belts and boots maxi dresses

You can also use other accessories to show off the waist more. A wide belt in accent color is best for this purpose. But a nice hat, sunglasses or jewelry can also distract and showcase the face or neckline.

A-line dresses for women with belly

Midi dresses A-line with patterns belly conceal from 50

A dress with A-line is the perfect variant to conjure up a slim silhouette. The garment is tighter at the top of the shoulders and waist, but conceals the belly and hips. Super stand knee-length models with 3/4 sleeves and a V-neck. As for the colors and patterns, there are no strict rules. Stripes, geometric patterns, everything is allowed and will look good. Together with boots the outfit looks very elegant, with boots – suitable for everyday wear.

Properly style belly hiding maxi dresses

black maxi dress and scarf belly conceal from 50

You can additionally style the maxi dress to cover the middle part of the body. A short leather jacket or a scarf will draw attention to the shoulders.  It is important that the jacket reaches the waist at most and emphasizes the body. The scarf can play around the abdominal area in the front and push the shoulders into the foreground. By the way, to maxi dresses in solid colors you can wear striking jewelry such as large earrings or necklaces with a beautiful pendant. What you should avoid at all costs is a long puffer jacket.

Belly flattering knit dresses from 50

Knit dresses belly conceal knee length with boots from 50

A knit dress can also look very good. Especially if it has a straight cut. However, make sure that the dress is not too loose. Because that can have the opposite effect of what you actually want to achieve: namely, the belly and hips look bigger or wider. Opt for plain models, preferably in neutral or dark colors. Boots are a perfect match for this. Ankle boots can have the opposite effect and visually shorten the legs. Therefore, ankle boots are best worn with maxi dresses.

Festive dresses for women with belly from 50

Party dresses from 50 belly conceal shirt dress

A coctail dress with a wide flared skirt is not only comfortable, but also a real slimming option. You can choose both a model with a print, and models in solid color. Add pumps and a small handbag or clutch – and the festive outfit is put together.

A small belly is by no means a reason why you should suddenly dress differently and do without figure-hugging clothes. The right model can accentuate the body. The color can also work wonders. It is best to choose either neutral or dark colors. They can be combined with various accessories. The dark shades can still cheat away a few kilos and visually stretch. You can also wear prints and patterns, as long as they are large. Geometric motifs, stripes and clear shapes look better than complicated floral motifs.