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Dopamine dressing as a fashion trend 2022 always provides a good mood: what exactly is behind it?

With a new year upon us and an April that finally feels a little more normal, there seems to be a sense of hope in the air. We dare to dream of better days ahead and after 2 years of pandemic, we could all use a little mood booster. The fact that our choice of outfits can influence and lift our mood has long been no secret. The fashion world has now also recognized this and quite a few designers have focused on bright colors and exciting patterns in their collections for the coming season. While most fashion trends focus on looking good, Dopamine Dressing as a 2022 fashion trend is all about feeling good and happy in our clothes. Do you also want to know how you could lift your mood with your outfits? Then read on to find out exactly how it works.

What is Dopamine Dressing as a fashion trend 2022?

Neon colors outfits spring Dopamine Dressing fashion trend 2022

We don’t know about you, but we’re already getting tired of dark winter outfits. Whether it’s playful dresses, skirts or cool baggy pants, spring 2022 fashion trends are more versatile than ever before and the extravagant styles are sure to put you in a good mood. Our outfits are probably the easiest way to improve our mood and this is exactly the principle behind dopamine dressing as a fashion trend.

Neon colors combine spring colors affect mood

First things first: What is dopamine? It is a hormone that is responsible for signal transmission between the nerve cells of the brain. When we feel happy, our brain releases dopamine and that’s why dopamine is still known as the happy hormone. Even a hug or a delicious snack can lift our mood. So why shouldn’t our outfit also provide a little dopamine rush? So dopamine dressing as a fashion trend 2022 means using fashion as a tool to improve our mood. There are no specific styling rules. All that matters is that you wear those colors and patterns that make you happy and drive away the bad feelings.

How do colors affect our mood?

Fashion trends spring summer 2022 what is Dopamine Dressing

We all know that colors have a great effect on our psyche and mood. It is not for nothing that color therapy has been used for centuries to treat various diseases. Back in 2012, 2 scientists studied the influence of clothing on psychological processes. The study participants were asked to put on a white coat. One half was told they were wearing a doctor’s coat and the other – a painter’s coat. The result was very surprising. The participants in the “doctor’s coat” showed significantly more self-confidence than the other group.

Colors and their effect Dopamine Dressing what is that

Thus, it was found that our clothes have a great influence on our own psyche. And not only that: if we feel comfortable in what we wear, other people also perceive us much more positively. Emotions and colors are strongly interrelated. Blue, for example, has a calming effect on the mind and body, while yellow tends to stand for optimism and joie de vivre. However, dopamine dressing is not just about the colors themselves, but about what feelings you associate with them. After all, each of us has at least one piece of clothing in our closet that comes into play immediately when we’re in a bad mood and quickly banishes it.

Dopamine Dressing fashion trend 2022 colors influence mood

As we said before, Dopamine Dressing as a fashion trend 2022 is all about wearing colors and patterns that make us happy. And what makes for a good mood after the long and dreary winter? Bright shades of color, of course! Colorful and bright hues as well as playful patterns feel wonderfully refreshing in the springtime and are true mood lifters. Designers have also recognized the positive effect of colors and rely on bright and radiant shades for their collections. Pink, purple, light green and sky blue are particularly popular this season.

Dopamine dressing fashion trend 2022 combine maxi dresses in spring

Dopamine dressing as a fashion trend comes as a direct result of the pandemic and the associated restrictions that we should live with. After spending the last 2 years in our sweatpants, the trend is a celebration of hope. But of course, this is always a bit subjective. Since everyone has different tastes, the trend can be interpreted in different ways. For some, for example, wearing black or gray might actually be more enjoyable than neon pink – and that’s because of our personal associations with certain hues. So how bright and colorful your outfit ends up being is up to you.

This is how dopamine dressing can be implemented as a fashion trend

Dopamine Dressing Fashion Trend 2022 Handbags Trends Spring

Okay, we’ve already explained the theory and the basic idea behind Dopamine Dressing as a fashion trend. But now you are wondering how you can implement the idea? Quite a few different ways! The best thing about the trend is that there are no specific styling rules. Absolutely anything you like is allowed. You are into subtle and simple looks and gaudy outfits are not for you?

Shoe trends spring summer what is Dopamine Dressing fashion trend 2022

Then you can, for example, with a colorful handbag or a scarf in playful patterns for a subtle color accent. Fancy and statement accessories add an exciting touch to even the plainest jeans outfit and are real eye-catchers.

Color blocking outfit ideas dopamine dressing fashion trend 2022

Do you love to experiment with your outfits and draw attention to yourself? Then you are in the best place with Dopamine Dressing as a fashion trend! Whether it’s cloth pants, skirts, pantsuits or cool blazers in eye-catching colors and patterns – the sky is the limit! So let your creativity run wild and wear what always makes you smile.

colors affect mood dopamine dressing fashion trend 2022

However, not only the color nuances are important for dopamine dressing. The cuts and fabrics also play a decisive role and can influence our mood. After all, styles and tastes are always different. While some prefer to wear pantsuits, others feel more comfortable in airy dresses or casual jeans.

Mini skirt combine with boots Dopamine Dressing fashion trend 2022