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Does fashion know an age limit? From this age you are too old for miniskirts, according to a survey

Is there an age limit to wearing short skirts, or are ladies allowed to show their legs at any age? A survey in the UK has looked at various questions about clothing for mature women, giving the age at which one is too old to wear a miniskirt.

A survey on age-appropriate fashion

Age appropriate fashion when is too old for certain clothes

The unofficial survey of 2,000 women says that a woman should cut off her long hair at 53 and stop wearing leggings at the ripe old age of 45. The survey was conducted by Diet Chef, a British diet meal delivery company, and while it is as unscientific as it gets, it purports to tell older women at what age they should stop doing various things associated with youth. Although the survey has no scientific recognition, it does reflect society’s views on older women and how they dress.

At what age is too old for short skirts?

At what age is a woman too old for mini skirt

The astonishing result says: from the age of 35, a woman should no longer wear a miniskirt or dress. So the short skirt length is supposed to be something only for the younger women. No way! Ultimately, everyone can decide for themselves when they no longer want to wear certain things. In our opinion: If you feel comfortable in a short leg dress, then wear it!

Wearing a mini skirt: these are the styling rules to watch out for.

Since everyone wants to look as good as possible, we’ll give you a few styling tips for the mini skirt.

So short is too short

If a woman sits down in her skirt and people across the room can see her underwear (or lack thereof), the skirt is too short. Also, if you bend over, you shouldn’t be able to see your underwear or butt, otherwise the skirt is too short. This sounds like common sense, however, we see this more often than we would like…not pretty.

Combine with the right top

Women with great legs who prefer skimpy skirts are allowed to wear them over 35 if they cover them up with a tailored blouse or a pretty oversized sweater. There’s nothing like a strapless top and a mini skirt to say, “I’m trying to look like I’m still 18,” especially if you’re over 40. If you bare one half, cover the other.

Dress the legs

Tights are a great way to add the finishing touch to a mini skirt, and there are so many great patterns and colors to choose from now. They draw attention away from bare legs and are a must if you want to wear a 40+ mini skirt.

Short but with style

Skirts with sheer or mesh bottoms are another great way to achieve the effect of a mini skirt, but at the same time provide a little more coverage.

Which shoe goes with it?

You should still pay attention to the height of the heels in relation to the length of the skirt. Stylish loafers , chunky heels and flat boots are all on trend and give shorter skirts a cool street style look.

Play it safe

To avoid worrying about the skirt length being too short, just choose skirts that don’t go higher than mid-thigh. Besides, there are so many gorgeous and pencil skirts and midi skirts available right now – and both look more sophisticated than mini skirts.