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Did you know why a bra has several rows of closures?

Most bras can be closed with three rows of eyelets at the back, some have only two. But why is that the case? One thing up front: it’s probably quite different than you think! Tikbow explains what the many extra hooks are really all about.

Anyone who wears bras knows the "problem": With two to four vertical rows of fasteners, tightening quickly becomes an annoying fiddly job. If we hook the fasteners in the wrong way, the garment quickly sits askew. In fact, the sophisticated fastener is not intended to improve the fit of the bra, but rather to ensure that the wearer can enjoy her lingerie for as long as possible.

Bra fabric expands over time

We know the phenomenon from jeans in particular: after a few washes and wears, the fabric gives way and falls much looser on the hips. It is not much different with the more delicate bustier fabric: fresh from the lingerie boutique it still sits tightly, for this phase the first closure row is intended. Once the material has stretched a bit, the bra should of course continue to sit well, then it is time for the second of the closure series. And if after a good year a woman still doesn’t want to part with her (possibly slightly stretched) lingerie piece, it will still fit perfectly when the third row of fasteners is applied.

Generally speaking, if you want to enjoy your clothes for a long time, you should regularly give them a long break. Only then will the delicate material have enough time to return to its original shape. Because – quite honestly – few things are as uncomfortable as an ill-fitting bra.