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Did you already know how to combine bike shorts in a cool way?

Two years ago they celebrated their fashion comeback, and since then they have held their own on every trend list for the summer: the bike shorts. Tikbow explains what makes the half-length leggings so stylish and how they are best combined in 2021.

In the 90s, the cycling shorts were omnipräsent – even royals like Lady Di rely on the elastic jersey sports shorts, which are ultimately nothing more than leggings that are too short. Afterwards, the cyclist was relegated to fashion exile for years, but has since been revived by fashion professionals – and is now worn more stylishly and versatilely than ever.

Which bike shorts are in style now?

Last year saw the sudden emergence of a whole host of wild bike shorts styles. Among them: leo prints, batiks, floral patterns and a shiny look. This year, however, the classics are prevailing, with plain-colored jersey leggings models very much in vogue. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the typical black, the trendy pants can also be khaki, beige or dark red. When it comes to length, there are no more experiments to be dared; the cycling shorts are classically thigh-length and end about a hand’s breadth above the knee.

How to wear the bike shorts?

The fact is that there are a number of fashion myths surrounding cycling shorts and leggings in general that urgently need to be dispelled. Firstly, leggings do not necessarily have to be covered with a long top, but they can be. Jersey pants have long since established themselves as a pants substitute. And secondly, leggings are not only something for slim women, every fashionista who feels like the trend should wear the gemütlichen jersey pants! Cycling pants are not only practical, but also quite stylish and above all one thing: extremely changeable.

Sporty look with bike shorts

Collage of women in bike shorts
With the bike shorts-shirt combo you’ll be cozy – and stylish from head to toe! Photo: Getty Images; Collage: Tikbow

The comeback of the cycling shorts is thanks to the athleisure trend. The focus is on sporty-looking pieces, comfort is a must! With their elastic jersey fabric, cycling shorts hit the mark – and can be styled accordingly in a casual way. With XXL sweat or T-shirt, tennis socks and sneakers you do guaranteed nothing wrong! For stylish accents can provide statement earrings, cateye sunglasses or but a cool it-bag.

Casual style

Collage of women with blouses
The bike shorts loosen up the otherwise strict blouse quite easyPhoto: Getty Images; Collage: Tikbow

Even though bike shorts are basically sports shorts, they don’t necessarily have to be styled in a sporty way – they can also be casual and go best with a long blouse and mules or floss sandals. It’s best to go for an oversized shirt blouse, leave the top 2-3 knees loose and knot the hair into a deep, undone chignon at the nape of the neck – the casual biker style is finished. If you like it even more casual, replace the fine footwear with chunky boots.

Edgy look with bike leggings

Collage of women with leather jacket
Leather jacket always goes – bike shorts as styling partner to it also!Photo: Getty Images; Collage: Tikbow

It becomes even cooler with a (cropped) top, XXL leather jacket and cool boots to the black shorts. In principle, only monochrome basics are combined with each other. This ensures that the particularly unexcited and simply mühelos stylish. The mix of materials and styles also ensures that the whole thing does not look too boring. So: For the next basic style with leather jacket just replace the skinny jeans with bike shorts – so you look guaranteed more trendy.

Chic style

Collage of women with bike shorts
When it comes to the blazer, it is best to go for a long model – so it’s particularly elegant.Photo: Getty Images; Collage: Tikbow

However, the favorite look of fashion professionals is definitely the elegant biker style with long blazer, fine footwear and optional waist beltürtel. The break in style between the elegant and sporty pieces gives the style that certain something and even makes the trendy trousers suitable for biking.