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Cut outs as a fashion trend 2022: So chic tops and dresses with cutouts can be styled in spring!

Airy maxi skirts as a fashion trend, chic dresses and bold hairstyles – barely the first 2 months of the year are over and already we can look forward to plenty of new and exciting trends. We don’t know about you, but we’re already getting tired of the long winter and can’t wait to finally show some more skin in spring. With the revival of 90s fashion, just another look from the past is making a big comeback. Beautifully playful, bold and yet super feminine – cut outs as a fashion trend 2022 have already taken our hearts and social media by storm. Whether in dresses, blouses, knit sweaters or even blazers – the sophisticated cutouts are simply everywhere and no longer imaginable from our closets. Ready for a little outfit update? Then stay with us and learn here how to best combine the trendy pieces!

Cut outs as a fashion trend 2022: What should you look for when styling?

Spring outfit ideas combine dresses with cut outs

You don’t have to be an avid fashion follower to realize that the "less-is-more look" is totally in this season. Once associated with wild club nights and rebellious teenagers, cut outs are back as a 2022 fashion trend and we couldn’t be happier. The playful cut outs adorn our dresses, shirts and sweaters, adding an exciting and edgy touch to even the simplest outfit. Numerous fashionistas and celebrities have already picked up the trend and show us again and again how easy cut outs are to combine – provided you follow a few rules.

wide fabric pants combine tops with cut outs fashion trend 2022

Would you like to try the 2022 Cut Outs fashion trend, but are a little unsure of the best way to incorporate them into your outfits? Here’s a little styling tip: think about the part of your body you’d most like to show off, and look for cut outs that highlight that area. Have you been working out hard all winter for your six pack? Then blouses and shirts with cut outs on the sides will do the trick. On the other hand, if you prefer to emphasize your shoulders, then of course it’s best to go for casual tops or romantic dresses.

Trend colors spring summer fashion trend 2022 Cut Outs

For cut outs as a fashion trend 2022, the following rule of thumb applies: less is more! The garments are striking enough in themselves and should be the focus of your outfit. So, in order to show off the fine cut outs, keep the rest of your look rather simple and subtle and leave a little to the imagination. Combined correctly, cut outs are a great way to emphasize our femininity without being too overbearing.

Dresses with cut outs are THE fashion trend in spring 2022

Mini dresses trend spring 2022 combine dresses with cut outs

Whether short, long, plain or with playful patterns – dresses are simply part of the warm season and the dress trends 2022 are as cool as never before. Our absolute favorite for the coming season? Dresses with cut outs of course! Super chic, bold and yet very elegant – the trendy parts have earned a permanent place in our closets.

Dresses trends spring summer fashion trend 2022 combine cut outs tips.

On the back, on the neckline or on the side in the area of the waist – the selection of dresses with cut outs is really huge and the trendy pieces are always a great eye-catcher. So if you want to show a little more skin in a stylish way, then you are in the best place with dresses with cut outs. And the best part? The garments work for any occasion and can be styled without much effort. Whether casual with sneakers in everyday life or with elegant high heels for the office – there are no limits to your imagination.

Combine dresses with cut outs fashion trends spring summer 2022

As far as colors are concerned, absolutely anything is possible. While bright neon colors immediately create a good mood, dresses in black or white look very classy and timeless. So that your outfit still looks high-quality, you should rather hold back with the accessories and of course – pay attention to the appropriate length of the dress.

Blouses and shirts with cutouts are en vogue

are cut outs in trend 2022 spring outfits ideas

The fashion trend 2022 cut outs will also adorn our blouses and shirts in the coming season. Especially asymmetrical cutouts or those above the chest make for an extremely exciting look and transform even the plainest jeans outfit into a real eye-catcher. The trendy tops are ideal for putting the focus on the exposed parts of the body without being too obtrusive.

Combine Oversizes Blazer Fashion Trend 2022 Cut Outs

And the most beautiful thing about the 2022 fashion trend? Tops with cut outs can be styled with absolutely any piece of clothing and for any occasion. Whether you want to spice up your weekend look with it or give the classic business outfit an exciting and modern touch – absolutely anything is possible!

Sweaters and cardigans with cut outs

Cut outs fashion trend 2022 jeans trends spring summer

Cut outs as a fashion trend 2022 are only for the warmer weather? Far from it! Even if you’re wearing something as cozy and warm as an oversized sweater or cardigan, the subtle cut outs on the shoulders or back will give your look that extra something.

Knit sweaters with cut outs fashion trend 2022 combine cut outs

Sometimes it’s the small details that have the biggest impact, and this rule undoubtedly applies to spring 2022 fashion. Knit sweaters and jackets look especially elegant when you combine them in a style break with wide pants or elegant mini skirts. Add to this chic high heels and your elegant outfit is ready. If you prefer it a little more casual, you can give your everyday look an exciting and modern touch with these chic pieces.

Blazers and trench coats with cut outs are on trend

Blazer with cut outs fashion trend 2022 trend colors spring summer 22

The latest iteration of the fashion trend comes in the form of a chic blazer or trench coat. Whether short, long, sporty, elegant or in an oversized look – blazers and trench coats in all imaginable variations are timeless classics that should not be missing from any closet.

Leather dress-combine-spring-dresses-with-cut-outs-fashion-trend-2022

Especially in the transitional weather, the garments are a great and chic alternative to the thick coats and jackets that we are tired of anyway. The fine cut outs on the sides or shoulders give the classic an exciting and super stylish touch.

Combine tops with cut outs fashion trend 2022 spring