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Comfortable, please! What really matters when it comes to bras

Above all, a bra should be comfortable and feel good and secure for its wearer – for many hours. Nevertheless, many women know the problem: The underwear part presses and pinches and constantly slips a strap over the shoulder. But what is the real reason for this and how can the wrong purchase best be avoided?

Ideally, it supports the breast, fits well and is comfortable to wear. However, the reality is often different. More than half of my patients wear a rather ill-fitting bra,” says gynecologist Friederike Hagemann from Munich in the November issue of Apotheken Umschau. In fact, it is not so easy to find the right bra size and the perfect cut.

Narrow straps, small cups

The problems are many and varied: straps that are too narrow and cut into the skin. Too small cups that cause the breasts to literally bulge out at the side or top. Or an ill-fitting underbust band that causes the bra to slip constantly.

What helps? In detail, there are three main aspects that are important when choosing a bra:

According to the report, the main part of the weight of the bra is borne by the underbust band. It should be neither too loose nor too tight. Ideally, it should run in an even line around the rib cage. If it is pulled up at the back or hangs loosely down, this is a sign that the bra does not fit properly.

2. it is unpleasant if the straps cut into the skin, and annoying if they slip down constantly. Neither should happen. Correct adjustment is important: breasts are often of different sizes, which is why the straps should be adjusted to fit them. For large breasts, the straps should be wider to provide better support. 3.

3. the following applies to the cups: if they are too small, the breast will be pushed out and the bump will cut in. Instead, the corsage should enclose the breast well, and the bumpers close off with the breasts. Tip: If the breasts are of different sizes, you should choose the bra with the larger cups. If the difference in size is very large, special inserts for the cups can compensate for this and thus also conceal the difference visually.

Bust size only provides limited information

The bra size indicates the underbust circumference and the bust size, for example 75A or 80C. However, from an expert’s point of view, it alone does not provide a reliable indication of whether a bra will fit well. It is based on simple length measurements, which do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the actual breast shape or volume,” says clothing engineer Simone Morlock in "Apotheken Umschau". That makes trying on and testing the bra all the more important.

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