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Combining white sneakers: Cool outfit tips for the warm season that ladies should definitely try out

When it gets warmer, ladies hardly expect to wear pretty spring outfits and enjoy the sun. There are a few must-have fashion trends in 2022, and among them are, of course, white sneakers. They have become more and more popular in recent years – both women and men wear them with all their clothes, because they are an incredibly versatile and comfortable footwear. We’ll show you some spring and summer styling tips on how to wear or combine white sneakers.

White sneakers and faux leather leggings.

Leather and faux leather pants and leggings are almost indistinguishable nowadays. And both types of fashion pants will enhance your look. However, if you want to wear them to a casual occasion, you should avoid high heels and put on comfortable white sneakers instead, because they are the perfect mix of chic fashion and casual attitude. And since brown leather pants are all the rage, score some points by switching from black to brown.

White sneakers with dress

Cool outfit - dress with white sneakers

If you are an avid sneaker wearer and can’t bear to trade them for uncomfortable shoes, you need to know how to wear them with dresses. Everyday dresses will soon be seen in fashion stores, because they were a real hit last year and continue to be a comfortable trend for summer.

White sneakers with dress - Trend für den Sommer

We love our skinny jeans, but this year we are encouraged to add a whole new set of fashion ideas to our closet. And sneakers look so cool with a summer dress, which might look a little formal with high-heeled shoes.

The famous little black dress invented by Coco Chanel has always been a must-have in every woman’s closet. You can also feel free to combine it with white sneakers and go to a party.

Ripped jeans with wide leg

Wide leg jeans and white sneakers - fashion trends 2022

Wide leg jeans are a great new trend for this season, so you need to know exactly what shoes will give you the full fashion look. Here, you can best combine white sneakers with ripped wide leg jeans. If you are tall, flat sneakers are right for you. If you are short, you definitely need more height with wide leg jeans to compensate for the extra width.

Ripped jeans and white sneakers - a fashion trend

So, you will look best with white platform sneakers. They go with all shades of blue and look chic but casual, which is the right look for most wide leg jeans. And the same goes for the other cuts of jeans. Whether you wear regular fit jeans, skinny jeans or straight leg jeans, you can always put on your favorite white sneakers. Maybe buy some new sneakers with platform soles if you don’t have any.

Combination: white sneakers + shorts

White sneakers with shorts - comfortable and stylish - summer 2022

In the summer months, you can’t go wrong by pairing white sneakers with short shorts and a short t-shirt. This trend is simple and fashionable. Dressed like this, you’ll feel comfortable and feel free to ride your bike to meet up with friends.

White sneakers & gray plaid coat

White sneakers and gray plaid coat

Plaid jackets and shirts are front and center in this year’s trend. And a black and white plaid blazer always looks great with a white top, a black pencil skirt and white sneakers. The main colors of plaid are soft gray and soft tan, which have a chic look that you can keep casual yet elegant with white leather sneakers.

Back to the nineties

Back to the 90s - jeans, crop top and white sneakers.

The nineties are back – flared jeans, a crop top with puff sleeves and white sneakers. We’re talking about a simple, youthful look with three pieces of clothing. You can still add to it by tying your sweatshirt easily around your waist. No sandal or shoe looks as good as white sneakers for a casual spring or summer look.

Long cardigans & coats

Long cardigans and coats with white sneakers - a must in spring.

The summer weather is still waiting. Therefore, the trend of camel, tan and khaki cardigans so thick that they can be worn as coats. If you choose a light color, you can wear this practical, comfortable garment all year round with white sneakers as a contrast to your dark jeans or pants.

White sneakers with suit

Outfit in the office - sneakers with suit

This is the ultimate expression for wearing sneakers. Those who work in the office know exactly how stylish and comfortable this combination is, that’s probably why they often reach for this type of clothing. To feel comfortable, combine your suit with white sneakers. It is also worth mentioning that it can be wise to buy white sneakers because they will add another contrast to dark suits. You don’t have to worry about looking too dapper or too bland because of this contrast: They’re perfect.

Essential shirt dresses

Shirt dress with sneakers - stylish and modern

A casual shirt dress, plain or printed, combined with nice white sneakers will give your look a unique style.

Loungewear, sportswear and more

Sweatpants, sweatshirt and white sneakers - outfit trends.

Matching loungewear can make your life much easier. Currently, many ladies are obsessed with sweatpants, to which there is a matching top that you can buy separately. At the moment, the combination of loungewear with white sneakers is very popular, plus it looks elegant and fashionable.

Combine comfortable loungewear and sports suits with white sneakers