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Combining oversize sweaters: How to style the cozy knitwear for trendy winter outfits 2023?

Even though the low temperatures can sometimes take away our momentum, you have to admit that your winter wardrobe can capture your personality. You love the puffer jacket, boots, gloves and a thick scarf, but when it’s cold outside, one of the first things you think of is a warm, cozy sweater. If you are a fan of knitwear, then the next post is dedicated to you. Below we will introduce you how to combine the oversize sweater. This trendy knitwear is a must-have for all fashionistas who dream of unique winter looks.

Winter outfit 2023: Combine oversize sweater

How to style an oversized sweater

A cozy sweater is a staple in every closet. Although it is a casual and relaxed garment suitable for most seasons, you can easily spice it up with other garments for a chic ensemble. Let’s talk about the trends for winter 2023, what fashion houses and brands are focusing on this season.

Styling plus size striped sweaters

You can style a striped oversize sweater with leather pants or jeans

Undoubtedly, each of us owns a horizontal or vertical striped sweater. The advantage of it is that it is so easy to style because it is a statement piece in itself. For an everyday look, oversized knit sweaters with zippers and your favorite jeans are also great. Stripes make us look taller when they run vertically, so no heels are necessary. Just put on a pair of sneakers and you’re good to go. On the other hand, pairing them with flat ankle boots can make the outfit even more elegant.

Combine oversize sweater with leggings

Pair an oversize sweater with leggings for an everyday look

Well-styled leggings can be both cozy and classy. A longer sweater can be worn with high waisted leggings and thick socks for the ultimate casual look. Faux leather leggings, on the other hand, add a fancy twist to your knitwear piece or create an eye-catching contrast with feminine details like ruffles.

Style the oversized sweater with a leather skirt

Pair an oversize sweater with a leather skirt for winter 2023

Pair your comfy sweater with a leather skirt of your choice: midi, mini or knee-length. Usually it’s a black skirt because black looks perfect with any other color, but if you want, you can welcome the season with a burgundy, olive green or gray skirt. The design and look of the skirt is up to you – any oversized sweater will look great with it. Add boots and gloves for a feminine and sophisticated look.

Trendy outfit with maxi dress and sweater

For an elegant look, style a dress with an oversized sweater

The dramatic proportions of a chunky knit sweater and a floor-length dress instantly look high fashion. This combination is very popular in winter because it covers the whole body and you can easily hide extra layers underneath. For a layered look in winter, simply throw on a cozy oversize sweater over your favorite dress, lace up your jump boots, and you have the ultimate everyday uniform.

Turn the oversize sweater into a dress

Turn the oversized sweater into a dress

If your oversized sweater is long enough, turn it into a sweater dress by shaping the waist with a wide belt, then pull part of the fabric up so that it slightly overhangs the belt. Complete the ensemble with opaque tights and leather over-the-knee boots. If you like, you can omit the belt for a more comfortable combination.

Classic outfit with trousers and knitted sweater.

A classic combination is to combine the oversize sweater with pants

Balance out the baggy shape of your chunky sweaters with a pair of dressy pants. Suit pants, tuxedo pants and wide leg pants add structure to an oversize sweater outfit.

Combine an oversize sweater with denim

Simple and comfortable outfit with jeans and oversized sweater

The easiest way to style an oversize sweater is to pair it with your favorite jeans and sneakers. Need something a little more simple? Try crisp white and blue denim – a combination we wear over and over again, but never get tired of. Especially when it’s an oversized sweater and a pair of comfy jeans.

Tuck your sweater into a pair of slim-fit boyfriend jeans or straight-leg distressed jeans for a comfortable look that’s just about tailored. Large sweaters also pair perfectly with skinny jeans. Wear an oversized turtleneck sweater loosely over mid-rise skinny jeans and complete the look with ankle boots or platform boots.

Dress it up with a tulle skirt

Fashionable outfit with oversized sweater, tulle skirt and bright sneakers

Sometimes it’s best to just let an oversized sweater be. However, give the look some purpose by adding dimension with a breezy tulle skirt. The pieces will balance each other out.

Add a scarf or jewelry

Pair an oversize sweater with a scarf or piece of jewelry

To jazz up your oversized sweater, add a scarf or jewelry. The right accessories, especially an eye-catching necklace or bangle, can dress up a comfortable, baggy sweater. Pair a long cashmere turtleneck sweater with a long necklace that features a unique locket. Accentuate the neck of a cable knit sweater with a jeweled bib necklace to add a touch of luxury to this classic preppy style.