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Combine the fashion trend bomber jacket: This is how cool and chic the trend jackets are styled in fall 2022!

It’s quite chilly in the morning and then 20 degrees at noon – choosing the right outfit can be a real challenge in autumn. We love the golden season and all the new fashion trends, but we’re also tired of standing in front of the closet in despair. Do you feel the same way? Especially in transitional weather, when it’s still too warm for the thick coat, light jackets become our most faithful companions in everyday life. With an elegant blazer or a timeless trench coat we are always in the best hands, but sometimes we just prefer it a little more casual and relaxed. And this is where the bomber jacket comes in as the latest fashion trend for fall 2022! The retro classic from the 90s is totally hip again and it’s hard to imagine our hearts and closets without it. Would you also like to bring some fresh wind into your looks? Then stay with us and learn here how to combine the bomber jacket this season.

The bomber jacket as a fashion trend in autumn 2022

Combine dress with sweater are bomber jackets 2022 trend

Once intended for the US military, the bomber jacket as a fashion trend has become a timeless classic. Whether it’s baggy jeans , crop tops or leggings, the fashion world is an eternal cycle and numerous looks from the past have been brought back to life this year. The casual bomber jackets have already shaped the 90s fashion and are now back in style for this season thanks to numerous designers, such as Versace, Prada and Stella McCartney. Celebrities have also adopted the trend and are wearing their bomber jackets in every imaginable combination and for every occasion. So consider this your official green light to get at least one model.

What makes trendy jackets stand out?

Cropped bomber jacket fashion trend fall 2022 jeans trends women

As mentioned earlier, bomber jackets were part of the standard equipment for the US military until the early 80s. But slowly but surely, the jackets have found their way into the fashion world and established themselves as an absolute fashion classic. The tops are characterized by a rather casual cut with elastic waist and arm cuffs and a low stand-up collar. To keep us warm, some models are even equipped with a lining. Classic aviator jackets usually come in muted colors like khaki and are made of nylon.

Jeans and bomber jacket combine in everyday life transitional jackets trends fall 2022

Although the usual version remains popular, the bomber jacket has received a major update as a 2022 fashion trend and can be found in every design imaginable. Sometimes made of leather, denim, in muted nude shades, bright trendy colors or with numerous knits and applications – the trendy pieces leave nothing to be desired and there is guaranteed to be something for every taste and style. Oversized bomber jackets are also very much on the rise and are the epitome of casualness and comfort.

Combine the fashion trend bomber jacket for everyday life

Fashion trend bomber jacket combine in everyday life jeans trends autumn 2022

Probably the easiest way to combine a bomber jacket? With our favorite jeans, of course! The transitional jackets look rather casual and masculine and therefore perfectly match sporty everyday looks. Whether skinny jeans, baggy jeans or in boyfriend look – everything is allowed what one likes. Add a cool shirt or sweater, sneakers and voilà – your casual yet modern outfit is ready.

Cargo jeans and bomber jacket combine pants trends fall winter 2022

Cargo jeans have also landed on our trend radar again this year and can be wonderfully combined with bomber jackets. The cult pants from the 90s additionally underline the relaxed and casual charm of the flight jackets and the result is an ultra cool retro look that immediately catches the eye. And when it comes to shoes, you’re literally spoiled for choice. While chunky sneakers are the logical choice for everyday wear, elegant high heels make for an exciting style break.

With mini skirt and boots

Fashion trend bomber jacket combine with mini skirt fall trends 2022

When it comes to styling, bomber jackets are real all-rounders and don’t just go perfectly with jeans.  This year, it’s all about experimenting and the sporty jackets look especially good in a style break with feminine pieces. How about combining a mini skirt with a bomber jacket, for example? The good old mini is “in” again and is celebrated as THE skirt trend in fall 2022. The mix of the sporty feel of trendy jackets and the Y2K vibe of skirts makes for a really fresh and modern outfit choice. Chic boots in bright orange round out the ensemble perfectly. The trend combo of bomber jacket and mini skirt or even shorts was spotted at this year’s Dior collection and we have to admit that we are absolutely obsessed with it.

Combining the bomber jacket fashion trend for the office?

Fashion trend bomber jacket combine with dress jackets trends fall 2022

Combining the fashion trend bomber jacket for the office? Why not? The transitional jacket is characterized by its casual character, but that’s exactly what we’re going to turn to our advantage. The style break looks especially exciting if you combine a dress with sweater and wear your new bomber jacket over it. As long as the dress code at your company allows it, you can make the otherwise strict (and sometimes boring) pantsuit much more interesting and modern with a bomber jacket.

fashion trend bomber jacket combine elegant culottes trend fall 2022

To achieve an office-appropriate look, you’d better keep it simple in terms of colors. Bomber jackets in black or muted shades of nude look classy and chic at the same time, making them the perfect choice for a modern business outfit in fall. Satin bomber jackets are also very much on the rise this year and can be wonderfully combined with classic black pants.

Bomber jackets with prints as a great eye-catcher

which jeans are in 2022 fashion trend bomber jacket combine casually

Bomber jackets as a fashion trend in the fall of 2022 have received a really refreshing update and come in the most diverse variants. The absolute favorite of all fashionistas? Bomber jackets in bright colors or with prints and embellishments! The statement pieces turn even the simplest jeans outfit into a cool eye-catcher and ensure a lot of good mood in the gloomy autumn weather.

Oversized bomber jacket trend 2022 pencil skirt combine with boots

And the best part? DIY enthusiasts can easily decorate your old, plain bomber jacket themselves with different patches and embroideries. This way, you’ll be sure to wear a unique one-of-a-kind piece.

Oversized bomber jackets are in trend

Bomber jacket combine with jeans jackets trends 2022

Can it be even more casual? Super comfortable and still a real eye-catcher – oversized bomber jackets are THE fashion trend par excellence in fall 2022. The extra wide and long tops have already conquered our hearts and closets and score with an extraordinary cool factor.

Tulle skirt combine fall jackets trends winter 2022

Again, you can choose between plain models or go colorful with eye-catching prints. To emphasize the casual style, jeans and sneakers are best combined with oversized bomber jackets. To create a small but subtle style break, you can also style tulle skirts or heeled boots with it.

How to combine the fashion trend bomber jacket

black leggings combine bomber jacket fashion trend fall 2022

Military jackets are available in all kinds of colors and designs

combine skirt with bomber jacket jackets trends fall 2022

Oversized bomber jacket with fabric pants and boots for fall

how to combine a bomber jacket elegant fall fashion 2022 women

The bomber jacket can also be combined with a pencil skirt

Pencil skirt and bomber jacket combine jackets trends fall 2022

Style breaks are back in vogue this fall

how to combine leather pants elegant are bomber jackets trend 2022

Combine leather bomber jackets with jeans for a casual look

Leather bomber jacket fashion trend fall 2022 straight leg jeans combine