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Combine oversize blazers: This is how chic the trendy pieces can be styled!

With spring just around the corner, it’s slowly time to stow our thick coats deep in the closet. From patchwork jeans to Mary Janes shoes, the fashion world has brought back to life some cult garments from the 90s this year. While tailored clothing like skinny jeans and figure-hugging dresses are here to stay, the motto for the upcoming season is “the bigger, the better.” Oversized sweaters, pants and suits – the oversized outfit is all the rage among all fashionistas and celebrities and for good reason. Incredibly chic and supremely comfortable – if you want to stay on trend this year, feel free to buy one size bigger. And the same goes for the good old classic – the blazer. It’s an incredibly versatile fashion item that can be wonderfully adapted to any style and worn for any occasion. Whether casual for a relaxed stroll around town or more elegant for the office – in today’s article we’ll explain how to combine an oversize blazer to create great looks.

Oversize Blazer kombinieren Trendfarben 2021

After a winter where cozy teddy coats and candy-colored pastel outfits have taken over our closets, it’s hard to imagine that a blazer can add the same spark to our look. Once frowned upon as frumpy and boring, the blazer has been a closet staple for the past few years and almost everyone has at least one version in their closet. But for spring 2021, the traditional fitted blazer can take a step back, as the oversized blazer is the new favorite of all fashion-conscious women. Fashion designers like Jacquemus, Prada, Gucci and Moschino have embraced the trend and styled it with long, airy dresses, biker shorts and fine fabric pants.

Combining oversize blazers for an elegant look

Oversize Blazer kombinieren Oversized Outfit Modetrend

More and more fashion trends for women are taking inspiration from men’s fashion lately and this is also the case with the oversize blazer. The union of female and male fashion suggests gender equality and we must admit – it looks surprisingly good. You thought that plaid blazer or shirt of your sweetheart was great? Well now you may borrow anything you like from his wardrobe and that would be perfectly fine! The men’s silhouette can easily be given a feminine twist, and some of our favorite street style stars show us how easy it actually is. Whether you wear a pleated skirt with it or even your comfiest sweatpants, there are countless ways to pair an oversized blazer and always look great in it.

Schuhtrends Frühjahr 2021 Ugly Sneakers mit Kleid kombinieren

However, if you want to look stunning in an oversized blazer, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. To avoid looking like you’re swimming in fabric, keep the rest of your outfit rather tight and simple. It can be a shirt, a t-shirt, a dress or jeans – the combination will provide an even look and make our figure a little more feminine. Do you love to stand out with your outfits and attract attention? That’s okay too, because the truth is that the oversized blazer gives you the flexibility to experiment as much as you like.

The classic: combine oversize blazer with jeans for everyday wear

Jeans Trends 2021 Oversize Blazer kombinieren

A blazer should only be suitable for the office? Well not anymore! Because the new oversize blazer also looks pretty good with a t-shirt and mom jeans and is ideal for a comfortable and chic everyday look. For a more harmonious outfit and to give your figure a little more shape, skinny jeans can also be wonderfully combined with long blazers. Whether with sneakers or rugged combat boots – as far as the choice of shoes is concerned, anything you like is allowed. Ankle boots with a small heel or high heels, on the other hand, add the necessary feminine elegance to the look and as a plus, they make your legs look visually longer and slimmer.

Keep things more interesting by wearing the long blazer as a dress

Oversize Blazer als Kleid tragen Modetrends Frühjahr 2021

Wearing oversized blazer as a dress? This may seem a little weird at first, but the look is much easier than you think. It will take some courage at first, but believe us – once you dare to go out with this outfit, you will surely not regret it! Wear with elegant high heels for a wild girls’ night out or with sneakers for a lazy Saturday afternoon – either way you will look stunning.

Combine oversize blazer for the office

Business Outfits Frühling Modetrend 2021 Oversize Blazer kombinieren

Wearing blazers for the office – now this comes as a big surprise, doesn’t it? If you are getting tired of your classic business outfits and pantsuits, then you can combine suit pants with a matching oversize blazer for a change. For a chic, sophisticated and a little more casual look, roll up the sleeves of the blazer. It’s a pretty simple trick to add a modern touch to the whole ensemble and spice things up a bit. Add a classy leather bag in a bright color as an accent and you’re ready to rock meetings at the office!

The leather look is one of the biggest fashion trends of 2021

Oversize Blazer kombinieren Shorts Frühling Outfits Inspirationen

A little faux leather never hurt anyone and the complete leather look is all the rage for this year. Who said leather was only for fall or winter? A polished oversize leather blazer can work just as well in spring and is perfect for those days when it’s neither too cold, nor too warm and you have no idea what to wear.

Combining oversize blazer: An overview of the most beautiful looks to style!

weißer Blazer kombinieren Modetrends 2021 Oversized Outfit

With a waist belt you give the outfit a little more structure and definition

Stoffhose mit Oversize Blazer kombinieren Business Outfits Frühling

You can also combine an oversize blazer with the popular cullottes

Oversize Blazer kombinieren Modetrend 2021

Play with lengths and wear a shorter skirt with it

Modetrends Frühjahr 2021 Oversize Blazer kombinieren

Add a polished finish to your outfit with a long blazer

Oversize Blazer kombinieren Midirock Outfits für den Frühling

These trendy pieces are a pretty easy way to spice up any outfit

Kleid mit Oversize Blazer kombinieren Modetrends 2021

Chic with a touch of casual: wear the oversize blazer with a waist belt

Modetrend 2021 Oversize Blazer kombinieren

Pair with skinny jeans and a plaid shirt for the ultimate everyday look in a snap

Karohemd Outfits Modetrend 2021 Oversize Blazer kombinieren

The monochrome look remains in style and looks incredibly polished and elegant

Business Outfit Ideen Frühling Modetrends 2021 Oversize Blazer kombinieren