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Combine Marlene pants: The most beautiful looks and styling tips for the perfect spring outfit!

Hand on heart: when did you last wear your favorite jeans? This week or yesterday? Skinny jeans, patchwork jeans or straight leg jeans – jeans are a timeless classic and we just can’t get enough of them! But sometimes we need something new and this year’s pants trends are a great way to bring some fresh air into our outfits. Elegant, casual and a real figure flatterer – Marlene pants have recently appeared on the radar of all fashionistas and fashion designers and have become an absolute basic. Whether they are made of velvet, satin, in bright colors or classically in black or white – the wide pants come in a wide variety of versions and there is certainly the right model for every taste! If you are also longing for some variety, then you are absolutely right with us! Because in today’s article we will show you how to combine Marlene pants and create great looks with them!

What is a pair of Marlene pants?

Frühlingsoutfit Ideen Marlene Hose kombinieren

The typical Marlene trousers are characterized by a high waist, a pleat as well as wide cut legs. The wide cut usually starts at the thighs and runs out to the ankles. Unlike the culotte, Marlene pants end at least below the ankle and ideally just a few inches off the ground. A little known fact is that the name “Marlene pants” goes back to the German actress Marlene Dietrich, who caused quite a stir in the 1930s with her flamboyance and preference for male pantsuits. Until then, the wide-cut pants were reserved only for the gentlemen of creation, but this has changed over time and Marlene pants have become a true symbol of emancipation. Today, the wide pants are celebrating a big comeback and can now be found in all kinds of fabrics, colors and variations.

Who can wear Marlene pants?

weite Stoffhose Outfit Ideen Marlene Hose kombinieren

And now the good news! Contrary to what is assumed, every woman can actually combine Marlene pants and conjure up great outfits with them! The wide cut and the high waist are real figure flatterers and can easily conceal small problem areas. However, you should pay attention to some styling tips when buying. It is important that the pants sit wide and are really tight at the waist. The length also plays a crucial role – they should end just above the floor and almost completely cover the shoes. However, if the Marlene pants are too long, you can quickly get lost in them and too short models make us look a bit outgrown. Depending on whether you want to style Marlene pants casually or elegantly, we recommend that you try them on right away with matching shoes – this is the only way to see if the length is right. To avoid a shapeless look and emphasize your waist, it’s best to wear shorter tops with them.

What shoes can you wear with them?

Marlene Hose kombinieren Modetrends Frühling Sommer 2021

Although Marlene pants used to be worn mainly with high heels, the choice of matching shoes is entirely up to you. More and more fashionistas are also turning to flat shoes, such as sneakers or combat boots, and have thus made the wide pants absolutely suitable for everyday wear. So whether you combine flat or high shoes with Marlene pants depends first and foremost on your own taste and the occasion. Sneakers look incredibly cool and result in a chic style break with the otherwise elegant pants. High heels, on the other hand, look rather feminine and also make the legs appear visually even longer.

Combine Marlene pants for everyday life

Marlene Hose kombinieren Stoffhose Outfits Frühling

As is so often the case with new fashion trends, we would love to wear our new pants around the clock. Fortunately, this is also not a problem, because the Marlene pants are a real all-rounder and can be styled wonderfully for any occasion. Whether for lunch, for a little shopping tour or the weekend – the classic simply always goes. Especially cool and casual looks the wide pants with sneakers or mules. Add a cool crop top or a tight t-shirt and you have the perfect spring outfit! If it is a little cooler outside, of course, a chic leather jacket or a denim jacket may not be missing. A playful blouse also looks stunning with sneakers and adds an elegant touch to the look. If you like to experiment with your outfits, you can also combine wide tops with Marlene pants, emphasizing your waist with a belt.

Combine the Marlene trousers elegantly

Marlene Hose kombinieren Hosentrends Damen Frühjahr 2021

Elegant and timeless, Marlene pants are a real eye-catcher. The flowing cut adds a modern touch to even the simplest outfit, creating a really cool look even with a basic shirt. This classic piece is a testament to style and can therefore be styled perfectly for the office as well as for a formal dinner. It can easily keep up with the usual pencil skirts and cloth pants and is a chic alternative of the otherwise boring pantsuit.

Marlene Hose kombinieren weite Stoffhose Modetrends 2021

Plain Marlene pants can be wonderfully combined with a beautiful shirt blouse made of satin. Long blouses that are tucked into the front waistband also look very feminine. For winter or cooler autumn days, fashionistas reach for high-quality turtlenecks made of cashmere. A fancy belt accentuates the waist and adds the finishing touch to the outfit. The perfect complement to an elegant business outfit are of course high shoes and the choice can vary from ankle boots to high heels or platform sandals depending on the season.

Combine Marlene pants: The most beautiful looks for re-styling

Business Outfit für Frühling Marlene Hose kombinieren

A matching blazer rounds off the business look perfectly

Business Outfit Frauen Marlene Hose kombinieren

White Marlene trousers feel very refreshing and elegant

Frühlingsoutfit Frauen Bilder wie Marlene Hose kombinieren

High heels make the legs appear visually longer and are therefore the best possible choice for smaller women

Hosentrends Damen 2021 Marlene Hose kombinieren

The stars also love the wide leg pants and give us lots of inspiration for cool outfits

Lady Gaga Outfits Marlene Hose kombinieren

Or how about combining an oversized blazer with Marlene pants?

Marlene Hose kombinieren Oversized Blazer Outfit Ideen

The wide cut pants can be worn for any occasion

Oversized Blazer Outfit Ideen Marlene Hose kombinieren

Crop tops are on trend and provide the ultimate everyday look

Outfit Ideen Frühling Sommer 2021 Marlene Hose kombinieren

Combine a shirt blouse and Marlene pants for an elegant business outfit

schwarze Hose Outfit Ideen Marlene Hose kombinieren

White from head to toe is one of the biggest fashion trends of the year

weiße Hose Outfits für Frühling Marlene Hose kombinieren

An elegant belt accentuates your waist and completes the outfit perfectly

weiße Hose Outfits Frühling Marlene Hose kombinieren

Off-the-shoulder crop tops can also be perfectly combined with Marlene pants

Trendfarben Frühjahr 2021 Marlene Hose kombinieren

A patterned shirt will give your outfit a refreshing and modern touch

wie Marlene Hose kombinieren Hosentrends Frühjahr 2021