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Combine knitted skirt: With these winter outfits 2022 you are guaranteed to stay on trend!

Autumn and winter are cuddle time and knitwear is always a good choice for the cold winter months. The cozy fabric is a real perennial favorite and no longer comes only as classic sweaters or cardigans. Our dresses, pants and even leggings are also knitted from wool this year and have become our most loyal everyday companions. 2022 is almost over, but the fashion world never stops surprising us. We don’t know about you, but we’re already getting tired of our jeans and are in the mood for something different. There is simply nothing better than finding a trend that is not super stylish, but also wonderfully comfortable. And that’s exactly the case with knit skirts in winter 2022. Sometimes short, in midi length, casual or elegant for the office – the chic pieces have already taken our closets and hearts by storm. Ready for a little shopping tour? Then read on and learn here how to combine a knit skirt and create great winter outfits with it!

Combine knitted skirt for everyday life

Winter accessories trends combine boots and knit skirt

Mini, midi, maxi, made of leather, denim and co. – skirts are very much in vogue this year and are real multi-talents when it comes to styling. Whether casual for everyday or elegant for the office or a classy dinner – we can’t go wrong with a skirt. But as soon as the temperatures drop outside, we can’t wait to put on our cozy sweaters and cardigans.

Knit skirt combine winter 2022 trend colors 2023

There’s no shortage of cool fashion trends this year, guaranteed, and these winter outfits for 2022 are really fun. The jeans-sweater combo is always a good option, but it gets pretty boring in the long run. How about pairing your favorite sweater with a knitted skirt for a change?

Combine oversized sweater with knitted skirt

how to combine skirt with sweater knitted skirts trends winter outfits 2022

The knitted skirt is a super changeable basic and can be styled quite differently depending on your mood. Especially fine knit sweaters or cardigans complement the trendy pieces perfectly and provide an elegant and comfortable outfit that keeps us nice and warm on the cold days. It doesn’t always have to be black – knit skirts in light colors, such as beige, nude or even white, are totally trendy and always put us in a good mood.

wear white sneakers in winter combine knitted sweater with knitted skirt

Numerous fashion influencers and it-girls show us how chic a sweater can be combined with a knitted skirt. Our absolute favorite look this year? Close-fitting knit skirts and oversize sweaters or XXL cardigans! The combination looks super exciting and the oversized tops give the otherwise feminine skirt a more casual touch. To avoid looking like a couch potato, wear preferably knee-high boots or ankle boots with heels with it and tuck the sweater into the waistband of the skirt in the front.

With cropped sweater for an elegant look

Knit skirt with slit fashion trend winter outfits 2022

You prefer it a little more elegant? We have the perfect solution for you too! Short cropped sweaters are very trendy this year and can be combined just as wonderfully with a knitted skirt. The tops are ideal to emphasize your waist and to set the scene in a restrained way. The winter outfit looks especially classy if you stay in one color family. Which shoes you wear with the skirt in winter or fall depends on the occasion and your own taste. With rough boots or sneakers, we create a relaxed and comfortable everyday outfit in no time. However, if we want to wear the knit skirt to the office, then we are in the best place with high heels or heel boots. A chic coat and a classy handbag complete the look perfectly. Add a warm scarf and a hat and you have the perfect winter outfit for 2022, guaranteed to attract all eyes.

The knitted skirt for an elegant business outfit in winter

Knit skirt combine winter outfits 2022 style skirt with sweater

We all know the problem – finding a chic and at the same time serious business outfit is very difficult at any time of the year, but it becomes a real challenge during the cold winter months. Do you also have the feeling that you always reach for the same pants and the same dress? Or you are simply tired of the classic pantsuit already? How about wearing a knit skirt for a change?

Victoria Beckham outfits knit skirt combine

The trendy pieces exude a unique elegance and feel wonderfully refreshing and modern. Perfect for this are tight-fitting pencil skirts in midi skirts. Depending on what your office dress code is, you can either wear a feminine shirt blouse or even a sweater with it. Or why not play with style breaks and wear a sweatshirt with a shirt blouse underneath? The winter outfit is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd and still look grown-up and serious.

Co-ord sets for stylish winter 2022 outfits.

which boots combine with knitted skirt leather boots with skirt winter outfits 2022

Wearing knitwear from head to toe? We say yes! Co-ord sets are all the rage this year and always make for an effortless and elegant winter outfit. These are coordinated two-piece sets of clothes that are not only the same color, but also made of the same material. Whether you want to combine knit pants or a knit skirt, co-ord sets always make the perfect match and are a refreshing alternative of the classic pantsuits or dresses.

Fashion trends 2022 knit skirt combine winter outfits 2022

Keep it classic in beige or black, or be bold and experiment with a wide variety of prints and bright colors. With co-ords, the sky is the limit and winter 2022 outfits directly lift our spirits.

Co-Ord sets fashion trend winter 2022 knit skirt combine

The fashion trend is perfect for those who don’t feel like standing in front of the closet for hours, but still want to look stylish. And if at some point you get bored with the set, you can wear the pieces with other clothes and combine, for example, the skirt with sweater .

What shoes to combine with knitted skirt?

Winter outfits 2022 what shoes to combine with knit skirt everyday life

Actually, there are no shoes that you can not combine with knitted skirts. What kind of shoes you choose depends first of all on the occasion and your own style. Do you like it more elegant or more casual? For a romantic dinner or for the office, shoes with heels, such as boots, ankle boots or pumps, are always the right choice.

Combine knit skirt in winter fashion trends 2023

For those who would rather wear the knitted skirt for a casual walk or brunch, a sporty and modern combination with rough boots or sneakers will score. Over-the-knee boots are also a great way to make a statement with our winter 2022 outfits and combine wonderfully with the knit skirt.

Fashion trends winter 2022 how to combine mini knit skirt