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Combine dress with sweater: The most beautiful outfit ideas and styling inspirations for a trendy and chic fall look!

Hello autumn, hello cuddle time! It’s almost October, which means that soon we can finally dig out our cozy sweaters from the closet! Of course, we love our breezy skirts and shorts in bright colors, but the cooler season already has a lot to offer in terms of fashion. However, even though the fall 2022 fashion trends are incredibly exciting, we somehow feel like we’re wearing the same clothes over and over again. Blazer and jeans are always a winner, no doubt, but the combo gets really boring in the long run. If you agree with us and want some variety, then you should definitely read on! How about pairing a dress with a sweater this fall? Sometimes casual for a chic everyday look or a little more elegant for the office – with these outfits you are guaranteed to get through the colder months in style and fashion!

Combine dress with sweater: What should you look for when styling?

Knit dresses fashion trend fall 2022 how to combine dress with oversized sweater

Casual baggy jeans or even leggings as a fashion trend – fall fashion 2022 is anything but boring and fulfills all fashion desires. Can we combine dress and sweater in autumn? The answer is a resounding “yes”! Just because the temperatures outside are dropping, it doesn’t mean we have to give up our favorite pieces. In fact, the trendy combo is a great way to wear our summer dresses in the fall and winter. The best part is that you don’t have to stick to one particular dress or sweater. Whether it’s denim dresses, leather dresses or slip dresses, be brave and experiment with different styles and designs.

How to combine dress with boots shirt dress with sweater wear in autumn

To combine a dress with sweater to create a stylish outfit, there are a few styling tips you should keep in mind. It is best to go for a mix of light and heavy fabrics or vice versa. Fine materials, such as satin, go wonderfully with coarse knits or wool. So if you want to stay on trend this fall, combine playful summer dresses with chunky and casual cable knit sweaters. Or why not wear knits from head to toe? Knit sets are back in a big way this year, creating a sophisticated look that keeps us warm at the same time.

Here’s how to wear a sweater over a dress

Hersbt fashion trends women how to combine dress with sweater

The possibilities for combining dress with sweater in fall and winter are literally endless. For a super casual and comfortable look, it is enough to simply put on the sweater over the dress. And that’s really it – especially in transitional weather, when we don’t really know how to dress, the trend combo comes into its own wonderfully. And for those who like to emphasize your figure, we have an extremely simple, but very effective styling trick.

How to combine dress with sweater elegant autumn 2022 fashion trends women

A belt is a real secret weapon to create an elegant look and give the outfit more figure. To do this, first put on the sweater over the dress and next tie a narrow belt around your waist. Then pull the sweater out a little from the top until a few centimeters still peek out at the bottom. Alternatively, you can bring the belt into focus as a fashion accessory by wearing it directly over the sweater.

Slip dress with sweater as a trend combo in fall 2022

Dresses trends fall 2022 combine satin dress with sweater

You do not want to give up your beloved slip dresses? Fortunately, you don’t have to! You can make the summer pieces absolutely suitable for winter by combining the dress with sweater. The contrast between the materials looks super exciting and the outfit exudes a cool casualness. Add to that your new sneakers or coarse ankle boots and your everyday look is ready.

Slip dress combine with sweater in autumn fashion trends winter 2022

A dress with a sweater can also be combined for the office and the outfit is a great, fashionable change from the classic pantsuits that we are all sick of already. Elegant knee-high boots and a small handbag further enhance the look and give it an elegant and grown-up touch. However, when it comes to colors, you’d better not overdo it and rather go for subtle colors, like beige, nude or white.

Shirt dress with sweater

Combine dress with boots how to style hembdlus dress with sweater

Cozy, chic and super versatile – shirtdresses in all kinds of lengths and designs continue to stay with us for the upcoming season. The garments also look perfect on their own as highlights, but can also be perfectly combined with a knitted sweater.

Combine shirt blouse dress with sweater fashion trends fall winter 2022

The outfit looks casual, chic and cozy at the same time and is perfect for a relaxed stroll around town with the girls. Knee-high boots with a snake pattern turn the look into a real eye-catcher in no time.

Combine dress with sweater in monochrome look

Neon pink trend color autumn 2022 combine maxi dress with sweater

If you want to combine a dress and a sweater and look good doing it, you should make sure that the garments are from the same color family. Since the fabrics are already very different from each other anyway, try to avoid color contrasts. The monochrome look, on the other hand, looks much more harmonious and elegant and is also very trendy. And no, it doesn’t always have to be black or gray. How about neon pink, for example? Or orange as a trend color in the fall of 2022? The bright colors are real eye-catchers and act as mood lifters in gloomy weather.

Oversized sweaters and midi dresses

Oversized sweater combine dresses trends autumn winter 2022

Wonderfully cozy, warm, comfortable and chic at the same time – it’s hard to imagine our closets without oversized sweaters, and for good reason. Whether paired with jeans, sweatpants, or even skirts, these casual garments can be styled in a variety of ways to your heart’s content, enhancing any outfit in the blink of an eye.

Oversized sweater combine with dress dresses trends fall 2022

So it’s no surprise that we could also combine dresses with oversized sweaters. And no, in this case we will not tie the sweater, but give it “a free run”. Add to that comfortable sneakers and you have the ultimate weekend look.

Combine cropped sweater with dress

Sweater wear over dress tips fashion trends fall 2022

Slightly shorter cropped sweaters are also on trend this year and a great partner to a dress. With this combination, you’ll still stay nice and warm without completely hiding your favorite dress.

Fall business outfits women dress with sweater combine tips

Alternatively, you could knot the oversized sweater at the front waist with a hair tie. Whether you then hide this under the waistband or flaunt it is purely a matter of taste – the combination works perfectly in both variants and makes a great figure visually.

Combine dress with sweater for an elegant fall outfit

trend colors autumn winter 2022 combine dress with sweater for the office

Slip dress and sweatshirt for a comfortable everyday look

How to combine slip dress in winter summer dresses wear in autumn tips

Combine dress with sweater for the office

Fall business outfit women dress with sweater combine for office

For a harmonious look, go for garments from the same color family

Overknee boots trend winter 2022 mini dress combine with sweater

Or unleash your creativity and combine different shades and patterns with each other

Combine summer dresses in winter tips fashion trends fall 2022

Combine denim dress with sweater in autumn

jeans dress combine in autumn dresses trends winter 2022

With a sweater we make our summer dresses immediately winter-ready

black sweater combine winter dresses trends 2022