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Combine corset: This is the best way to style the fashion trend 2021!

To find inspiration for the future, the fashion world often looks to the past. Long-forgotten trends such as the oversized sweater, leather looks or grunge style are clear proof that everything will eventually come back. This season is all about making a statement with our outfits and the latest fashion trend is just made for it! Numerous fashion designers have taken inspiration from the Victorian era for their collections this year, bringing the good old corset back to life. And after the huge success of the Netflix series “Bridgerton”, the tight pieces have finally become a staple in the wardrobe of all fashionistas. And no, we’re not talking about carnival costumes or sexy lingerie – the age-old garment has been completely reinterpreted and is absolutely suitable for everyday wear. Whether over shirts, blazers or dresses – in this article we will explain how to combine a corset and stylishly integrate it into your outfits!

Korsett Oberteil Outfit Manteltrends 2021

If you’re familiar with the latest fashion trends in 2021, then you’ve probably already noticed that the corset is absolutely en vogue. Seen on runways and on numerous celebrities and fashion influencers – the trendy pieces are ubiquitous and it’s hard to imagine our wardrobes without them. Despite its rather controversial history, the corset trend has become a staple in the fashion world, focusing on accentuating and defining our female silhouette. Whether you’re a street style enthusiast or a high fashion fan, corsets can be worn beautifully for any occasion and are a must-have for the upcoming season. It is styled both over dresses or shirts or in the form of a belt and transforms even the plainest outfit into a real eye-catcher. It doesn’t get more versatile than that, does it?

Where does the corset come from?

Blumenmuster Modetrend 2021 Outfit mit Korsett

Before we explain how to put together the perfect corset outfit, let’s take a little look back into the past. The origin of the corset lies in the Renaissance, around the beginning of the 16th century, where it was mainly worn by noble ladies. Over the years, the garment kept changing in cut and shape, ranging from longer models that covered the hips to shorter versions that focused on the waist. The purpose of the tops was to keep the upper body upright at all times, and they were tied so tightly that you could barely breathe. When designer Jean Paul Gautier created a corsage for Madonna in 1990, he made the underwear look presentable for the first time. However, the corset didn’t make its real comeback until 2010, when numerous designers like Karl Lagerfeld made them outerwear and thus suitable for everyday wear. Fortunately, the modern interpretation of the centuries-old trend is not nearly as painful and old-fashioned as it was back then, and today’s models no longer constrict the body.

Combining corsets: Try a corset belt first

Korsett Gürtel Outfit Jeans Trends 2021

Once we have freedom of choice and can style a corset with jeans or a long, swingy skirt, this former symbol of female oppression turns into an excellent addition to any outfit. Do you get goosebumps just at the thought of wearing a tight corset, but still find the fashion trend interesting and brave? We have the perfect solution for you too! First, try stepping out of your comfort zone by experimenting with a corset belt. What makes this piece so special is that it doesn’t look so over-the-top and bold, but can still beautifully accentuate and define your waist. Whether you wear the belt over a t-shirt and straight leg jeans for everyday wear, or you prefer something more elegant over a dress, is up to you.

Wear the corset over a dress for a playful everyday look

Korsett Oberteil Outfit Modetrend Blumenmuster kombinieren

With spring just around the corner, we already can’t wait to put on our breezy dresses again. This may sound strange at first glance, but in fact dresses can be combined wonderfully with a corset. Since corsets are naturally tight-fitting, they go perfectly with both figure-hugging and slightly airier styles. However, when styling, it is important to find the right balance and make sure that the corset matches the dress. For example, models made of silk and satin provide a romantic touch, while corsets made of cotton and leather look more casual and are suitable for everyday wear.

Combine blouse and corset

Outfit mit Korsett als Oberteil weißes Hemd kombinieren

Whether you combine a slim-fitting shirt blouse or an oversized shirt with the corset – it creates completely new silhouettes and shapes and provides sophisticated, fashionable accents. Wear your favorite jeans and rugged combat boots with it and you’ve conjured up the perfect outfit!

Can you wear the corset as a top?

wie Korsett als Oberteil tragen Jeans Trends 2021

Fancy a bold and eye-catching look? So then how about skipping the shirt altogether and opting for a corset top outfit instead? The strapless versions look seductive yet stylish and are a great way to add extra emphasis to your cleavage. However, so that the look doesn’t become too cheap, we would recommend you to wear loose fabric pants or boyfriend jeans with it. Elegant high heels and a trendy oversized blazer will give the ensemble a modern twist.

Combine corset: The most beautiful looks for re-styling at a glance

Kleid mit Korsett kombinieren Oversized Outfit Modetrend 2021

Do it like the top model Hailey Bieber and wear the corset as a top.

Jeans Trends 2021 Korsett kombinieren

The tight tops add a playful touch to any outfit

Korsett kombinieren Modetrends 2021 Frühjahr

Leather skirts are very trendy this season and can be perfectly combined with a matching corset

Korsett Oberteil Outfit Lederrock kombinieren

A corset top outfit is perfect for everyday wear

Korsett Oberteil Outfit Frühjahr Modetrends 2021

The corset is a pretty easy and fun way to add some variety to our outfits

Korsett Oberteil Outfit Stoffhose im Winter kombinieren

The corset trend is the perfect complement to the classic denim shirt look

Modetrend 2021 weißes Hemd kombinieren Korsett Oberteil Outfit

Or keep things more interesting and opt for a monochromatic outfit in black

schwarzes Kleid kombinieren Outfit mit Korsett Modetrend 2021

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns and fabrics

Modetrends 2021 Korsett als Oberteil kombinieren

Numerous fashionistas and celebrities are obsessed with trendy pieces and show us how to incorporate them into our outfits

Stoffhose im Winter kombinieren Outfit mit Korsett

Trendy jeans and corset as a top – that’s all you need for a chic outfit

Stoffhose im Winter tragen Korsett als Oberteil Outfit

Corsets transform even the plainest look into a real eye-catcher

wie Korsett kombinieren Hosen Trends Frühjahr 2021

You want to spice up your classic suit somehow? Then just wear a corset with it!

Winter Business Outfits Korsett als Oberteil tragen